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  1. Octopus appreciation thread

    invasion failed, not an octopus.
  2. Figure Collector

    that is certainly a good deal cheaper than what crunchy wants for her. will look into it a bit more when I have some extra spending money floating around. and a bigger desk.
  3. Figure Collector

    never done any foreign shopping. unfamiliar with the whole dollar-yen thing.
  4. The Image War

    your link is broken, so clearly I survived.
  5. The Image War

    my body is ready.
  6. Favorite Insert Songs

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vn-lK_vgpMw probably my favorite song of all time.
  7. True or False

    true. I love the rain, everything just seems so much more alive and full of color during a good storm. the next person wishes they were as amazing as I am.
  8. Which was your first Anime/Manga

    my first anime ever was I think saint seiya way back on cartoon network. my first manga was battle royale.
  9. Need a new avatar.

    the one I pick is always best one.
  10. Three Word Story

    had relations of
  11. Three Word Story

    and was devoured
  12. Three Word Story

    sharpies. Gordon Ramsey
  13. Favorite series OP/ED

    hoozuki no reitetsu. the short verson just isn't the same but here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaOYG6q8wvY
  14. True or False

    skip me. this is the greatest response I have ever seen.