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  1. ARENA 01: [Yūki Asuna] Shana ARENA 02: [Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko] Shiina Mashiro ARENA 03: [Kirisaki Chitoge] Kannagi Kazari ARENA 04: Shibasaki Roka [Abstained] Kirasaka Sayaka ARENA 05: [Tokido Saya] Yonomori Kobeni ARENA 06: [Hasegawa Yume] Kinoshita Ringo ARENA 07: [Misaka Mikoto] Yoshino ARENA 08: [Tokisaki Kurumi] Aragaki Ayase ARENA 09: Aihara Enju [shiba Miyuki] ARENA 10: Tachibana Marika [stephanie Dola] ARENA 11: Kafū Chino [Kuroha Neko] ARENA 12: Tedeza Rize [Tateyama Ayano]
  2. ARENA 01: Itsuka Kotori [Momo Belia Deviluke] ARENA 02: [Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko] Yatogami Tōka ARENA 03: Kuroyukihime [Nibutani Shinka] ARENA 04: [Yūki Asuna] Azuki Azusa ARENA 05: [Takanashi Rikka] Kurousagi ARENA 06: [Tokisaki Kurumi] Yaya ARENA 07: [Chitanda Eru] Aoyama Nanami ARENA 08: Yoshino [Yukinoshita Yukino] ARENA 09: [Misaka Mikoto] Suzumiya Haruhi ARENA 10: Shana [Nakano Azusa] ARENA 11: [Aisaka Taiga] Yui-nyan ARENA 12: [Gokō Ruri (Kuroneko)] Hasegawa Kobato ARENA 13: Eucliwood Hellscythe [Yuzuriha Inori] ARENA 14: Shiina Mashiro [Nakamura Yuri] ARENA 15
  3. ARENA 01: [Haqua du Lot Herminium] Roromiya Karuta ARENA 02: Laura Bodewig [Yui] ARENA 03: Yaya [Yatogami Tōka] ARENA 04: [Kuroyukihime] Yoshino ARENA 05: Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko [Yūki Mikan] ARENA 06: [Azuki Azusa] Yukihira Furano ARENA 07: [Dekomori Sanae] Shirakiin Ririchiyo ARENA 08: [Takanashi Tōka] Charlotte Belew ARENA 09: Himeragi Yukina [Nyarlathotep] ARENA 10: [Momo Belia Deviluke] Nōmi Kudryavka ARENA 11: [Chitanda Eru] Yukinoshita Yukino ARENA 12: Kurousagi [Nibutani Shinka] ARENA 13: [Takanashi Rikka] Itsuka Kotori ARENA 14: [Natsume Rin] Shokuhō Misaki A
  4. ARENA 01: [Momo Belia Deviluke] Shokuhō Misaki ARENA 02: Yukihira Furano [Tobiichi Origami] ARENA 03: Azuki Azusa [Dekomori Sanae] ARENA 04: Chitanda Eru [Takanashi Rikka] ARENA 05: [shiomiya Shiori] Kurousagi ARENA 06: [Kuriyama Mirai] Laura Bodewig ARENA 07: [Yūki Asuna] Yatogami Tōka ARENA 08: Nyarlathotep [Yoshino] ARENA 09: Shirakiin Ririchiyo [Haqua du Lot Herminium] ARENA 10: [Yui] Himeragi Yukina ARENA 11: [Yūki Mikan] Chocolat ARENA 12: Nōmi Kudryavka [Takanashi Tōka] ARENA 13: [Charlotte Belew] Yukinoshita Yukino ARENA 14: Roromiya Karuta [Yaya] ARENA 15:
  5. ARENA 01: Yaya [Natsume Rin] ARENA 02: Nōmi Kudryavka [Kuriyama Mirai] ARENA 03: [Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko] Shiomiya Shiori ARENA 04: Yukihira Furano [Abstained] Yukinoshita Yukino ARENA 05: Charlotte Belew [Aoyama Nanami] ARENA 06: Chocolat [Nibutani Shinka] ARENA 07: [itsuka Kotori] Nyarlathotep ARENA 08: [Takanashi Rikka] Dekomori Sanae ARENA 09: Yui [Kirigaya Suguha] ARENA 10: [Chitanda Eru] Laura Bodewig ARENA 11: [Yatogami Tōka] Roromiya Karuta ARENA 12: [Kuroyukihime] Shokuhō Misaki ARENA 13: Yūki Asuna [Momo Belia Deviluke] ARENA 14: Yoshino [Tobiichi Origami] A
  6. ARENA 01: Yukinoshita Yukino [Yoshino] ARENA 02: [shiomiya Shiori] Itsuka Kotori ARENA 03: Yui [Azuki Azusa] ARENA 04: Roromiya Karuta [Kuroyukihime] ARENA 05: [Haqua du Lot Herminium] Shokuhō Misaki ARENA 06: Yukihira Furano [Chitanda Eru] ARENA 07: Chocolat [Takanashi Rikka] ARENA 08: Laura Bodewig [Tokisaki Kurumi] ARENA 09: Takanashi Tōka [Momo Belia Deviluke] ARENA 10: Nyarlathotep [Tobiichi Origami] ARENA 11: [Kuriyama Mirai] Kurousagi ARENA 12: [Natsume Rin] Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko ARENA 13: Yaya [Yūki Mikan] ARENA 14: Kirigaya Suguha [Dekomori Sanae] ARENA 15:
  7. I feel like I slept through half of it lol. At one point I was trying to find which episode I was up to when I fell asleep by watching the begining, but I had no idea since they were all more or less the same. I already wasn't really digging it, so it didn't help my opinion of the show. I've been thinking I might need to rewatch the whole series eventualy to see if I was just missing something at the time, but I disliked it enough that I never felt enough motivation to watch a two and a half hours movie of it. Though I agree it was a pretty ballsy move from KyoAni.
