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unforgettable skype quotes

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>hmm=moaning sound
>girls moan when they have sex
>girls get their hymen torned on their first time
Doesn't this all seem suspicious??? I thought so
HMN = hymen confirmed
[21:20:16] HMN: screw you bancy
[21:20:26] Vokoca: But wait
[21:20:27] Noel (aka madvanced): kek
[21:20:30] Vokoca: Did you see that?
[21:20:32] HMN: you ...i dunno virgin
[21:20:36] Vokoca: HMN has 3 letters
[21:20:41] HMN: no
[21:20:44] HMN: don't go there
[21:20:46] HMN: pls D:
[21:20:47] True Blue Lino*: O shit
[21:20:48] *** ohiowar puts the tail on hmn ***
[21:20:51] Noel (aka madvanced): a triangle has 3 sides
[21:20:54] HMN: NO
[21:20:55] True Blue Lino*: O sheeeeeeet
[21:20:58] True Blue Lino*: and...
[21:21:00] Noel (aka madvanced): you know what also has a triangle?
[21:21:00] Kohaku: All the adorbs- http://i.imgur.com/pSGmdyC.png
[21:21:02] True Blue Lino*: three corners...
[21:21:03] HMN: shit i've been found out
[21:21:13] Noel (aka madvanced): the illuminati
[21:21:19] Kohaku: lol
[21:21:25 | Modifié (21:21:29)] Noel (aka madvanced): hymen = illuminati confirmed
[21:21:31] *** HMN contacts the illuminati ***
[21:21:39] *** Vokoca picks up the phone. ***
[21:21:40] Kohaku: Oh nu
[21:21:43] Vokoca: "Yeah?"
[21:21:51 | Modifié (21:22:18)] ohiowar: So if i break hymen do I break the illuminati?
[21:21:53] HMN: "'sup boss"
[21:21:56] *** Elias stabs Voko and picks the phone ***
[21:21:58] Kohaku: o.o
[21:22:02] *** Kohaku hides ***
[21:22:04] Sarayne~: [21:20] Noel (aka madvanced): 
<<< a triangle has 3 sidesare you a math major?
[21:22:05] Vokoca: "Don't break our co--adslkvjav
[21:22:12] Kohaku: lol
[21:22:14] HMN: "O_o"
[21:22:21] Noel (aka madvanced): [21:20] ohiowar: 
<<< So if a break hymen do I break the illuminati?there's always virgin women, the illuminati is eternal (´・ω・`)
[21:22:37] *** Kohaku nids ***
[21:22:37] HMN: welp boss is ded
[21:22:42] Kohaku: *nods
FSG being illuminati Hymen hidout :makina:
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[18:08:26] Yiğit Özçelik: also thanks to my cat I've had a running nose all day, my table looks like Mamankyoushitsu 2 was released today
[18:08:40] Yiğit Özçelik: so many tissues e_e
<<< my table looks like Mamankyoushitsu 2 was released todayA+ analogy
[18:12:20] Yiğit Özçelik: That's almost as deep as Mamankyoushitsu's harem route
[18:14:07] Yiğit Özçelik: just finished the tissue box
[18:14:17] Yiğit Özçelik: it supported me through many a fap
[18:14:22] Yiğit Özçelik: salutes tissue box
[18:14:47] zakamutt (´・ω・`): so
[18:14:52] zakamutt (´・ω・`): who is going to post the quote
[18:15:45] Yiğit Özçelik: someone


[18:22:46] Hanako 百合: I quote just wait my internet
[18:25:39] Yiğit Özçelik: RIP
[18:27:00] Yiğit Özçelik: ...why does the box look like a sideways vagina

here on Zaka demand ^^

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