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  1. Welcome to hell Ohiowar... Now it's one, but you will know how hard is to contain the urges to buy new figures every season... And WF... wwwww
  2. Wow... that was pretty enlightening.
  3. Search for Material Brave Fandisk OP or Dakkoshite Gyu!~ Ore No Yome Wa Dakimakura full version OP. (on youtube that's it) w
  4. Still, the system seems interesting to me... It's way more complex that just it looks if you ask me, also it's cute. That guy is my hero now (from a developer POV).
  5. If they don't make money or have some sort of financial worth to them, he won't give them the time of day, and he's extremely manipulative. I suppose you could say that his personality is justifiable but I don't think it's an excuse to treat everyone like an object. This is all subject to opinion though, of course. I'm sure there are people that think differently. This wasn't a problem in the true route, however I like that.
  6. Suddenly, I feel like playing G-senjou because bad ends.
  7. B to C. No more. It's not like I don't like big boobs, but normal to flat are better.
  8. Yeah, indeed. I want a dakimakura but there are too many imoutos that I would want to have a dakimakura.. It's hard to decide which imouto... probably Seseri but it would be a waste if it's a SFW one... TwT
  9. Personal opinion: Dakimakuras without /special features/ >>>>>> Dakimakuras with /special features/ I think of them more like a huggable figure rather than that tho. Gross. -- inb4 I want a dakimakura of the dark winged pettanko. (since she's already a dakimakura, meh)
  10. But their boobs looks too... weird. Also, together with the other two features mentioned before, that would't make it just another inflatable/sex doll?
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