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Which game should I buy?  

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  1. 1. Which game should I buy?

    • Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness
    • Chaos Child
    • 428 Shibuya Scramble
    • Utawarerumono MoD & MoT bundle

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I have next week off and I'm seeing a PSN sale so time to waste money have fun. There's still a lil while before FF7R and RE3R are out so I can have my money back until then (hopefully). I settled for a few RPGs already but I'm not sure what VN I should pick. Not that I'll finish any of them in one week so anything goes I guess. The poll contain the candidates. Now which one will end up in my fine collection...? I could have made the poll multi-choice but a girl gotta eat so only one.


Additional info:

- Didn't play S;G nor C;H, how much will I be missing to start with C;C? S;G Elite is on sale too but eeeeh is it too galaxy brain to start with it? This *is* S;G: The Game: The Animation: The Game.

- I love SRPGs. I've played Aquaplus' Tears to Tiara II before (because it's a SRPG), is it similar? The gameplay was alright but characters and story were really meh tbh so hoping it's not that similar ww. I'm also not very interested in Utawarerumono 1 for PC, should I wait for the PS4 version (coming in May, according to VNDB) or skip it entirely?

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Opted for Utawarerumono 2&3 since that's the only one I'm familiar with. Never played Tears to Tiara 2, though I have played some of the PS3 port of the first game and gameplay wise I remember it being a little similar. I would recommend either waiting for the PS4 version or watching the anime for the first game so you'll get some references and foreshadowing sprinkled throughout the second game.

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About the addtional info: while Chaos;Child has a fairly separate story from Chaos;Head, the ending of the latter sets up the background for the setting of the former and the same goes for the Mask Utawarerumono games in relation to the original. I chose 428 because that's the one i liked the most, but that's not exactly for weebs like the other choices, lol.

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I also went with 428. As a matter of fact, I'm playing it right now and I'm enjoying both the story and its quirkiness a lot. Chaos;Child is great as well, but you should play Chaos;Head first to fully appreciate it. I imagine the same goes for Utawarerumono. At the very least, the only reason I haven't played MoD/MoT myself yet is because I'm awaiting the remake of the original, which will be released in a few months.
I haven't played Psycho-Pass yet, but it's supposed to be pretty mediocre, so it's definitely the least interesting title out of the four listed.

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C;C spoils the ending of C;H, but as long as you don't plan on reading the latter you should be fine. I only read C;C and I don't think knowing C;H would have improved the experience. In regards to S;G it's the other way round for me: C;C is so bad I would probably never pick up another title by the same developers ever again if I hadn't read S;G first. So I voted for 428.

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Well have fun with Shibuya Scramble there, and as for what you should expect it's should be a thriller story that focused on the kidnapping. Also while some people argue that this is not a VN, I would say that this is more than enough to be classified as the VN seeing that it have VNDB entry. Admittedly it use photograph though which obviously very different fro usual VN, although it tell us enough that Chunsoft really pour their money on this seeing that it mean that the staffs really need to set it like a movie. Of course Famitsu here definitely didn't miss that high production value that Shibuya Scramble had, so much that they gave perfect score for this back at 2008. If you need more reason, then I would say that this is the only VN that was standalone out of those other three, so you didn't really need to play the prequel to fully enjoy this. It did spawned a sequel though in form of anime (Canaan), so if you like that anime then Shibuya Scramble here should be very interesting to try.

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