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    I mainly enjoy romance/drama Visual novels, Animes, Mangas and Light novels. i also like psychological and horror ones too.
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  1. The last talk you have with the Patriot AI's in the ending of MGS2; (*cough* mayor spoiler *cough*) the AI's explain how the events of mgs1 where all a part of a "exercise" to collect data, mostly to manipulate and control human thought and behavior. What i love about this is that their last chat with raiden seems timeless, talking about things like philosophy and sociology and what not, and even after the AI's explain how the whole events of mgs2 was another exercise and that they can control human thought and behavior to raiden, they still continue to do so on him (notice his last fight wit
  2. i sometimes listen to alternative rock, techno, "j-techno" remixes, trance etc but for the most part, i love piano and orchestra. I prefer the instrumental version of a song rather than the original heh as to my favorite song, i'd say Beethoven's 9th symhphony; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3217H8JppI as to the reason, well I've listened to this symphony so much i never really got tired of it, it helps me relax and think.
  3. Hello fuwanovelers~ i haven't posted in a while, but i recently found a documentary that's pretty interesting and thought i'd share with you guys(i posted this here since it has some other themes aside of VNs and such); http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpZbu7J7UL4 (external link since it does have some nsfw-ish stuff) "According to government surveys, nearly 50% of Japanese women aged 18 to 34 are single, and more than 60% of men the same age are single as well" As this article by The Guardian says; Japanese-American author Roland Kelts, who writes about Japan's youth, says it's ine
  4. I've been laughing uncontrollably at this for a while
  5. "The Statement below is true. The Statement above is false." This is probably the first one i've heard; The statement above is saying that the statement below is true, while the bottom statement is saying that the top statement is false and thus, neither (statements) are true nor false, since it's true value is indeterminate.
  6. i don't think this is hentai, just nsfw.. but oohh welll MOD EDIT: NSFW - Link
  7. CO-CO-CO-COMBO Breaker Where's the love for Marvel? -_-
  8. Hoshizora no Memoria: "ONNNIIII-CHAANN" -Chinami
  9. "The individual is supposed to be weak, but far from powerless... a single person has the potential to ruin the world" -Patriot AI, Metal Gear Solid 2
  10. El potuguês y español son similares en algunos aspectos yo hablo el español con fluidez (aka fluent in spanish), pero la mayoria de el tiempo hablo en ingles ^^
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