  8. ARENA 01: [Nibutani Shinka] Dekomori Sanae ARENA 02: Kuroyukihime [Natsume Rin] ARENA 03: [Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko] Nyarlathotep ARENA 04: [Momo Belia Deviluke] Aoyama Nanami ARENA 05: Shokuhō Misaki [Yatogami Tōka] ARENA 06: [Takanashi Rikka] Himeragi Yukina ARENA 07: [Haqua du Lot Herminium] Yaya ARENA 08: [Yūki Asuna] Yukihira Furano ARENA 09: [Kirigaya Suguha] Kurousagi ARENA 10: [Charlotte Belew] Roromiya Karuta ARENA 11: Azuki Azusa [Chitanda Eru] ARENA 12: Kuriyama Mirai [Takanashi Tōka] ARENA 13: Shirakiin Ririchiyo [itsuka Kotori] ARENA 14: [shiomiya Shiori] Y
  9. ARENA 01: [Tokisaki Kurumi] Yui ARENA 02: Shokuhō Misaki [Yaya] ARENA 03: [Charlotte Belew] Yukihira Furano ARENA 04: [Azuki Azusa] Kuriyama Mirai ARENA 05: Shirakiin Ririchiyo [Abstained] Laura Bodewig ARENA 06: Yoshino [Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko] ARENA 07: [Nōmi Kudryavka] Shiomiya Shiori ARENA 08: Kurousagi [Nyarlathotep] ARENA 09: Nibutani Shinka [Chitanda Eru] ARENA 10: [Takanashi Rikka] Takanashi Tōka ARENA 11: Yatogami Tōka [Aoyama Nanami] ARENA 12: Chocolat [Natsume Rin] ARENA 13: [Tobiichi Origami] Kuroyukihime ARENA 14: [Haqua du Lot Herminium] Itsuka Kotori AR
  10. I absolutely agree with Zalor. I think OELVN creators would benefit from exploiting settings that are more familiar to them rather than imitating the japanese stereotypes to cater to an established niche. I often see people on other forums who scoff at VNs because of their anime-like aesthetics, while they still love games like Telltale's or old adventure games for example. I've had the idea of a VN set in ancient Rome before, but it's pretty much at the "table corner napkin sketch" level. >_>;;
  11. Aside from my weekly shows, I've been mostly focusing on Hunter X Hunter since I want to catch up eventualy. The Hunter's exam is finaly over! lol. I still have over a hundred episodes to watch though. I've also been rewatching some episodes of K-On!! here and there just for fun.
  12. Nice! That wedding dress Saber is quite sexy. I have these two, Gift's ultra detailed Saber Lily by Satoshi Toda http://myfigurecollection.net/item/27938 and Alter's swimsuit Saber Alter http://myfigurecollection.net/item/144297 . There are a few more on my wishlist, though I'm satisfied with those two for now. Here's a few more Saber figures that I don't own, but like. And there are a ton of other nice Saber figures, and still more coming out lol. Much love for Saber.
  13. It changes which character's voice you hear in menus and such.
  14. Saber! Back when I had only watched the anime I used to favor Tohsaka, but now I can't get enough of Saber. I already have two figures of her. (Well, technicaly it's Saber Lily and Saber Alter.) I also think all the Grisaia ladies are pretty hot, can't really choose one though I might slightly favor Sacchin, or Yumiko simply because she looks like Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari.(both designs by Akio Watanabe I guess?) Also special mentions to the other Fate/Stay Night girls and Kyou Fujibayashi from Clannad.
  15. The Legend of Heroes : Trails in the Sky, which I got on GOG yesterday. I have already played and loved the PSP version a few years ago, but I'm in love with this game all over again. I've also been playing To Love-Ru Darkness : Battle Ecstasy on the Vita. I'm getting near the regular ending, which is only a stepping stone on my path to unlocking the true ending. Combat is fun, but the color swapped enemies are getting a little tedious by the level I'm at. The poking and rubbing game that occurs when you defeat one of the girls (or the Principal as I recently learned! ) is also kind
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