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  1. Sharin no Kuni discussion

    That was awesome. Though I personally prefer the way Houzuki escaped (on the fandisc) over Ken's.
  2. I generally agree with this review: https://web.archive.org/web/20130917110609/http://yandere.tindabox.net/?p=347 But to put some words of mine here, I'll just retort the following: "The stories take stupid turns and twists for stupid reasons and the game tries to hide behind the excuse of ''It's a comedy'' while it's trying to take itself seriously. Is like the VN doesn't know what to do with it's story." But it IS a comedy, that's not an excuse. It's not especially story-driven and you kinda should expect it not to be. I never recommend this VN to anyone who's not after lighthearted commedy or fanservice for the simple reason that, at the great majority of the time, it does not deliver plot in the seriousness one would generally expect (the wanko route was a pleasant surprise). In any case, you're basically condemning it for not corresponding an expectation you should not have in the first place. About the character clichés and the fights. I'll just say that it's kinda impossible to develop as many characters as this game has, and it still does a decent job considering its span. The fights could be better, but they do their job overall. In short, it's shortcomings are mediocre at most (note that's different than bad) but it's upsides are good if you play it for what it should be. That's why reviews and recommendations exist, so you can know what to expect in what is basically an investment of 30~40 hours of your time. I hope I didn't sound harsh or conceited, it's merely my opinion >.<
  3. Devils Devel Concept: Why I love it.

    I see. Seems like a interesting character. Can't wait to read this! Thanks for the explanation
  4. Devils Devel Concept: Why I love it.

    This VN is one of the main factors in driving me to learn japanese. I like dark settings, and a different protagonist seems good for a change of pace. Perhaps he is somewhat like Kurosu from Cross Channel, psychologically speaking?
  5. Kill la Kill = Sonic Adventure 2

    Followed up by no critics and a pic, that's some sound argumenting skills right there pal. Could also be sarcasm on your part, but if so it certainly doesn't look like.
  6. Am reading right now. Thanks for the recommendation.
  7. It's always the music that wrecks you. Angel Beats and Little Busters are great examples of this >.<
  8. I've played most of the "mainstream" VN and can confidently say that G-Senjou is still my favorite.
  9. Can't say how glad I am that you're not leaving. Almost gave me a heart attack when I read the thread. Thank you for your hard work, Steve!
  10. Underrated Visual Novels

    If I had to sum it up, it'd be something like Watch Dogs. Good, but waaay overhyped. MLA wasn't better than F/SN for me, for example, but you have to take in account whether you're a bigger fantasy or mecha fan, for example. I'm not saying this is better than that (way to many factors involved to make such a claim), but the only sure thing about it is that MLA is well deserving of it's score, but some fans try to argue it's the best VN ever.
  11. Whoa there, getting a little worked up, are we? This is merely brainstorming, no need to be so technical about "precise knowledge". If a "bad" example contributes to give him a good idea, then that's that. Cross Channel is not a horrible example as it does approach the point K450 is trying to make, wich is "a fanstory that relates to memories". That aside, I don't mind correcting you, but you should know by now that this comunity is a rather friendly one, and I would rather it stayed that way if you'd only mince your words. I also don't mind being wrong. Convince me without that attitude and we'll get somewhere.
  12. Another interesting one would be Cross Channel.
  13. Warning: may really be a spoiler for this VN, look only if you don't care
  14. I had the exact same pic as you when I first entered this forum. You have a good taste =D

  15. Long story short: he just acts stupid. Continue reading the novel, if you like dark / pragmatic protags you'll be immensely rewarded.