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  1. Kono Oozora H-Scenes Porting Project

    Well, I just recently picked up this VN again, and apparently it has all sorts of problems, not just censorship from cutting H-scenes, which was easily solved by the restoration patch, but bad translation and some random glitches/bugs, like not being able to access my goddamn CG gallery! Speaking of which, would that be something you guys could fix? I have yet to see this supposed Engrish that plagues it, maybe its because I have yet to start a route, which makes me curious, does Kotori's route suffer from this aswell? She's the only girl I'm interested in, I rather not deal with awful translation, but if it isnt that bad, then I might aswell keep reading. Best of luck with the project!
  2. After a year of inactivity ~Take or give 6 months~

    Huh, I know how you feel. These days I just lurk around Fuwa and post once every 6 months or so, then I usually disapear. Like you said, I wish I had invested my time learning JP, all dem VN's I would be able to play... but no, its too hard and I'm too lazy. Oh, and welcome back.
  3. Hoshizora no Memoria: Eternal Heart Translation Project

    Jesus...It feels like I've been following this project for ages...Im glad to know you guys are still working on it. Keep up the good work and let us know about any updates. I sure as hell am looking foward to them!
  4. What are you playing?

    I started Grisaia no Jakitsu a few days ago and...*sigh* the characters are just so over the top, I get that the game doesnt take itself seriously, but dear God! Why am I forced to deal with those people?! Danmit game, give me a choice! For once allow me to be a jerk, just like G-Senjou! Even though I got a Bad End on that VN out of nowhere, It was a fun experience!
  5. Visual Novels/ Feelings

    It seems I always end up agreeing with your posts regarding Katawa Shoujo...playing it was an amazing experience, I still cant stop thinking about it. Its definitely one of the very few VN's that managed to completely capture my heart and attention.
  6. Good tearjerking VNs

  7. RWBY ..

    I've yet to watch RWBY, the trailers easily got me hooked, particularly the Red one, the choreography and music were fantastic! However, folks should take note that this isnt an Anime, it only has an Anime style.
  8. What are you playing?

    Just finished Hanako's route in Katawa Shoujo and I must say im kinda disapointed, it felt so short, and the ending, though sweet, lacked closure, unlike Lily's route, some folks suggested playing the Beta version of the game which include a couple different endings, one being a true ending with Hanako, which is said to be extremely good and satisfying, so Im gonna give it a try!
  9. Sekai Project Official Grisaia Translation?

    Hows this going to work? I went to the page and saw no kickstarter meter or whatever they are called... Its good news at least, even though I've never heard of the game before the trailers got me hooked.
  10. VN eSports?

    VN eSports? What sort of witchcraft is this? Honestly, I dont see it working at all, you need good gameplay to make it at least tolerable for the competetive folk, and thats one thing VN's lack, I know there are tons out there who do posses some sort of it, however, they are usually not the main focus.
  11. What are you playing?

    I just started Hanako's route, Katawa Shoujo has been an amazing experience so far, I love this VN way too much for my own good...I dont know what to do once Im finished with it.... how did you people move on? How many sleepless nights are necessary? What VN could possibly replace this masterpiece?
  12. Ebola-chan

    Come on folks, Ebola-chan is fine, I for one find her cute, joking about such matters eases the nerves of some, while making others genuinely laugh, no harm done.