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  1. I'll see your 100. With sincere respect to those involved - don't wish to insult with paltry "bribes"; so, even if it's later... I'm in.
  2. My bad, my bad - humble apologies. So - did you get the rest of the demosaic and whatnot all working properly anyway? I thought it was pretty cool of HopelessHiro to dig until he got those working - it'd be a shame if slight variances in config or something broke them. I _bet_ it wouldn't be that difficult to port the band-aid removal... hmmmmmmm.. I haven't seen the band-aid'd version - I was assuming that it's just like the Bathhouse scenes, with towels removed. It's a handful of scenes, but only a few of them, iirc, would even show the "band-aid area". Let me know - I've been lookin
  3. Man, I really stepped in it. Other than what are clearly my stated opinions, what I said about their policies is true, and can be backed up -- not that I would go to that trouble.... phew.. I'm actually a s/w developer, lol. 2+ decades... They thought I meant a real virus, lol.. oh man. Sorry, not my intent to drag anyone else in to this. hah.. I know I got a tad randy in my response to being called sickening, lol. But - I really thought I was somewhat innocently stating my opinion and experiences. Their backlog of banned VNs is quite long - it'll be interesting to see how they "fix
  4. There are very few games that are only available on Steam. They ARE a middleman, and they do use their own executable wrappers to tie you to their platform. I apologize for offending you - but if you find it sickening -- then... take some antacid or something. I sitll say Steam is bogus. And - they've been _talking_ about changing for a long time... yet they still promote, overall, censorship and dissection of VNs. I do know what I'm talking about - I used Steam long ago, and I've kept up on what they're about. Their interference with and objections to H-patches have a document
  5. Understood. Don't want to leave the money just sitting there on account for sure. Good luck. I am sure that HH will respond and let you know, but - I'm not sure about the band-aid removal working on Steam version.
  6. First - I mean no critcism, no offense. Purely curiousity. Do you have access to Fakku? I just wonder why so many people use Steam... I mean, those who are _not_ offended by 18+ content. The idea of buying from Steam and then DL'ing an 18+ patch seems crazy to me. I don't understand why anyone - other than under-18 or... repressed, judgemental prudes... would support Steam? They are and have always been an unnecessary middle-man for games... Injecting their binaries to monitor and control one's access to titles, etc... If you want the original, 18+ content, then just -stay away fro
  7. like minds... :-) It's no wonder ittaku is aprilia1k's favorite translator...
  8. I liked 3 better by far, so HH - you're not alone. 2 is too bright, and also somewhat crude in a way (crude drawing I mean... not anything about morality lol) Perhaps people want more realism added to 3?... Honestly, I'd opt for an "invisible" option... dicks be ugly man, fact. if it's got to be seen, don't make it absurdly large like yer fisting a girl and... well - opinion is just opinion, but I just prefer the major eye-catcher to be the girl's nice parts, and not the guy's ... definitely,well - imho.
  9. Hi, HH - First, I apologize for this, considering you've worked so hard and answered so many questions already. One thing I would like to clarify - I highlighted the line in your post that I am referring to. From what I have read (and I read all the posts, for the most part) - Heliosaurus patch works on older release and newer, Fakku release; your patch works only on the newer, Fakku release. I have read a couple times and this is what was stated. SO - IF I don't want the "bandaids" version (meaning I want your patch) - I _must_ have the newer, Fakku release first. Is this correct? (No
  10. I'm beginning to think that this is not your absolute favorite VN, am I right? ;-) Is there anything redeeming about it, in your opinion? I mean, like - after the first 30 hours I guess. Thanks.
  11. Having just put Kajitsu down, I had to go looking for other's thoughts, perhaps even some commiseration - thus I'm a little late to this thread. What can I say - hated it. Only because I don't like smug, mean-spirited, d-bag protagonists, and I'm not too fond of heroines that behave that way either. A little, sure - but that was 20 hours of it... and how quickly that loli went from "cute kid" to... just ... ugh... It's really odd that the one thing we have in common - liking Michiru, the deredere, would-be tsundere - is one prominent reason I didn't like Kajitsu, and what I found most
  12. Cheers! to Yuma owning! I guess it's .. called "necro" or something, to respond to a multi-years old thread, so apologies up-front if I'm guilty. The "To Heart 2 X-Rated English patch" was recently released, at least I read that it's pretty new. In any event, I've just played my 2nd route, and I haven't been able to find any discussions that aren't a couple years old... If I should move this to a different thread that I missed, or even if I should just remove it, just let me know... SO - I can relate to your replies here... I mean - I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that _many
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