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  1. My conquest of finding a real life Sill has successfully ended. Now finally my extreme thirst for w*****y f****s can be satisfied. She is the perfect slave! ...I MEAN GF! And dont forget! Rance aka Justice is the righteousness hero of everything good and pure!
  2. true next person knew my inacitivity has something to do with pretty young girls
  3. thank you very much, i didnt go anywhere, just very busy lately, i do check the forums once a day though #ranceishandsomeking
  4. quiz: Who is the most handsome VN character? hint in spoiler
  5. alright, favorite monster girl in mgq series besides alice?
  6. happy bday ! Sieg (21) arakura (19) Sector89 (21)
  7. welcome back, you shall now worship oppai
  8. same, Sora&Shiro brilliantly fit each other. They go straight into my top3 characters. love how they trust each other. its beautiful
  9. what do you mean by you have to? are my opinions that extravagant? i loved Inferno Cop. best short anime ever
  10. Name: Tom Title: Conqueror ☆ トム Avatar: Rance Gender: Male Birthday: May 2 Favorite Visual Novel: The Rance Series Card based on: The Rance Series shocking thruth. highest possible warning, do not open the spoiler if you are human!
  11. i cant sing one single song, never bothered to remember any text next person is a phone power user
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