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  1. Hoping to find a Romance VN I have not read

    @Naterocks2000 This was listed in your VNDB page. If you're not a beat tester at MG, means you can read non EN Visual Novels? On topic, I'll recommend this if you can stomach the extremely cringy translation (ignore the VNDB intro page. It's a romance VN). The story is pretty good and moving (till this date, Haruka's route is the one which moves me the most among all the VNs which I had read)
  2. Mashiro Iro Symphony laggy

    Tried it again just now for you (Windows 10). Didn't encounter your problem and wasn't able to replicate it. Since you said you are sure it's not due to a lack of power of your system, I think it could be a graphics driver issue. Can try updating / uninstalling and reinstalling your gpu driver and see if it helps
  3. Yandere

    This perhaps?
  4. Welcome to Fuwanovel @ciel_yuri Hope you enjoy your stay here Btw nice topic title for your introduction
  5. For what it's worth, I read through both Amaterasu Translations's ENG version of the original version, and the CN one for both the original and Rewrite. The 1st point of difference of Rewrite+ should be the biggest reason why anyone should wait for it instead of reading the original. Tbh though, Rewrite+ (CN) feels the same to me in this regard (could be the translation's fault but I hardly doubt it). So personally, I don't think you should purposely wait for Rewrite+
  6. Romance VN recommendations?

    Euphoria maybe? Heart warming tale of a girl who 'turned' into a psychopath and wants the MC to kill her in order to save him, and the MC's magical journey to save this girl in the true route. Pretty sure it will be right up your alley Sorry, I was joking. Please do not read that. Anyway, may want to search for older similar threads. Plenty of recommendations there
  7. Hope that someone comes up with an idea on how to get VNDB to implement this as I (and I'm sure a lot of others) will love to know who did the localization (especially the TL-ers ) for Libra of the Vampire Princess (and it's FD), IMHHW (Moenovel), Cross Channel (Moenovel), and your Diary
  8. Which gaming laptop you prefer and why?

    It has been a legit and powerful enough gaming platform for a long time now, but it is hardly even close to an ideal one. It is comparatively FAR more expensive than a comparable desktop, emits a LOT of heat (which is very detrimental to the life of the hardware), and battery life sucks for demanding games (plugging in to play game will sort of defeat the purpose of the laptop in the first place, so not mentioning it here). Unless the portability of a laptop is > important, I don't think anyone should consider buying a laptop for gaming at all A lot of laptops nowadays can manage not to overheat and throttle well, but as they still produces a ton of heat, don't expect them to last for very long (unless you only play VN-level-of-demand games). One of my other friends got this at a IT show recently. Tried playing witcher 3 (no settings changed) and pretty hot on my lap. However, 2 of my friends had a Alienware and ASUS ROG laptop respectively, were using that as a desktop gaming replacement (I shook my head hard once I know that), and plays a lot of games liek Crysis. Both laptops did not last over a year
  9. koichoco - need save files

    Go into settings, select 'skip all text' and alt through Chisato's route. That's what I did the 1st time I read through the VN (really wanted to read through Mifuyu's route as she's the girl who attracted me the most). I would suggest you read through Chisato's route first though. There's a reason why hers was the 1st you had to read; she's a pivotal figure in all available routes and reading her story first gives context on her behaviour and involvement inside the other routes afterwards.
  10. Nah, perhaps I'm being picky. You decided, friend
  11. What about Newton and the apple tree? Meaning you read it already? So why did you dislike it?
  12. @Mr Poltroon Actually, my post was directed towards the ladder tag itself. Consider it's description: Personally I don't think it conveys very well of what you just said, and may in fact confuses a lot of viewers. Not a big deal I guess
  13. @SeniorBlitz I'm a bit confused from the description. I always thought the 'ladder structure' means there's 1 true path for the VN (the ladder) and alternate paths which splits from the ladder. The path the cuts the main story short and you then proceed down this alternate time-steam of events which the story and ending is usually drastic different from the main true path. Is it not? Also the description is a bit confusing to me. For example: Meaning? The alternate paths of, for example, G-Senjou Maou doesn't stay on the common path, doesn't lead to the back to the true route, and doesn't resolve the main issue in the true route at all. So...?...... Anyway, grats for getting your tag proposal approved
  14. You're burned-out, guaranteed as I had been through it before. I think you need to stop for a short while and play or read other types of media. For me, what I did was did other things for fun / for the sake of it (<--still fondly the shitstorm which i had caused ), play VN-hybrids such as Sengoku Rance, or straight out play other games. Stop reading VNs for now, do / read / play other things, and come back later on. This should do the trick
  15. Scariest Visual Novel You Have Ever Played

    Consider starting a TL project for this? (Pretty sure no TL companies will go anywhere near this type of VN in a hundred years lol)