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    DarkZedge reacted to Dergonu in I'm new   
    Be careful of this one, he is a complete tsundere  
    I´m totally not one myself of course  
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    DarkZedge reacted to Dergonu in Visual novel genres and traits/fetishes that you cant stand   
    Yeah so we have been doing this like all week now; make an opposite thread. So yeah, this one is the opposite of favorite visual novel genres by virginsmasher. 
    What are your least favorite visual novel genres? Doesn't have to be something you absolutely hate of course, but one you are just fed up with at this point for example. 
    Personally I´m really not a fan of nakige. It usually just ends up feeling forced. TAKE OUR DRAMA! TAKE IT!!! Ohh and then, happy end.  So basically, unnecessary drama tags. 
    Oh and trap.  Yes Jade. You heard me. 
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    DarkZedge reacted to Dergonu in a way to make visual novels more popular in the west   
    Well, what I said was that I don´t want the genre I know as visual novels to be changed drastically in order to make it appeal to a different demographic. Why should I want that? I want VNs, like they are now, to become popular in the west. That´s the point. 
    "The games I call VNs" is what I love. I don´t want something different. Shouldn't that be fairly obvious? 
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    DarkZedge reacted to Dergonu in a way to make visual novels more popular in the west   
    You have some interesting points. But like the people above has stated, we aren't really looking to get VNs changed all together. We love them the way they are now. If getting more VNs to the west means changing what a VN is, I would rather just read untranslated VNs
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from DavidB in Hello New Friends! :3   
    Hello and welcome to the Fuwa forums hope we get a chance to talk and chat it up.
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    DarkZedge reacted to Freestyle80 in Should I read KoiChoco?   
    1. play koichoco
    2. ignore chisato's route (skip button yo)
    3. play satsuki's route
    4. ???
    5. Profit? 
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    DarkZedge reacted to EcchiOujisama in Muv-Luv question   
    You've basically got it right.  The first two games are what they are, you'll see when you go through them.  The experience is interesting as it contains one of my favorite (Meiya) and most hated (Sumika) characters in any VN.  Opinions on the end of Alternative are widely varied, but you'll probably react strongly one way or the other.  Here's what I recommend.
    1.Watch the Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (also called Rumbling Hearts) anime.     
    2.Play every route in Muv-Luv Extra.
    3.Play the route of your favorite character in Muv-Luv Unlimited.
    4.(Optional) Watch Akane Maniax OVA.  It's not particularly great, but you'll get to see Iinchou and the world's greatest physics teacher in anime form.  Stars Suzumiya Akane (no relation to Haruhi).
    5.Muv-Luv Alternative
    6.Watch AyuMayu Theatre.  It's SO awesome when you get the Muv-Luv jokes, and makes you think the writers were on acid when you don't.  
    If you end up liking Haruko after you get through Extra you could play Haruko Maniax (translated) at any time, as it doesn't tie in to the rest of the series at all.  On the plus side you'll get to see Haruko's awesome body, on the creepy side the H scenes are her little brother imagining her doing different guys.  A penny's worth of free advice - the game gives the option of skipping the H scenes and viewing them later, and it's actually better to go through the story and view the H scenes on their own afterwards.  Just take my word for it.   
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    DarkZedge reacted to Deep Blue in Muv-Luv question   
    yes, play muv luv (it includes extra and unlimited in the same game) and then play alternative which is another game.
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    DarkZedge reacted to EcchiOujisama in Muv-Luv question   
    There is a lot to like and a lot to dislike.  Extra, Unlimited and Alternative all have their strengths and weaknesses.  It is very much a series of extremes, the good is very good and the bad is very bad.  I talked about this in some detail with another forum user so I'll copy/paste what I said for your convenience.  If you have any other questions let me know.      
