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  1. Sadly look like the sales end before I get paid. WAGE SLAVE LIFE SUCK
  2. Maybe https://vndb.org/v299 or https://vndb.org/v2045 so the second one may be a bit old for some people. Both by Alicesoft who made Sengoku Rance
  3. Give me money

    1. HMN


      I can only give you some bishoujos :<

    2. ohiowar


      Since when did you have any of them?

    3. HMN


      Since a while now

  4. Not the shelf i am to fat for it
  5. Hey so I am going to try and get active on here again, not that I was ever that active. So let see the first time I introduce myself here I was trying to read a billion visual novel at one, while also playing a billion video games at once. Trying to take on so much at once lead to a really bad burnout in which I ended up not getting any of the games or VNs played. I hope to be able to become a somewhat active member here and make some more friends. So a little bit about myself. I am 21 old from the sate of Ohio who love playing jrpgs, reading visual novels, and sleeping. I have been work
  6. Kirirririririirirriiririrriiririririririririri pya

  7. Don't bring your stupid fucking racism into this
  8. I fought the strongest thing ever today. Was so much work took like half an hour to kill.
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