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  1. G-Senjou No Maou Question (SPOILERS!!)

    Haru's route invalidates this theory though; Maou is Kyosuke's brother. Like what @Dreamysyu said, this VN is full of plot holes (and depressingly & needlessly depressing imo). Don't think about it too much as you will not resolve them (at least I tried to lol)
  2. Would like this to your consideration list, although it only fits your requirements to some extent (like what Dergonu said, exact matches are pretty hard to find): Lewdness ~Vita Sexualis~
  3. "Your Diary" is coming out

    Hobibox released a +18 patch, but (get this) they are charging for it: NSFW! I thought most +18 patches are free (at least on steam) .......
  4. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate help.

    Perhaps you can try this instead (if you aren't using it already). It should work with Koi Choco
  5. Hey guys!

    Funny how your fav VNs are neither sci-fi nor fantasy Anyway welcome to fuwanovel. Hope you enjoy our stay here
  6. Pick My Next VN

    @Corrupted You absolutely have to read Nekopara 2 next since you love it so much. Kidding. My vote goes to Fate Stay/Night~~
  7. Clingy/Jealous heroines

    Fixed Also, she only reacts with jealousy in Sakura's route. Other routes = lukewarm to no response. However, don't expect too much from a 9 years old (I made a mistake previously. That's only the age of MG's TL) 18 years old VN. https://vndb.org/c3107 Shows quite a bit of jealousy in hers and (especially) Rise's route. Common route and the other 2 routes = very mild, however. Also, no such showing from the other 2 main heroines @original Topic Yara Miu from Dracu Riot (again, her route only though)
  8. Robo Waifus?

    The after stories for tsubame, monishiro, and margaret are after stories for their routes in the A series VN, not for the original 2 titles . Stupid mistake which I made. Thanks to Akshay for pointing out (and I dare consider myself a big Majikoi fan somemore ....) Anyway if you think reading the original / S is absolutely necessary, let's just agree to disagree. I said that reading the original titles are preferable but not absolutely compulsory as imo the A series are sidestories and not direct FD / sequels I feel like we are derailing the thread. If you want to continue this, let's do so in a new thread shall we? Sorry for any inconvenience caused@Corrupted
  9. Robo Waifus?

    Main focus is on Yamato and the new heroines, unlike S where you got no idea what's happening if you did not read the original. The focus on the original cast in the A series is far weaker than in S. This, imo, makes it a series which can be enjoyed as standalone games (although, again, reading the original VNs is still preferable imo)
  10. Robo Waifus?

    Well, I still mostly classified it as a FD, but I guess you can call it a sequel with the copious amount of new content and routes (and the extremely high number of h scenes) A FD mostly has content / after stories of the original characters, and this is something which the majokoi-A series does not have. Instead, it focus on the heroines which you were not able to in Majikoi / Majikoi S. Personally this don't feel like a FD to me. Anyway most important thing is that it's not a prerequisite to read Majikoi or S first (although it's preferable to first) for the A series
  11. Robo Waifus?

    I'm comparing it to the Nekopara series only, not against other VN (series) And I didn't not mean the Neko-nin VNs has bad art. Just that they look more pale and white-ish (par for the course for whirlpool titles) vs Sayori's artwork, and my personal opinion is that that should be a big reason as to why it did not sell as well as the Nekopara VNs
  12. Robo Waifus?

    No. Majikoi S is the official FD of the original VN, as such playing the original one is sort of compulsory The A series are simply alternate scenarios which you can romance non-main heroines. Reading the original Majikoi is preferable, but not really a must.
  13. Robo Waifus?

    Well, one way is to be active around the forums. It has been rather dreary around here recently (I'm one to talk though. I have not been active for the past couple of months ) Additional info to your topic: Can consider reading the Neko-Nin series. Interesting fact is that this series sold a lot worse than the Nekopara series. My personal opinion is that one major reason for the relatively poor sales is that it's by Whirlpool, and the artwork in their games are a lot more pale (almost ghost-ish relatively speaking) than Sayori's work in the Nekopara series. It's also a lot less moe as well. Still not a bad series at all (the VNs are very cliche though. Avoid if you are looking for something different). Worthy of your consideration
  14. Robo Waifus?

    They are: D.S -Dal Segno- Majikoi A-2 English Patch
  15. Robo Waifus?

    https://vndb.org/c36024 https://vndb.org/c49124 Nekopara Series