    How much you read before Alternative is largely up to you and your preferences. To start with, the first two games of the series, Extra and Unlimited, are packaged together. In order to get access to Unlimited you must clear the Meiya and Sumika routes in Extra. There are three other routes in Extra, and honestly, even though I like Iinchou and Ayamine a lot as characters, the story they decide to tell is largely something I didn't want to see. From a storyline standpoint I actually liked Tama's route, even though the thought of doing an H scene with her makes me throw up a bit in my mouth. I would still suggest you play every route in Extra. Why? The characters introduced in these routes will show up in Alternative, and their appearance and roles will make far more sense. I also loved the "bad" end with Marimo, which I thought was awesome and wouldn't call a bad end at all. It answers a nagging question I had throughout the VN as well.
    While we're talking about the world of Muv Luv Extra, this happens in the same world as Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. There are several tie ins with KimiNozo. As it is only in the beginning of being translated, and is one of the longest VNs of all time, it's probably not an option if your kanji isn't at JLPT level 1. I would say watching the TV series is absolutely necessary. You should actually watch it before playing Extra as one of the characters from Kiminozo has a good amount of screen time. Watch Second Season is you want, and watch Akane Maniax after you play Extra for a chance to see some Muv Luv characters in anime. AyuMayu Theater will make far more sense after you play Alternative, so wait on that one.
    Unlimited is a different story. All of the routes are the same and the choices you make have almost no impact on the story. Instead of event A happening with character A, you could manipulate it into being character B with enough of the right choices, but the differences are minor. There is no reason to play the game more than once unless you want to see the H scene of another character. The endings are all EXACTLY the fucking same, to the point that it doesn't feel true to the characters. It's done to plant seeds for Alternative and it makes sense now in retrospect, but it drags on a LOT when playing for 100% and felt like a big fuck you from the writer to the fanbase IMO. I'd suggest making choices that seem like they will maximize time with your favorite character and to play Alternative before going through the game again. Clearing it to 100% after the first character was brutal.
    Alternative is extremely linear. The choices you make have only a minor impact on the story, and after going back through it to see what would happen with all of the opposite choices, there's basically no difference. The game gives you a big middle finger by having zero benefits after clearing the game. No soundtracks. No CG gallery. Nothing. It's like "Oh, you just forked over 60 hours of your life and thought that would let you listen to the game's music? Well fuck you." There are only 2 H scenes in the whole game, and they're both with a character I wouldn't even want to bang in real life.
    Now that I've said all of the bad parts about it, on the whole it's really great. Just about everything I didn't like in Extra and Unlimited tied into the story and paid off in a way that made sense. The effects that they pull off are visually stunning. While the others would have points where the story was interesting and would then drag, this went more than 10 hours before it even came close to slowing down once. The more you pay attention to little details in the prior games the more you are rewarded in Alternative. Alternative doesn't expect you to remember every hint about the way things might go and reminds you of lines here and there when foreshadowing is paid off. As you go farther into Alternative you'll be glad you at least watched KimiNozo as a lot of characters from Kimizono appear, and are true to the characters you've come to know. There aren't a lot of areas that are light-hearted in this one, but it will grab you by the balls and not let go for hours at a time. The ending is certainly divisive, you'll probably love or hate it, but the ending of the ending gave me huge blue balls for Altered Fable. I can't wait to play it.
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    DarkZedge reacted to SajkoWolfe in Hello ^.^   
    I can switch to be your minion i mean your... whatever you call it XD
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Dergonu in Hello ^.^   
    Already drunk with power aren't ya?.....Now i understand everything, why you kept offering to be everyone's Onii-sama...
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    DarkZedge reacted to Dergonu in Hello ^.^   
    It worked this time though! I am onii-sama forever now! Muhaha! Such power! 
    Sajko is now my trusty imouto, isn't that right @SajkoWolfe!
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    DarkZedge reacted to Dergonu in Favorite Visual Novel Genres   
    Yes, moe can move anything. Moe is stronger than anything, even Clephas!
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    DarkZedge reacted to Dergonu in CeruleanGamer's 1,000th post! Look at this spammer...   
    Congratz on 1000 posts !!!
    I-It's not like I'm h-h-happy to hear that or anything... T-The only reason I'm here now is that I clicked the thread by accident, thats all!! Don't get the wrong idea! 
