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  1. That statement is pretty questionable, tbh. As time goes one, more and more people aren't really thinking marriage when they're dating, specially when it comes to young people. But even so they get upset when their partner cheats on them. I'm not forcing any issues into people's faces. If they want to know my opinion, they check my blog posts, but if they don't, they can just not read them. I don't see how that is forcing issues. It might not do much, but the little it does makes me feel happy, as I could help some people, even if it was just a tiny bit. However, think about wh
  2. You have a point; there are probably some people like that. However, when I say disadvantageous social position, I don't only mean that they can't do things most people can. Even though those people might sometimes not feel different at all, society is still harsh with them, especially because of some verbal offenses. I'm not referring specifically to the words I listed here, as most disabled people often have to hear lots of crap from able-bodied individuals. If they don't care about that, it's probably because they have gotten used to it, which is not a good thing. It's just like some black
  3. But those jests only work because they revolve around the notion that those words are used as insults. Imagine if your name were being used as an insult. When people were angry they would say: "Are you fucking [Insert your name here]?!". And then, when they were among their peers they would say: "You're [Insert your name here], lol." I know it's definitely not the same thing, but your name is a part of your life and who you are just like disabilities are a part of our lives. Except she is a fictional character. Even if she does exist in someone's body (I've never seen anyone who
  4. Why is it so hard to simply police yourself to avoid some words? It won't hurt anyone, as opposed to keep on using them, which will actually hurt some people. Also, I'm pretty sure the intent, as you say, behind most of those words is almost never good. Stupid, retarded, mad, crazy, etc are almost always used as a form of insult or verbal attack.
  5. You're saying those people told you they were in a better or equal social position compared to able-bodied individuals? Comparing a lady with a bad odor with using a part of oppressed people's bodies with negative connotation is not a fair comparison. The latter is an attack that is personally harmful and reinforces the disadvantageous position some people have, and the former is a just small discomfort. @bigfatround0 made a pretty good comparison. @Darklord Rooke, what I'm trying to say here is that if you don't have to sacrifice much to avoid offending some people, then do so.
  6. I mentioned lesbian marriages because you said this: Yeah, except that not only spouses are upset when their significant other cheats on them, gf/bf/dates get upset as well. Also, many married poly people do not get upset when their partner has another partner. The problem is not marriage itself, but the way people see romantic/sexual relationships in general. I agree with pretty much everything you said here. Even though the end of marriage would probably bring severe legal consequences, I believe, by then, we will have already solved those issues. However, I don't t
  7. Well, you shouldn't. First, because I'm not telling you how to conduct, I'm giving an advice so that you can make some people's lives better. Second, because, unless you are disabled, you're benefiting from your privilege within a society with institutionalized ableism. In other words, your situation is a hundred times better than those that are actually suffering.
  8. Nowadays, verbal insults are the most common forms of aggression. Bullying, arguments, humiliation, all those usually come through verbal attacks. Sure, there are people who are less susceptible to it, but I don't know anyone who doesn't care or isn't emotionally affected at all by verbal attacks. If you don't, you are a very lucky person. Too bad other people aren't like you.
  9. So, as the poll doesn't seem to give me an answer any time soon, I decided to start with this one. For those who don't know, ableist means prejudice against those with disabilities. As most people in society are able-bodied, disabled people, as a minority, have to cope with toxic words and expressions that hurt them. By saying this words in a negative way, you are basically saying that disabled people are inferior. It's the same as using 'gay' as an insult. As those expressions are by no means necessary, we all can police ourselves in order to avoid them. Also, when I say 'ableist e
  10. Well, that concept is pretty harmful for people that don't see their partners as possessions, because they can't have the legal advantages that come with marriage. That's why people need to change their view about marriage. Nowadays marriage doesn't work that way. It's no longer a system for men to keep track of their possessions. A very easy way to prove that is just looking at lesbian marriages, which are legally recognized. Today marriage is a system for families receiving the benefits of legal recognition. You rarely see people dating with more than two partners at once in med
  11. My last post about privilege was removed due to being labeled as offensive by the mods. However, this time, as I'll be addressing a specific kind of privilege, I believe there won't be any problems of that sort. I'm still waiting for more people to vote at the poll, as it's currently at a draw. If you haven't yet, please do. All our lives, we're flooded with this notion that love can only exist towards one person at a time. And that is not true. The jail that are closed relationships usually lead to sorrow and regret. Just because people aren't allowed to have a bigger heart. While very f
  12. Great thing that people are debating on this topic, but if I let you guys keep discussing the way things are, the moderators will probably remove my post. Post locked.
  13. You can't prove that. You can say your opinion, which is that disliking fat people's appearences is something natural to humans, but you don't have data or proof to back you up. It's not because parents teaxh children to insult fat kids that they do so, it's because everywhere they see fat people being portrayed as ugly, weird and stupid. I never said they were the same. But they don't need to be for my comparisons to work. Both are oppressed social groups, so all I said about them fits. So society forced you to lose weight and that's fine? What if you can't do it in the e
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