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  1. While Kiriririri's reply might had been harsh, I think most can get what he is trying to convey; this is definitely one of the more mediocre (at best) article-post that I had read: Hyperdimension Neptunia is not a VN. The most relevant and closest-to-a-VN reason for inclusion in a topic like this is that the the game bears a lot of similarities to the subject title in this discussion thread. I don't understand what he is trying to say by including it here (there are other similar game (series) which enjoyed - or > success HDN had if that's what the OP is trying to reference) While there are VNs being produced and sold outside of Japan, Visual Novels are still mainly being made, sold, and read there. Referencing Dracu Riot, Hyperdimension Neptunia, and Nekopara in the previous part gives readers the impression the OP was talking about the situation in Japan and not globally, and this part of the post seems to be saying globalisation has affected the market in Japan itself. If so, I find it logically difficult to believe that's the case This is subjective and should be indicated as such. By not doing so, the post gives me the impression the OP was trying to factualise / propagate his own opinion. The more aggressive F2P model works by incorporating human physiological elements such as Sunk Cost Fallacy into their game design; you get to play a part (usually the beginning part) of the game for free (exception being lot of EA titles / 2k sports titles etc) and microtransactions will be pushed to your face whether you like it or not. The less aggressive method has the entire basic game being readily available to be played for free while giving players the option to buy content which does not impact the gameplay in any meanful way. Examples being MOBA such as Dota 2 (yes, I know of the existence of Dota Plus). Although I can tell (probably) what the OP was trying to say (the VN itself = same as a F2P game and the additional products produced = microtransactions) , calling the commercial methods companies such as Yuzusoft use on their VNs as similar (even spiritually) to F2P is just frankly ridiculous to me The OP also included a lot of meaningless / subjective / misinformed stuff in his post such as these: While I know the OP has the right to post whatever he wants, perhaps the OP could had gather some of his/her points, and collate and post it instead of posting what seemingly was a informed article. Just my 2 cents worth
  2. Denpasoft started stocking some OSTs in their catalogue (very limited selection though, obviously)
  3. Is Euphoria worth it ?

    @MIUUZICK This video was in my recommended list when I was youtube-ing yesterday: My first reaction is that her reaction was sort of fake and, I dun know, forced maybe (I was thinking perhaps she exaggerated her reactions for views). Then I started thinking maybe the ones who replied to your thread (including myself) belong to the minority who can enjoy this kind of stuff, and her video may accurately represent how the average VN reader will react with this VN. Her negative reactions seemed to stem from the sexual stuff inside the VN. I posted this as reference material for you since it seems relevant as you hate rape (and more extreme sexual stuff presumably)
  4. Is Euphoria worth it ?

    There's a lot of hardcore sexual content (like this) in the VN. You need to make sure you can handle it first before you go into this (you said you disliked rape, so I'm assuming you dislike more extreme sexual content in general) It's worth it to bear through those in my opinion. The twisted story line is pretty unique among TL-ed VNs (I don't think there's another EN one like it as of now); it's deep and interesting (kinda like the twist on the true route although not the ending itself) and thought-provoking (at least for me for Nemu and Kanae's routes). If you can handle those sexual stuff (note: some of it do play a part in the plot and the development of it in some routes) and a plot which is darker and more twisted than most stories you will read, then you should definitely read this VN
  5. the grisaia sequels translation question

    If I'm not wrong, the ones at Denpasoft should be untouched TL-ed versions of the originals
  6. HoshiOri Discussion

    My estimation ( I did not time my runs though) - Rikka - I think TexasDice is correct - should be around 29 hours. I'm only on 13th July in her route and it felt as long as the total amount of time I spent on Marika's route (stopped on 6th Aug) Touko - Actually feels similar in length to Rikka's. Stopped at 12th July and the time of this post and it only feels about 1-2 hours shorter. My estimation - 24 hours-ish Marika - Quite short comparatively. I think should be around 15 hours Read that Sora's route is quite long as well, so total time should be 100 hours-ish (Common - 8 hours? / Rikka - 29 hours / Touko - 24 hours / Sora - 20 hours? / Markia & Misa - 15 hours each).
  7. How should I approach learning Japanese

