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  1. Answer to your Q: 1 and 2 For Hatsukoi, the story is shaped like a (long) soap opera (Runa's route is seriously the most over-dramatised shit I had ever read in any books or VNs) and it's sort of draggy (like a soap opera). Go in only if you like / can stand this kind of thing. Not played MML yet (eagerly waiting for it's release on the 26th), but from the looks of things it's a rom-com. I actually think you should play this one instead of Hoshi as it's from the company and Princess Evangile with the same scenario writer The TL is far better than any of their other titles though. Come on, give credit where it's due (even if it's shitnovel we are talking about)
  2. I'm not asking you to give up on the story, but rather just to focus on the gameplay aspects instead. I think it's very difficult to weave an intricate story around such a shallow premise. Plus consider your resources; Kamdori had a good story wrapped around great gameplay, and graphics etc. Realistically, it's not possible for your project to end up likewise. If you guys don't plan properly, the entire project may suffer. Anyway, it's just my 2 cents worth
  3. Strictly speaking, Fureraba is a lovely-dovely, icha-icha-heavy story all about a highschool guy and his GF with dating-sim elements and little else. If you are looking for something similar to Fureraba, then fruit of grisaia is definitely not it (it's a very good VN though and well worth your time if you are looking for something different) Frankly speaking, I don't think you can find anything like Fureraba if you can't read non-english VNs. I think these 2 are some of your best bet (Wagamama is quite a bit heavier on moe than Fureraba. Take note if you don't like this). If you do try IMHHW (Kono Oozora), make sure you install the fan translation as it is miles better than the official Moenovel TL. Clannad is a emotional tear-jerker story. It definitely does not have the same vibe as Fureraba and I'm not sure if it's what you are looking for. Lastly, heed the fact that the original Da Capo is an extremely dated VN (not to mention it's extremely expensive when compared to modern VNs). It has severe flaws by today's standards (The route-leading choices are not even clearly indicated. I had to make my own list of which choices lead to which route in order for the VN to be playable). If you want to get into the D.C universe, read D.C 3 instead, or perhaps even Dal Segno, which I think you will like.
  4. On branching and linear plots in visual novels

    Do you prefer branching or linear story-lines to each other, and why? Branching, as I believe all stories are ultimately more satisfying when seen from different perspectives (of course only if they are done right). Also, a lot of story-focus VNs have to have branching routes incorporated into the title by default because of how they are written; can you imagine Rewrite being told from only 1 perspective? Are there some other advantages/disadvantages that multiple-route VNs have compared to linear stories, and do they matter to you. There is nothing inherently wrong with multiple routes plotges and Linear plotges by themselves. What matters is how the storyline itself is written; I would feel pretty weird having to read Planetarian with multiple routes and Ever17 linearly Do you think there's something wrong with how VNs handle routes in general, and would you like it to change in some way? A lot of VNs treats multiple routes like alternate times streams instead of incorporating them properly into the storyline. Not a fan of this and wish companies can do more to change this. of course I'm not asking them to 100% the routes into the main storyline/theme, but instead hope that many routes in many VNs doesn't have so many glaring differences What branching VNs, in your opinion, would work better if they were linear, and, vice versa, do you think that there are some linear VNs that would work better if they had multiple routes? Can't think of any Any other things I brought up in my post. One think I can think of is freshness of a long multi route plotge as opposed to a linear plotge. While, like you said, a linear plotge allows for better and uninterrupted character development, in a long title I think I will feel very bored reading about the 2/low number of characters for a long time. Thus, I believe linear titles should always have short stories, while it's almost mandatory for longer titles to have multiple routes.
  5. What is the most garbage VN you ever read?

    Read this instead instead of Ikinari if you are a masochist
  6. Help me choose my next VN!

