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  1. Yeah, I'm satisfied with the translation so far, as well as the revamped OST, but the new character artstyle really is what could have been much better. Thankfully, after having watched someone play the remake for a few hours, I can safely say that you do get used to them in the end, at least, but I would still suggest newcomers to the game to experience the classic artstyle/original game, that is if they can tolerate the h-scenes. Mages did seem to overlook something though with the new character artstyle:
  2. Nice to see Visual Novels being addressed to that level. My favourite game of all time is a VN by the name Yu-No: The Girl who Chants Love at the Edge of the world, and it was highly influential for its time--it innovated the use of using a flowchart map that allowed the player to navigate different parallel universes/possibilities on the fly. Many modern VNs took inspiration from it. Though the game does has its flaws: There is a lot of fan service. The game was made in 1996 and was fan-translated in 2011 by TLWiki. The seemingly inferior 2017 remake was announced in the West this year, that is after it was shown a rushed 2019 anime adaptation of that remake. Many Players outside Japan will be exposed to that new style (which was developed after the original composer and original author passed away almost a decade earlier) before knowing what made the original Yu-No special enough to deserve both a remake and an anime adaptation to begin with. It has been more difficult for me to recommend the fan-translated version of the original game since then, since the studios who are now in charge of that game now decides how it is presented, and as we all know, fan-translations are often illegal.
  3. I'd recommend Yu-No: The Girl who Chants Love at the Edge of the World (the 2011 English-fan translation of it). It contains many heroines, each with their quirks. Outside those interactions, you'd be in for a good mystery novel about parallel universes, if you're into that genre~ Edit: I just read you're looking for one that's 10 hours or less, that one I suggested is 50+, my bad.
  4. Yu-No: The Girl who Chants Love at the Edge of the World is for you, if you enjoy Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Mystery alongside your stories~ The main character is a young male, but he does quite get very close to older women. I'm not sure how strong you want your women, but some can be quite manipulative.
  5. Yeah, I kind of wish the character art style in the remake was better... It's my main complaint honestly, that and how rushed it may feel for covering a 80+ hour game in just 26 episodes. The new background art is perfect I find, and supposedly the music changed too, I can't say for the better either, and it does have a different feel to it.
  6. Summary: A boy receives a strange package containing a device that allows him to travel to parallel worlds and through time, and with it, he will do what it takes to find answers about his father's mysterious disappearance. Yu-No is a classic Sci-Fi/Fantasy point-and-click puzzle/adventure visual novel made in 1996 in Japan that never saw the light of day in the West, that is until it was fan-translated in English in 2011 on PC (which combines the original PC-98 version and the Saturn version's voice acting), and the protagonist's Japanese voice actor is that of Adult Link from Ocarina of Time. This visual novel pioneered the concept of using a timeline map to view different branches within the plot, which many succeeding visual novels took inspiration from. The map also allows the player to travel throughout the different timelines, playing a part in the story. The game had a remake done by 5pb in 2017 for the PS4, and it's slowly being officially advertised in the West for the first time thanks to Spike Chunsoft, and they have confirmed a western release. It is also getting an anime adaptation that's airing for the first time this Tuesday, using the remake's art style. It is a game that should not be missed out on for any fans of science fiction and/or fantasy. It may not appeal to everyone, as it does contain its fair share of h-scenes, but that should not prevent anyone from experiencing every other aspect the game has to offer. The anime adaptation will probably remove these scenes as it's been labeled to be for all ages. Join our official discussion server of anything YU-NO related here: Discord Server: https://discord.gg/sJ9guF We can only hope the adaptation delivers.
  7. Does anyone know which category I can advertise a Discord server for a specific VN on these forums? (Or know if it's even allowed).
  8. I'm going to try Umineko today. Lastly, do you guys suggest the version with or without Japanese voice acting?
  9. I finished reading Higurashi When They Cry, all the 8 chapters of it. It was an epic experience, and I did kind of wish for the final chapter to be longer~ I soon heard that Umineko was written by the same author. Is it worth reading, and is it close as good as Higurashi?
