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  1. I would certainly recommend Little Busters, but you said that you didn't like it, though I hope you gave the whole series a shot, including LB!EX OVAs. Other than that, Phantom: Requiem for Phantom is an astonishing recreation of Phantom: Integration. So astonishing that Nitro+ remade Phantom based on that anime's style.
  2. A friend of mine helped me with the source code, so case closed.
  3. You can get the pre-compiled, ready-to-use version of @marcus-beta's Siglus Engine tool from here and start to edit the text.dbs inside planetarian HD's folder. Also, some CGs, buttons and various menu images will need editing.
  4. 1- Fullmetal Alchemist: Bluebirds Illusion: I "played" this one when I was a kid. I was searching files through eMule and saw a FMA PC game. I was so thrilled to check it out, since there was no FMA PC game I ever knew. In the end, I haven't understood any of it since I didn't know Chinese, though I can say that I was captivated by its opening and the fact that how close BBI's art style was to the 2003 series, which I liked so much. 2- don't take it personally babe, it just ain't your story: Thanks to our local gaming magazine, Oyungezer, I was able to play this somewhat interesting VN. I
  5. EN: We have finally released our patch v1.0! Click here to download! TR: Nihayet yamamızın v1.0 sürümünü çıkardık! İndirmek için buraya tıklayın!
  6. EN: We're glad to announce that, thanks to @marcus-beta's Siglus Engine tools, we're able to modify planetarian's latest version on Steam, planetarian HD's script file. We'll revise our Turkish translation and implement it on this version. Stay tuned! TR: Sizlere sevinçle duyurmak isteriz ki, @marcus-beta'nın geliştirdiği Siglus motoru araçları sayesinde planetarian'ın Steam'deki son sürümü planetarian HD'nin senaryo dosyasına artık erişebiliyoruz. Türkçe çevirimizi güncelleyip bu sürüme uyarlayacağız. Takipte kalın!
  7. Your algorithm also works on CLANNAD's Dangopedia as well! You're a savior, man! ^^
  8. OH MY GOD. Marcus, you truly are my hero. I can't thank you enough! Thanks to you, not just us but so many people can translate Planetarian's latest version to their native languages. I'll try your tool's new release on Clannad's Dangopedia file as well and give a feedback ASAP. Thanks again! ^^
  9. Wow, that's a great find! Yeah, I assume that it's half readable only because the Reallive plugin in Crass is unfinished since Crass' Reallive plugin also can't decompress transparency in .g00 images. I'm not quite sure since I'm not a hacker myself, so I can't analyze any code or make any solutions.
  10. High school was a place I always adored when I was in middle school due to the anime I've been watching. It was supposed to be a cool and fun place in my mind. Well, first 2 years wasn't so much to me. Those years went by real fast. I met with new people, had new friends etc. Then, when I became an 11th grader, I met with one of my best friends and he changed my life. Think of a friend that totally changes the way you live, the way you think, in a good way. He even helped me to have my first relationship. I met with that girl, my first girlfriend, when it was around end of the 1
  11. Weird, as it's especially capable of working with Kirikiri Z engine too. Are you sure you've done it right?
  12. Have you tried this tool? https://xmoeproject.github.io/KrkrExtract/ It can try to decrypt any Kirikiri2 and KirikiriZ games on-the-run and it's kinda easy to use. I used it on G-Senjou no Maou's Steam version and it works.
  13. [TR] BakaYume Çeviri Ekibi olarak bir görsel romanı daha Türkçe olarak sizlerle buluşturacağımız için çok sevinçliyiz. Türkçe yama Steam sürümüyle uyumludur Türkçe yama v1.0 yayınlandı! [EN] We're proud to announce that, as BakaYume Translation Team, we'll bring you this visual novel in Turkish in form of a language patch. The patch is compatible with the Steam version Turkish patch v1.0 is released!
  14. Thanks for the help @Huang Ling Yin! ^^ I'm planning to translate LB!EE to Turkish in the future too with our team BakaYume Translation Team. I've translated around 15% of the original LB (even released a demo) and it would be really great to implement our translation over the Steam version. I hope you can be able to develop your tools more in the future @marcus-beta. Thanks for all the help!
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