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  1. Share Your Technology Related Hijinks

    @Mr Poltroon More than probably an hardware issue. Don't believe it will get solve that easily. Computer hardware problems do not go away with time. It will only get worse, sadly ... Post back if your problem isn't solved .... Btw how old is your computer? Specs? Are you using a discrete GPU or on board graphics?
  2. itch.io summber sale 2018

    https://itch.io/ Just stumbled onto it just now. Don't think it will garner a lot of attention as opposed to Steam's 2018 Summer Sale. Posting it here for what it's worth. Those looking for indie games / games different than what is normally found on Steam can check it out I guess
  3. Share Your Technology Related Hijinks

    There could be several potential reasons as to why this is happening to you I met this issue twice in the past and the reasons are: 1) Outdated drivers (same reason as you) 2) The PCIE slot is faulty How old is your computer? Also, I don't quite get the meaning of your post. So the issue return recently, you updated the drivers, and the problem was solved? If so, congrats
  4. If nothing else, can the front page of the main site get out of 'beta'? I don't think that makes a very good impression at all. Also, devising a way for interested and trustworthy fuwa-ers to help around the site would be great as well imo
  5. I purpose adding a small comment or short review section besides the list so that users know why a specific VN is in it. Otherwise, it's gonna seriously lack context Edited: Hello, World has a display issue in the list
  6. Kuroinu Series Question

    Finished Wu's route a while back (stalled as of now). It's bascially a deeper, bigger, and better version of the original and is one of the best VNs I had ever read. Be excited, pal
  7. Try asking or PMing @Clephas? If anyone knows, it's that VN demi-god of Fuwanovel
  8. Kuroinu Series Question

    Gist of the VN, plus monster rape, gang rape, dwarf / giant rape, hardcore rape, tentacles rape, and even shemale rape. There are also some disgusting scenes (such as a cauldron of cooked semen scene). This also has the most 18+ scenes I have ever seen anywhere (koihime musou comes as a close 2nd). I'll second you on it's gorgeous artwork though. Steer clear of this series if you are looking for any substance in it; The story only serves as a convenient facilitator to all the f**king (much like hentai), the character aren't developed well (and do not need to be), and there is absolutely no such thing found in typical VNs such as a happy end or multiple (romance) routes (the music is pretty good in terms of the mood it creates though). On the other hand, it's one of the best sexually arousing/filled nukiges around
  9. How much does an average visual novel cost to make?

    It's pretty difficult to get anything official on it as I found out recently: The information (excluding the last few posts lol) inside should help u out, especially this one
  10. Koi Suru Kokoro to Mahou no Kotoba

    @ChaosRaven Doesn't a lot of VNs have the same problem?
  11. Regarding MoeNovel and what can be done.

    The reason people keeps buying from Moenovel may not be simply be because of a lack of alternate options. I think Pulltop titles have a rather distinct feel when compared to other VN companies titles (I'm saying this having read through Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to, Kono Oozora both EN versions, Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort, Cross Channel, and Haruka ni Aogi Uruwashi no). If someone is looking for mainstream or pulltop specific titles in EN, then they are stuck with Moenovel. MG titles are clock full of nukiges, JAST and SP have niche titles (with the exception of saku saku, which is the closest EN VN I can think of which is pulltop-like), all of which may not appeal to Moenovel's target audience. Anyway, a bad TL should be more than enough to stop steam users from buying Moenovel stuff from our perspective, but that clearly did not happen and has no signs of happening anytime soon. If those horrible TL did not stop people from buying their releases, what makes you think having more options (and educating people of those options) will Couple all of these with the fact that most anything on MG, SP, and JAST are far more expensive than Moenovel's stuff, I don't think their sales will drop anytime soon, and hence Moenovel (and their business practices) are here to stay for quite a while, sadly ...
  12. Hatsukoi Blurry Text [blurry asf :c]

    Feels a lot like a graphics card or driver issue to me. Investigate towards that direction. Use your iGPU to start the VN and see if the problem persisted. Update / reinstall your graphics drivers. Check your GPU / check if other games or VNs have the same issue. I think you should be able to find the culprit by doing these
  13. Read it for yourself then judge. It's pretty short too. Unless you frequent consume other medias, this VN is very fresh in the EN scene There are zombie 'rape' scenes, but it's not something similar to what you implied. Trust me and @Fred the Barber on this; there are no girls being mass raped by zombie hentai-similar scenes in this VN. It is nowhere near similar to this series at all.
  14. Fureraba Walkthrough

    There are only enough time to get a confession-level of affection with 2 girls. Get to it with 1 girl first but do not confess. Proceed to get chummy with another girl until the affection level below confession with her and you will trigger these events This triggers if you do not get a max (confession) affection level with any one of the girls before June 30th
  15. Yuzusoft Title: Personally I think they make the best Charages overall. Drama in their titles also does not feel forced to me. Personal ranking of their titles out of all that I had read so far: 1) Senren Banka / 2) Sanoba Witch / 3) Dracu Riot! / 4) Riddle Joker /5) Noble Works / 6) Tenshin Ranman / 7) Amairo Islenauts / ExE Hanasaki Work Spring! - One of my fav Charage / Moege of all time. No forced drama inside as well. However, it's pretty moe-ish. Take note of this if you are a moege hater like @VirginSmasher Chrono Clock - Not read this before, but recommending it as it has great feedback as far as in all the places which i had looked. Also, I saw through 2 hours of a playthrough of this and I feel it can be classified as a Charage and it (probably) does not have forced drama. This is also the only Charage / Moege which earned the approval of our resident Moege-hater (VirginSmasher). This is a very big feat Walkure Romanze / Walkure Romanze More & More - No forced drama nor is the story serious in tone. These titles have great pictures (and h-scenes lolz). The story is well written (and pretty unique as I don't think there are a lot of Jousting VN out there), and I like the character design a lot too () Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort - Light-hearted story about a hard-up guy working part-time at a resort with a bunch of girls, whom doubles as love interests, to earn cash. This is technically more of a Moege than a Charage, but I think it should be right up your alley Edited: Magical Marriage Lunatics! - I think this could work for you as it is a brainless Charage (but extremely moe-ish) which has virtually no drama at all. Although I personally do not like it very much, it's mainly because I kept comparing it to other VNs. On it's own, could be a solid choice for u