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Maki's Reverse Harem Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (04/22/2017)

Since we had Nishikino Maki as one of the image header there, I decided to just make it like somehow Maki had reverse harem of ayakashi from Ayakashi Gohan lol (I knew that the ayakashi had one girl that they like though). Well sorry if it's quite cheesy there, and let me say welcome to this week VNTS Review. As for this week, compared to last week we had more updates from Mangagamer and some releases from both of Sekai and fan translation. Although if I may comment here, it's still not big enough to me though if we talk about the releases. For more detail here, let's see what kind of updates that we had at this week shall we.

If some people here waiting for Dies Irae release (I bet there's a lot here), be happy because Light was announced when they release the digital version for it. It's at May 31st, although keep in mind that it was because of the delay though which mean that Light was planned to release it by the middle of May. There's also the matter of physical edition in which it'll be delivered at June 30th. Keep in mind that it may change in the future, although for now I was content though now that we had a release date. There's also Lump of Sugar which planned to release another of their VN overseas (Magical Charming), and it was already Greenlighted at Steam which of course it'll be released at Steam. No idea of how much the cut at H content for now here seeing that Steam was forbid game with explicit sexual content for now, although the first impression that I got for now that it's quite average VN looking at VNDB score. Let's see it later in regard of Magical Charming. Oh, and by the way Fruitbat was announced that Kickstarter for Chuusotsu was begin at 25th (Good luck), and I'll report the progress of the Kickstarter here.

By the way, if there's people who look forward to Nekonin be glad because they finally release it. As for the VN itself, well it's quite interesting if one interested with catgirl and ninja I guess. From what I knew, looks like it was quite mediocre looking at both of of EGS and VNDB average score (Both was at around 68). But then again maybe some people here will find the good side of Nekonin though, so feel free to try it out. Oh, and other than Nekonin release this week Sekai was only had one update in which goes like Bokukotsu was at 57.27% which is quite a big jump from last week. Other than those two news, there's still no word from Sekai in regard of Rakuen yet so I guess it's probably would be going to delayed again.

As usual ie biweekly, this week go got another updates from Mangagamer which of course was good. As for the updates it goes like Sorcery Joker was at 87% translated, Hapymager was at 74% translated (69% edited), Trinoline was 11.5% translated (2% edited), Boukaku was fully edited, Naked Butler was at 63% retranslated, Hashihime was at 39% translated (3% edited), Fata Morgana fandisc was at 44% edited, and Dal Segno was in testing. There's also some secret projects update which goes like 1st was at 88% translated, 3rd was at 43.5% translated (43% edited), 4th was at 97% translated (64% edited), and 7th was at 54% translated. There's also some matter of Imouto Paradise 2 in which right now our Doddler was handling the porting for it, and he was also planned to working on Bokuten next. For one last remark here, I wonder if they about to prepare the release if Dal Segno in near future although looking at Mangagamer release pattern it's probably in this year (Hopefully).

For fan translation section, there's two nukige release. One of those releases was Maki Fes (Another was Black Lilith VN), in which it was tell the story of about how very bland MC was try to made some friendship with Maki in hope to be more intimate with her (Of course Maki will like the MC lol). To tell the truth, the story was just lemon (18+ fanfic) for Maki so for the VN itself it's nothing special. Although the staff whose worked on Maki Fes was quite interesting though (There's Zakamutt and Asonn), and by the way congratulations for Maki Fes release.

As for the updates, first of all we finally got Majokoi continuing the translation progress because Maki Fes was finished (The new translator was also work in Maki Fes), and for the update here we got Majokoi at 73.5% translated and 19% TLC-ed (Good luck with the translation there). For the rest of the updates we got Loverable finally reached 60% mark translated (Also with 33.45% TLC-ed and 18.5% edited); Koiken Otome fandisc was had Shiho route at 15% translated; Eustia was at 7.5% translated (For more detail the prologue was at 81.44% translated and halfway (50.26%) edited), and by the way they were planned to release a partial patch that cover up to Eris arc. As for HatsuKoi, maybe they'll release Maya's patch later or tomorrow but one thing for sure I'll waiting for the update here (Also report it here of course, along with their next project).

That's all for this week, and see you next week.

PS - Right now Tsurezure was released Maya's patch which of course translated Maya's route and all other heroines route except Yukino. As for the progress, Yukino's was at 35% translated and overall was already pass 90% mark translated (91.47% translated). As for their next project, it was Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road which was called as some sort of Majikoi successor iirc. It's also had the translation project here, but looks like it's already dead for years. Look forward if you fan of Tsujidou, and I'll definitely report the progress for Tsujidou here.


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