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  1. What I was referring to: https://dic.pixiv.net/a/十波由真#h2_1 Apparently that editor was not pleased with the changes. Either way though, I was happy with how her route folded out. But I found it somewhat weak that the game -informs- us that Yuma and Manaka are good friends when you barely even see them together.
  2. That's exactly the plot of ToHeart 2 Dungeon Travelers, except all of the protagonist's friends are also thrown into the game (virtual reality). It's primarily a DRPG, but as a fandisc of an eroge it is somewhat VN related, and erogamescape lists it
  3. I'm done with the main VN, fav routes were Manaka, Ruu, Konomi and Yuma (I gotta check out the PS2 version someday, where Yuma's route was way different according to pixiv wiki), least favorite was Karin. Sasara's had problems, but saying I wasn't entertained would be a big fat lie. I also played the FDCGR/DT1 spinoff, the whole intro is hilarious and parodies Uta at the start.
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