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  1. Anyone else going? Manga gamer will be tomorrow. I can stream it on periscope if you want first lol
  2. fuck where do I get this? I can just see all the hot chicks fawning over me.
  3. Ew. Why do so many people like Tsundere? Do you really want a cunt as a girlfriend irl? Visual novel/anime speaking: I like them older and badass. long hair, tits don't matter that much but obviously prefer them big. perfect example is momoyo. fucking beast.
  4. I'm going to the AX. I'm gonna see what sekai, jast and MG are going to announce. I'll post it here. I had some ticketed events. It sucks that some shit i want to go to was during it. Oh well.....
  5. well since someone revived it i'll just post. I shit my pants when i saw there was a psycho pass visual novel coming out in english and a new steins gate but sadly that is only for ps4.... for now. I gotta get a ps4 anyway for gravity rush and persona 5 so I guess it isn't that big of a deal but no pirating lel
  6. I just thought, what is Minato soft going to do since their cash cow is gone? The shit they are making now is just all ages crap. Maybe we can see a new one where they are all in their 30-40's.
  7. And then she comes back afterwords with a crowbar or something?
  8. It does vary? Isn't it usually just moaning and slurping noises? And saying "fuck me harder" and "fuck my pussy" and "ohhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaa" when she cums "my pussy feels good?" etc?
  9. is that why oceans was rated so long at gamespot? the censors don't really bother me so much since they didn't really show any tits in the first place if they did then they would. they just usually cover up more skin which is stupid in the first place. I think it is just the republican religious nuts that want this that hate porn and think it corrupts people etc.
  10. Justin579


    just wanted to post this so you could see the beauty of this picture alone. Usually they censor this part glad they didn't although I am just sad they ruined mumei giving her huge tits. http://exhentai.org/s/f1b0ca9caa/949258-44
  11. Like why can't they at least show tits on tv? It IS part of the human body. And I wish they would allow them to publish h novels on steam. I mean come on, every guy starts looking at porn when they are what, 13? Probably lower with ipads, and phones and that nowadays. Then we got stuff like South Korea arresting people for child porn for playing http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RE162718.html which is preposterous.
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