    Coming from a fellow Japanese learner / Clephas-level of JP proficiency wannabe who has started and stopped twice (most recent - 2 months ago) in learning JP, I would say first of all you should ask yourself whether or not you have the endurance and motivation to succeed. Japanese is a complex language (duh at myself) with thousands of letters (katakana, hiragana, and most common kanjis used combined) and misc stuff (particles, grammer etc) to memorize (a lot of them like the particles have multiple meaning/usage too). By my estimation, you will need to invest at least a year of constant studying (attending classes or not) to read the average VN comfortably (may take you, I dun know, 6 months if you feel you can study and practice everyday though). This post isn't meant to scare you, but rather to mentally prepare you for it (I think most people gets overwhelmed by the language because they did not know what to expect). Come in only when you feel you can go through with it, otherwise you will be wasting your time. Of course, you should think of the reward: you will gain access to comprehensibility to not only Visual Novels, but everything else in Japan (FYI, the reason I lost motivation to JPN leaning isn't mainly due to the difficulty to it, but rather I can read CN and there was a skew of CN TL releases which I don't have the self discipline to put aside for the sake for learning Japanese as I started learning it mainly to read JPN VNs anyway. If that's wasn't the case, I would probably be able to comfortably read JPN Vns by now )
  8. I never said that it has a bad translation (assuming you are aiming this comment at me). I said it has a cringy / awkward TL. And both versions were sold on MG. Why would you automatically assume whoever read the old version had a pirated one? Anyone interested in the TL quality can judge for themselves here: link (Not my channel btw) ???O.O??? What is this VN? Can't find information on it on VNDB nor Google lol
  9. Inspired by TexasDice's revelation of the length of one route in Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai, I thought it will be fun and interesting for everyone to share and read their stories on particular Visual Novels and why it is memorable to them (doesn't have to be positive ones, could be 'memorable' for different / wrong reasons). Now I know there are several existing 'best / worst VN you have ever read' threads in Fuwanovel. I hope for this thread to be different in 2 ways: 1) The reasons given for a VN to be feat doesn't have to be necessarily positive or negative, but can be unique ones as well (as you will see in my 1st pick) 2) Hope you guys will elaborate more on the reasons why a specific VN was picked by you to be shared Here are some of my picks: Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai - TexasDice posted that Rikka's route in the VN is 29 hours long (!). That's longer than the total length of most existing complete VNs / novels out there. Will be heading back into the VN to see how long it takes for myself to read it (was planning to drop it). PS: please post if anyone knows of a longer individual route in VN (I'm damm curious to know) Magical Marriage Lunatics - The most 'memorable' common route I had read thus far; it is long, next to pointless, insomnia-curing written, and reveals next to no relevant story details. I actually became drowsily reading this section for the 1st time (and last too thus far) in my VN reading history. Also, this is the only VN I know of which 'cheats' on the number count of H-scenes. Usually in most VNs, H-scene A + H-scene B = 1 complete H-scene. This VN takes those 2 scenes and says they are 2 complete H-scenes in the 'extra' section. Nitpicking? maybe, but memorable nevertheless as I had never seen another VN which does that. Kuroinu ~Kedakaki Seijo wa Hakudaku ni Somaru~ - My 1st foray into the nukige genre. I was shocked at the savage content of it; this VN features close to everything one can think of to sexually mistreat women. Till this day, I think this should be near the top of the list for anyone who are looking for fap material. Juukishi Cutie ☆ Bullet - This Visual Novel features the stupidest reason for antagonist to antagonise that I have ever known. The routes are also a bit wonky; 1 has a ghost possession onto one main sub-character and another has the heroine absolute no clue at all on what sex is about, but they are comically (to) written into the routes ( I was like 'wtf' a large number of times in this VN). Overall, this is one of the most 'I have mixed feeling about this' VNs I had ever read. Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia - I love the original; despite the cringe-worthy TLed dialogue (and please ignore the wrong-impression-giving VNDB / Mangamer synopsis page), especially on the common route, this is one of the most emotionally impactful VN that I had read. The so-called 'fan disk' is a whole different story however.Despite being a 'FD', It features no content for the original heroines (it's simply a title featuring stories for 2 side characters of the original Edelweiss), the quality of the TL hasn't improved 1 bit, and the premises for the story setting for the 2 routes are absolutely ridiculous this time around (Spoiler: one of them is based on this). Truly one of the worst VNs I had ever read.... What are some of your memorable VN experiences, guys?
  10. HoshiOri Discussion

    Curious, how did you measure the game time? I don't think there's a setting or trigger in the menus or something for it right?
  11. HoshiOri Discussion

    Been eagerly awaiting the ENG patch ever since I knew of it's existence mainly because of it's extremely high VNDB rating for what looks like a clone of Hatsukoi 1/1 . I must say this TL is of terrifying good quality. Using this as point of comparison, this TL is quite a bit better than that commercial release. Big thanks tsurezurescans to for the patch I'm not as positive as the VN itself however: The artwork is very pretty, soundtrack soothing, and the story is lighter, less dramatic, and easier to read though (for me) than Tonework's poster child drama queen VN (which is a + in my book). The character and plot development are also very good (I stop at 7/28 at Marika's route, the route route I'm in so far, and alt-ed through the story because I saw that the character's routes was blanked out and I thought you only enter a character's route after the festival and I was curious whether or not that was the case. Apparently, there's an after story which is quite long and elaborated). Despite all of these positives notes though, it's still basically about a high school boy with girls his age in a high school, which is the setting for most JPN VNs out there. Those who aren't burned out by this type of VN are strongly encouraged to read though it asap. Objectively, I think this is one of the best SOL VNs of all time. For the rest (like myself), don't waste your time with it. I myself was re-reading this (which mixes humour with a bitter-sweet stoyline and a end-of-the-world-is-coming setting) before the patch's release. I will probably be dropping this (strongly losing interest in it) and going b to that VN
  12. Episodic visual novel recommendation.

    @ztrepzilius You didn't specify translated series only or not (If you can read JP, go ask @Clephas lol) Anyway, some recommendations for you: Original Grisaia series Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Corona Blossom Nekopara (Meow)
  13. No. This must be done inside the BIOS, though if you were able to play Skyrim or Fallout before on this laptop, then I don't think the video memory is the issue (despite what the error message tells you) and the age of the VN is the culprit Compatibility mode in Windows has always been wonky; I could never get it to run VNs requiring older Windows version. One simple method (and is the solution I am using now) is to download a Virtual Machine Emulator like VMware Player, install an older Windows OS in it, and run your VN via that OS. Works like a charm for me
  14. @vizualfan https://www.cnet.com/products/lenovo-g500-15-6-core-i5-3230m-4-gb-ram-500-gb-hdd/ Your laptop should be that model. Spam delete or F12 upon bootup of your laptop. There should be an option to change how much video memory the iGPU will share with the RAM