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  1. Moe Day sales!

    Sadly look like the sales end before I get paid. WAGE SLAVE LIFE SUCK
  2. Looking for games like Sengoku Rance

    Maybe https://vndb.org/v299 or https://vndb.org/v2045 so the second one may be a bit old for some people. Both by Alicesoft who made Sengoku Rance
  3. Give me money

    1. HMN


      I can only give you some bishoujos :<

    2. ohiowar


      Since when did you have any of them?

    3. HMN


      Since a while now

  4. The OhioNeko Return

    pyaa pyaa
  5. The OhioNeko Return

    I have Trump take your oil
  6. The OhioNeko Return

    Not the shelf i am to fat for it
  7. The OhioNeko Return

    That all moon symbol to me
  8. The OhioNeko Return

    Hey so I am going to try and get active on here again, not that I was ever that active. So let see the first time I introduce myself here I was trying to read a billion visual novel at one, while also playing a billion video games at once. Trying to take on so much at once lead to a really bad burnout in which I ended up not getting any of the games or VNs played. I hope to be able to become a somewhat active member here and make some more friends. So a little bit about myself. I am 21 old from the sate of Ohio who love playing jrpgs, reading visual novels, and sleeping. I have been working as an overnight s for Walmart for little over a year. I used to be a big FF14 player but don't really have the time or money for it anymore so I would love to get back into soon. Nyaa catgirls are cute give me all your nekomimis. So ask any questions if they is anything you want to know and let all be friends nya.
  9. Kirirririririirirriiririrriiririririririririri pya

  10. Touhou Lore #1 - Gensokyo's Origins

    Nice look forward to more
  11. Paris under terrorist attack

    Don't bring your stupid fucking racism into this
  12. Fallout 4 discussion

    I fought the strongest thing ever today. Was so much work took like half an hour to kill.