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  1. well just started reading sun-ken rock , love the story so far.
  2. p4izanagi


    Fuetakishi is good vanila author for doujinshi , hisasi , and some other too. and for lolis noise is pretty nice too .
  3. Free ! Eternal Summer and Barakamon. any suggestion?
  4. oh lol , anyways my steam is "One Hand" either way im gonna revert it to Zanmato , remember me pls
  5. why are you deleting me from your steam friend list ?
  6. hope your family problems and RL stuff solved soon good luck.
  7. i dont really care . anyway what happen will happen. let's just see what happen.
  8. holy .keep it up. freaking funny . hold the pancake
  9. Empty , Quite , Silent

  10. dunno the current fuwa is still the same for me. same ppl and same old moderator its been quiet now , miss some old member too.
  11. i guess the hooker code is a little bit buggy. its called Visual Novel Reader ^
  12. can u disable the character name? and what happens.
  13. Dan bakal terjadi lagi , si no 1 kepilih rusuh lg moga aj pas penguguman pres ngk terjadi apa2 . And it will happen. Well it still happening . The main problem is how they can accept people's differences when they always think their race is smarter and so on . I always love ppl that's not racist , but in some ppl they just have hard head and wont bother acknowledge other ppl.
  14. well racism here at indonesia is way worse than internet . bullying, and some stuff (crime stuff , i leave to your imagination "here" <click that for those who curious about my country's racism,) and it still happening but hidden . well i myself don't wanna be a racist or so but its still happening everywhere.
  15. did you try the instalation in different os? )ex . Windows 7)
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