    Very different from their other VNs like what Dreamysyu. The setting is a fantasy/supernatural one for starters. Also, the storyline is convoluted and a bit disjointed; the final 2 chapters leave you withmore questions than it answers (I also did not like the solution presented in 'terra' to the central problem in the VN) Couple of other things you should take note of of Rewrite: 1) It is VERY long, especially the Terra arc. You should take note of this if you don't like reading wall of text 2) This is my personal peeve with the VN; There's an route with an unfinished ending (which is resolved in it's FD). I hated this kind of thing in VNs though and thought I should mention it in case you feel the same Perhaps try something like Subahibi if you want something totally different than what you usually read. Seems to be a thought-provoking title like like Yume Miru Kusuri. Personally, I voted for F/SN. Great chuunige title that every VN fan should read at least once
  7. Hello!!

    Hi and welcome to Fuwanovel Pretty sure you will make plenty of friends here as this is a friendly community. Like what Plk_Lesiak said, please tell us more about yourself so we can get to know you better. よろしくお願い致します
  8. Your project looks like a simulation game with RPG elements and (perhaps) the story told in VN format (idk for sure. You and your twitter/FB pages didn't give us much story infomation to work with) I think it's best if you focus on the gameplay aspects as the storyline feels too shallow to build a VN around with. Also, since you are a small indie studio with limited resources (as of now), it will be very difficult to reach even half of Kamdori's scale. The graphics looks pretty good, and you may want to post some of your project's BGM if you want feedback on it. Lastly, both your twitter and FB hyperlinks direct back to this fuwanovel thread. Not a big deal but just thought I'll mention it Good luck with your project!
  9. What is the most garbage VN you ever read?

    I assure you the situation in Ikinari is FAR worse than what Yuzuyu did in Fureraba. For one, Kyousuke actually fought back verbally against Yuzuyu. The protag in Ikinari just stood and accepted the abuse. And it's not the cute kind ('You hentai!, pervert!' ) either in Ikinari, but rather 2 of the heroines spat out things like 'Even a cockroach is worth more than you' (Don't remember the exact words, but this long hair bitch definitely said something similar in the first school scene) at the protag consistently (at least they did during my read through of it. No idea if they stop abusing the protag later on and dun really care). Btw this happens consistently throughout the entire opening sequence (I read around 2-3 hours before stopping), whereas in Fureraba this stops once you get to the gameplay part, which was relatively quick (where you talk to the girls). Trust me, these 2 games are nowhere near similar in the bitching aspect
  10. Majikoi install help

    Change your system locale to Japanese first before instaling (Type 'control panel' into your windows 10 search (the magnifying icon on your desktop screen) --> Clock Language, and Region --->Language ----> Change date, time, or number formats). This way, windows will display Japanese text when you are installing the game. Japanese language pack is not needed for this. Screenshot the error message again and post it here. Also, can you give us more information? You trying to install on a laptop or desktop (and what are the specs)? Did you change install directory during installation (from my experience, most japanese VN should install fine as long as you keep pressing next)? Perhaps the hard drive which you were trying to install to was full? Giving us information similar to what I had described will greatly increase the possibility of us being able to assist you.
  11. Actually, I think my method will produce something better than the cross channel TL You should be thanking me for making this suggestion (just kidding )
  12. Guess I've been here 4 years now? o.O

    Can you erase my reaction? Makes me feel like an accomplice Hey Mitch, I have spare condoms available. Give me a shout out if your stock has ran out. Always ready to help a buddy
  13. I see Question: they still outsource to a translation company right? Why bother? To achieve a cross-channel quality TL, can't they just hire or 2 coders or outsourced to a far smaller group instead and do as I suggested? Would it be cheaper or more expensive this way?
  14. If this is true, makes you wonder why did they hire translators in the first place. Could had gotten 1 (or a small group of) people to MTL/google translate, and another high proficiency english staff to guess the MTl translation. Pretty sure would have been cheaper, and thus saved more money this way
  15. Guess I've been here 4 years now? o.O

    All hail Lord Mitch. You were and will forever idolised by Fuwanovelers, so much so that you have your own 'we love mitch' thread. May you be immortalised forever into Fuwa's history, and may you continue to give us your blessings, our beloved Lord Mitch