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  1. well just started reading sun-ken rock , love the story so far.
  2. p4izanagi


    Fuetakishi is good vanila author for doujinshi , hisasi , and some other too. and for lolis noise is pretty nice too .
  3. Free ! Eternal Summer and Barakamon. any suggestion?
  4. oh lol , anyways my steam is "One Hand" either way im gonna revert it to Zanmato , remember me pls
  5. why are you deleting me from your steam friend list ?
  6. hope your family problems and RL stuff solved soon good luck.
  7. i dont really care . anyway what happen will happen. let's just see what happen.
  8. holy .keep it up. freaking funny . hold the pancake
  9. Empty , Quite , Silent

  10. dunno the current fuwa is still the same for me. same ppl and same old moderator its been quiet now , miss some old member too.
  11. i guess the hooker code is a little bit buggy. its called Visual Novel Reader ^
  12. can u disable the character name? and what happens.
  13. Dan bakal terjadi lagi , si no 1 kepilih rusuh lg moga aj pas penguguman pres ngk terjadi apa2 . And it will happen. Well it still happening . The main problem is how they can accept people's differences when they always think their race is smarter and so on . I always love ppl that's not racist , but in some ppl they just have hard head and wont bother acknowledge other ppl.
  14. well racism here at indonesia is way worse than internet . bullying, and some stuff (crime stuff , i leave to your imagination "here" <click that for those who curious about my country's racism,) and it still happening but hidden . well i myself don't wanna be a racist or so but its still happening everywhere.
  15. did you try the instalation in different os? )ex . Windows 7)
  16. can you try running the game using Locale Emulator?
  17. currently playing Cocoro@Function after some hiatus from reading visual novel due to study . next game im gonna play is DA Capo III PP .
  18. i think u need to fix that fast. rather than having a fried motherboard , M15x can use many gpu like AMD 7970 or so . theres many mods on it.
  19. repaste is considered most useful too if ur laptop is more than 1 year old. what alienware are you? if ur R1 or R2 consider using HWInfo to control the fan speed. but R3 or later (Alienware XX) . well its still fine , but can u let me know whats your temp? u can use HW info too or GPU-Z and HW Monitor.
  20. well if this is not april's fools. i would love doing QC or TLC .
  21. did you try open it with applocale? or locale emulator? i did that and it fixed my problem, did u install the fonts correctly? can you install it again?
  22. there's aleardy a guide in the torrent, just follow the step and you should be fine. any problem just post here, we try to help you.
  23. did you try uninstall and clean your registry too? did your windows block some of its feature? can you try view the properties of the .exe file, and see if it blocks some features? and unblock it. and try it again.
  24. just finished white album 2, and playing the vn's right now. and finished watching SAO : Extra edition ..
  25. did you try running the game using LocaleEmulator? hmm but your locale is on japan, so it doesn't affects the game. well how about you try to uninstall all the game. and restart your computer and make sure all the Dramatical murder file is deleted. and try CCleaner to clean some leftovers, and registry (make sure you know what to delete , everything related to dramatical murderer only)
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