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Dergonu in Favorite Visual Novel Genres   
    Ooh, this is a really good yet tough question to ask  Evil i tell you!
    But if i had to chose favorite genres, they'd be somewhere along (Drama, Romance, Action & School life) but i've been known to read almost anything though i do have my preferences as i said ^^

    Ps: @Dergonu  Your post reminded me of the Moe genre so i'm adding that one aswell x.x , had to edit just for this

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    DarkZedge reacted to Dergonu in Favorite Visual Novel Genres   
    Hmm... Moe!  
    Aaand I guess mystery/suspence. But mostly moe. Moe is love, moe is life. 
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Diamon in Lucid9 (available for free on Steam)   
    I like the artstyle and the story seems good aswell, i wish you the best of luck and seems you got something good in your hands aswell as putting in the effort. Looks great
    Can't wait to try it out, hype begining
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    DarkZedge reacted to Diamon in Lucid9 (available for free on Steam)   
    Last updated : January 20th 2016



    Staff list
    Active members :
    Diamonit : Project lead, Plot supervisor, Character design
    Luna Chai : Writer (Common route), Graphics, GUI
    DavidA. : Writer (Heroine route)
    Clestae : Writer (Heroine route), Beta, editor
    AnotherPlayer : Writer (Heroine route)
    Suna : Writer (Heroine route)
    Mac : Character design, PR
    Sean : Side writer, Character design, PR
    Reika : Editor
    Rains : Proof-reader
    Dizzyworld2 : Lead artist, Female Sprites, CGs
    Elphaze: Male sprites, CGs
    Yuuko : Backgrounds, GUI
    Breeze : Composer
    Ziassan : Composer
    UltraKitsune : Composer, SFX
    Yunyunsae : Composer
    Zander : SFX
    Zuka : GUI programmer
    Jbonesy : Narrative scripting programmer
    Ian : Narrative scripting progralmmer
    Former members / Inactive members :
    Blue wolfie : Composer , Arranger
    danpc :  Project Lead, programmer, composer, idea bouncer
    Hooves : Character design, idea boucer
        We, at Fallen Snow Studios, are all very motivated and excited to take part in this great adventure that is the creation of a Visual Novel, and we hope we'll be able to create something you will enjoy reading! Thanks for your time reading this, and don't hesitate to reply to this thread if you have any question, or if you just want to show your support! It means a lot to us!
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from Ariurotl in Best Tsundere from Vn's?   
    Domo Arigato
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    DarkZedge reacted to Dergonu in Best Tsundere from Vn's?   
    I-It's not that I like them or anything ... I just happen to play games with tsundere in them, that's all!
    Don't get the wrong idea!
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    DarkZedge got a reaction from gijimu in Please recommend some VN to my to-read list   
    MM how about things like: Coμ - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku - / Noble Works / Sharin no Kuni / G-Senjou no Maou / Cartagra / KNS /Otoboku / Harukoi Otome / Shuffle! / Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate / Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort / Hoshizora no Memoria  /  Grisaia no Kajitsu/ Edelweiss
    My apologies of you read these already, just wanted to give some selection Hope i was able to help and if you do pick any hope you enjoy them
    Best of luck
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    DarkZedge reacted to Canicheslayer in Best Tsundere from Vn's?   
    Chie in Kira Kira ; Rin and Saber in Fate/Stay Night ; Tonya (YES, she have tsundere tendancies) in Ayakashibito ; Kyou in Clannad ; Tsugumi in Ever17 ; Takako in Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru ; Kei in Ef - A fairy Tale of the two ; Mayumi in Really? Really! or Shuffle! ; Saki in Yukizuka ; Kirisu in Steins;Gate
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    DarkZedge reacted to ChaosRaven in Best Tsundere from Vn's?   
    Hmm, every tsundere that was posted so far was my favorite heroine in her respective visual novel. Does that mean I'm a... tsundere fan?! I'm... shocked. 
    Michiru doesn't count though since she's a fake.
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