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  1. As a director myself, I can confirm that it's pretty much what Funyarinpa said. Example of stuff directors take care of would be: - How many sprite expressions? Which expression should be used for this line of text? Should we create a new expression for this character? - Do we need a CG here? How long should it stay on screen? How many variations? - Does the music fit? Should we change it? Should we create a new OST that fits better the mood? Should we rewrite the scene so that it can fit one of the OST we already have? - Should we add sound effect during this particular scene? - Does the game have an internal coherency and logic about how it does things? (Example of inconsistencies: One CG for each heroine except one; one OST that is used nearly all the time compared to the others; character screen time that doesn't reflect their respective importance in the story; SFX of a school bell ringing one time but not the next time, etc) - Does the game make good use of the assets and doesn't force creations of assets for a one time thing? Example: creating backgrounds that are used for only one scene in the whole story.
  2. Thanks for the review! It was fair and interesting to read. Also thanks for accepting to cover our work in one of your reviews
  3. @AaronIsCrunchy Thanks a lot, really! It's such a nice feeling to see people enjoying what we've been hard working on for two years now, and it really motivates us to get you all the second part. If you want to help us, please do share the download link to the people you know and help us spread the awareness even more It'd be really awesome if we could build a community out of this game, I think our game has the potential to. Steam discussions are pretty lively, and we're planning on opening a reddit soon.
  4. You probably have the same bug as littleshogun I believe? Check a bit further up on this thread you should find the solution
  5. Did you notice that you could scroll up the messages?
  6. Thanks a lot for the praise... It really means a lot to us. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story we put our heart into making! And thanks for the support everyone, it's really motivating us to make something even better for for the next parts!
  7. I wonder if that also actually reflects your average steam user as well though. The "westerners don't read" thing kinda implies westerners geeks / gamers /whatever you call them, not the whole population. In a sense, I kinda feel that your average geek reads (as in reading books) much less than your average otaku (if only because light novels are a big thing in japan). For some reason, people in the west associate more reading with intellectual exercice, while in japan it is more viewed as an entertainement medium? I don't know, might be totally wrong about that.
  8. It's not a bad idea in itself, I just doubt that FW tried to make a deeper analysis as for the why such a game was popular imo. HuniePop picked up on steam because the dialog was hilarious and very westernized, which created a very funny contrast with the usual tropes of the dating sim genre. Of course, the gameplay and the H content played a part as well, but I don't think those were the most important. And I kinda doubt FW will be able to replicate a similar feeling. It will still probably have dank memes of another type though.
  9. I take it you're entering the climax. Brace yourself!
  10. Okay, I think I know what the problem is, since someone had the same issue as you. When in game, try pressing "shift-g", and try the rendering option in that order : "OpenGL" / "DirectX" / "Software". You will need to restart the game each time for the change to take effect. It should work properly with one of the three, hopefully. It's very likely that you have outdated OpenGL drivers, creating this problem. I'd suggest to update them in the future so that you won't have any issue with other games.
  11. @littleshogun That's really weird. I'll forward that to our programmer, but he's a bit busy with working for another game right at the moment. Here are the different fix I can propose to you: Start a new game, not one from your save file. Is the problem still here? Be careful, this solution will erase your game save. If you're on windows, go to your steam folder => steamapps => common => Lucid9 => game => saves => delete all the content. After that, go to C:/Users/user_name/Appdata/Roaming/Ren'py/Lucid9-1440647848, and delete the content as well (you need to allow windows to display hidden files and folders, there are tutorials on the web if you don't know how to do it). Does the problem still persist? Last solution, try to repeat the previous steps, but after that, instead of launching the game on steam, download the game on Itch.io : https://fallen-snow-studios.itch.io/lucid9vn So far your issue seems to be something pretty isolated, so I don't have a clue what might be causing that for you and not others. Hopefully one of the fix I gave will work.
  12. I guess it was in comparison with fan translations? Since we're hobbyists and the likes.
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