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Fuwanovel Confessions


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6 hours ago, Eclipsed said:

^When the opposite happens, it's depressing as fk

There were 3 days this week for me where 5 hour jobs turned out to be 7-9 hrs, fk life

God, those are the worst.  It typically happens to me when I get 4-4½ hour shifts, and someone walks up to me and asks, "Heeeeyyyy...could you stay 2/3/4 more hours, please?"  All dreams of a nice, slow afternoon go out the window as I look into their pleading eyes.

Some customer said I did a really good job helping them, and the coworker they told it to announced it over the radio.  I was tempted to say, "WITNESS ME!" over the radio as a joke, but I didn't think that many people would get it.

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5 hours ago, Flutterz said:

Confession: Today, after having learned to read katakana before hiragana in my Japanese class, we started learning to write hiragana before katakana


omg u got into your waitlisted JP classes? High five :wafuu: 

Ours was like max seats + 10 waitlisted people at the beginning, and 4 weeks later we're 10 seats below max now. damned droppers


I fking got 89% on my first chapter quiz, because I'm a dumbass who:

  • Spelled ohayo おはよ instead of ohayoおはよう <- I've been lied to all this [email protected]# u darned [email protected]#11
  • Is dyslexic and circled tempura for てんぷら (tenpura) <-fkin' noob ass mistake, fk fk fk
  • Got ganked by particle 'wa' は and used the actual 'wa' わ for all the konnichiwa, konbanwa, OMG FK ME
  • Translated "What is telephone" as "でんわ, なんですか? (denwa, nanto desuka?)" when it's really  "でんわ, なんですか? (denwa, nan desuka?)", nan is the basic 'what' but I jumbled it up with nanto because we were also learning 'how do you say X in Japanese' which uses nanto iimasuka aaaaaaasdfkjasdjfsdjds

That's it, I'm binging Re;Zero, 


 we're using this shitty book btw

We have our katakana quiz next week. So, we were given 4 weeks to learn all 46 hiraganas, but only 1 week to learn all 46 katakanas......




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7 minutes ago, Eclipsed said:

Got ganked by particle 'wa' は and used the actual 'wa' わ for all the konnichiwa, konbanwa, OMG FK ME

Yeah, わ vs は was a bitch to wrap my head around and consistently get right when I first learned it.  Took about a week before I really got it down, and I got lower test grades because I kept doing what you're doing.  Just keep practicing and it should become natural after a while  ^_^


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