  10. I just finished Birthright. It was amazing, and although it does kind of feel like its own game, I'm still going to get Conquest (and also the third version when it's out) for sure! It's kind of hard to talk about my experience with Birthright without spoiling too much about it. All I'll say is that it was on par with Awakening, and knowing that Conquest is better than Birthright, I'm sure it'll be as good or better~
  11. My first VN had to be Phoenix Wright. I tried it one time in 2010 and the concept of a story being the largest aspect in a game rather than the gameplay was a unique experience. Because of that, I felt more immersed than I normally was while playing any other game. As someone who plays games for their music and not just for the gameplay mechanics and story, knowing that VNs put strong emphasis on music made me want to experience them more. And thus, I found 999 as my first official VN (in-case some would think the Phoenix Wright series isn't really classified as a VN). Nonetheless, if it wasn't for Phoenix Wright or 999, I wouldn't have stumbled on other great VNs today that further changed my personality in the best possible way.
  12. Mine has to be YU-NO: The Girl who Chants Love at the Edge of the World. The sci-fi/mystery plot balanced out with an awesome script with good humour really makes a highlight, with the epicness of how the story unfolds (The protag is voiced by Adult Link in OoT with all the "Whoas!" and "Aaah!", which is even better ><). 2015 was quite an eventful VN year for me--probably my best year of reading yet. I played these in that order: Nekopara vol. 1, Ever17, YU-NO, Steins;Gate, Swan Song, Danganronpa. I plan on trying out more VN's of that calibre this year once I make more time from college. Currently waiting for Danganronpa 2's release on steam, I heard it's better than the first, and the first was quite a ride~ Feel free to recommend me any VN with Sci-Fi elements (especially if it relates to time-travel or mind bending experiences that can potentially give epiphanies).
  13. In regards to combat in FE, does anyone know how to calculate critical hit outcomes from the unit's given data? As in knowing how much critical hit rate an enemy unit will have on one of my units without me having to move my unit next to it to find out. An enemy's stat had 16 Crit, and in-battle, it showed as 5% and it critically killed my main. I know how to calculate attacks (Enemy's Atk minus Ally's Def/Res) but not sure how Hit and Avd works as well as Crits. I also often see the "Hit" stat being higher than 100, too. Edit: I figured out! Normally you take the attacker's base Crit and you subtract it by half of the opponent's Luck and that will determine the critical % rate in battle~
  14. I got this game the day it released three days ago. I've been waiting for it. So far I'm overjoyed by it! As a fan of instrumental songs in correlation with games, this one does it right compared to some other games today (as do most FE games, but this one does it as good as Awakening too, if not better). It really sets the right moods on parts of the plot and the fact that each faction have their own themes makes it better. It's kind of a shame that they stripped away the waifu petting minigame, but I guess that's understandable for how some people approach that idea reluctantly in the west--I wonder how that works if the main character's a female...? Do they rub the male's face? In terms of the gameplay, I love the new pairing mechanic where it's at times better not to pair up at all while other situations makes you have to. It gives a fair chance for every character to have a turn in fighting and not be left out in the back. The skill system is more emphasized to where they're more useful as well. All these changes makes this one more strategic than luck based, which I love. I only have Birthright so far, I'm not sure why anyone would buy Conquest first knowing it's harder than Birthright and be forced to play an easier version after the hard one--but maybe I'm thinking too far ahead and that maybe Birthright can be as hard when adjusted to a harder difficulty. All in all, this is probably my favourite FE game yet. Playing on Hard/Classic, and I promised myself that this time I wouldn't reset my game after a unit died... But I broken that promise, I can't afford to miss out on content yet. For sure I'll play hardcore on my next playthrough though. There's a great feeling to permanently lose characters due to making bad decisions, making you reflect on life more.
  15. I'd say Final Fantasy VI, probably because it's the one I grew up with. I'd insist on playing it on an emulator for the SNES experience though. Playing the original version of each FF is the best way to experience them I find, but if you really have to choose a ported version on a modern console/handheld, I'd say maybe give FF7 or FF9 a try first. The classic 2-D ones are best played on their original consoles for sure~ The reason why FF8 is not talked about a lot is because of a particular function of the game that's can be excruciating a times, so I'd say to try that one last. In order of preference from Squaresoft's classics: FF6 (FFIII on the SNES, since the ports look compressed and has silly sprites) FF7 (Ps1, not sure how the ports fare) FF4 (FFII on the SNES, since the ports look compressed and has silly sprites) FF9 (Ps1, not sure how the ports fare) FF5 (SNES, fan-translated, pretty interesting Job system that got influenced by FF3) FF3 (NES, it's been fan translated quite very well on the famicom, first to use changeable jobs) I never played FF1 (NES) and FF2 (fan-translated) until the very end so I can't give my opinion on them, much.
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