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    Zalor reacted to Okami in VN Characters You Felt That Needed a Route   
    Yume Miru Kusuri I think that bout Kagami Aya and Nanjou Kyouka should get their routes.

    And Tokita Yuki from G-Senjou no Maou.
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    Zalor got a reaction from atchikotchi in Favorite character breakdown?   
    Griffith from Berserk.

    Edit: (W00T! finally 100 posts. In comparison to everyone else 100 posts seems to be nothing at all. But it's a small tradition of mine to exclaim with joy when I reach this feat on any forums).
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    Zalor reacted to Steve in We want to support Obama to repeal the Bill of Rights   
    Please try to keep your discussion to the topic which is the video itself. You can look on the video and see some signs of politics in there but in fact, it is larger than that.

    Let me tell you what I see in the video.
    It will be worth mentioning that I am not American and yet I see the problem with this, I who only know Obama as "the president of the US", nothing more, I don't know anything else about the politics in the US or what parties there are, I don't even care about politics and government of my country because currently we don't even have one I think (it collapsed or something) xD

    But the point of this video is not to point out any mistakes in politics, it is to point out mistakes in humanity and people on this whole planet.
    Because this doesn't apply only to the US, this stuff can happen everywhere and it can be related to politics, it can be related to religion but it can also be related to internet cultures, games and visual novels, because it is the human mind that is being tested in the video.
    It is the problem with humanity, that they tend to select a individual person who they believe in so much that they become the same mind as the person, losing all their personality. And it doesn't matter if it is the President, if it is the first man on the moon, if it is some actor or celebrity or some youtuber, or even if it is a moderator on forums. The outcome is the same, it is always bad to blindly support someone else's mind and opinions.
    And you can see obvious examples of it even in Visual Novel and fan translation community.
    How many times have you seen people just blindly follow someone's opinion on vndb, without actually knowing the facts.

    Let me show you example of what this video represents if we take Fuwanovel into it:
    Imagine if I go without Aaeru knowing (she can be away or something) and I start a topic petition that "We support Aaaeru making Fuwanovel a monthly paid website" and then I start talking about how good that would be for everyone. How many people, especially those that come mostly from the blog could I get to agree with it? Maybe there would be some.
    And see how wrong it would be? What if Aaeru actually decided to do it, how many people would blindly agree to change the basic principle behind Fuwanovel, to undermine the foundation that Fuwanovel is based on - it being available for free to everyone in the world. Thats what the video is actually pointing - what if it was actually true, how many people would blindly agree.

    Now this is a small community (relatively) and there already might rise some problems from thing like that. But this is already happening in much larger scale on the whole internet. Someone who has lot of viewers on youtube can start something and get full support for it without the people actually knowing what it is, just because their favorite youtuber is always right in this.

    This comes to the fanboism and overall worshiping of a single person and it is terribly wrong thing to do, we are all originals and we are all unique people so why should we follow mind of someone? I already said that in different topic, you are encouraged and you should disagree, being able to disagree is one of the most powerful things you can do in your life. I don't simply follow Aaeru or anyone else to that matter and you shouldn't too. That's why we can have healthy conversation with people like sanahtlig with whom I disagree in most cases - yet the conversations are on good level and intelligent and even though we never reach agreement, we get lot of useful information from those discussions which both of use can use for their own.
    Some might call it a bad trait, standing behind your words and not changing your mind, I do that a lot, if I believe in something, I believe in it and it is a prove I am human, if I just changed my opinion to what Aaeru things or some youtuber thigns or even some politician or even the President of the whole galaxy, I would lost part of what makes us human.

    And this is what we should bring from this video, its not about politics, its about us, people and how to actually be people, not just robots. Look at how many times you did something that wasn't really for cause you believed in, how many times you simpli "liked" a video because you were told to like it, how many times did you upvote a greenlight game on steam because you were told to, without even knowing what the cause behind it is.
    Can you say you haven't? Maybe not even I can, but I hell try to not do that, even when some of the VNs were on greenlight and posts here were "go and upvote now", I didn't do it as I didn't believe the cause, I formed my own opinion on that from which I based my decision.
    Did you do the same or did you just blindly did what you were told? Now I am not saying you should have not upvoted, but having a thought about it is what's important, if you agreed with it because YOU agreed with it, then please do it.
    But never do stuff without thinking, just because someone you are friends with or believe in tells you to. Because yes, lot of the times you might end up agreeing anyways, but what if there is one time you wouldn't agree and what if it then changes outcome for something you care about.

    Btw just to give you an example of greenlight going wrong, look at YogVentures of how that game is called. I understand kickstarter, kickstarter is "would you like to see this game" and ofc, fans would like to see. So I didn't have anything against the KS itself.
    But when it came to greenlight, the game wasn't even in a playable state, the game wasn't working and it is still not. And SO MANY people clicked "I would buy this game if it was on steam" - they couldn't possibly know if they would because they had no idea about the game as it just didn't exist. That is how this matter reflects into our lives as gamers and into the life on the internet.

    And you might look at me as Scumbag Steve for not supporting some VNs on greenlight but the question there is clear, I wouldn't buy the game if it was on steam because I wouldn't even play it. I overall voted up a single game on greenlight, a single game I was supporting from the start, made the first video review of it and loved it so much and that as Unepic and only recently the game after years made it to steam.

    Now again, this is no discussion about greenlight but the matter is close.
    This applies to everything, please try to be human and try to have your own mind.

    And remember, arguing and disagreeing is a sign that you are human so please, argue!
    There is difference between argument and fall out (or flamewar is a knowo word for it), we as moderators should support healthy arguments and solve flamewars (luckily we don't have those).
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    Zalor got a reaction from Ryoji in Animes and eroges/VNs that changed your life   
    Kick ass, Kanon was my first official VN too, (I say official because I played one or two freeware VNs first). Anyway, while Kanon is brilliant, I watched the 2006 anime first, so that had more of an effect on me then the VN did.

    I played a decent amount of VNs, and while some really got me to think and challenge ideas, the only one that had a permanent effect on me was Yume Miru Kusuri. I always knew bullying was bad and never supported it, but this VN got me to realize just how terrible an effect bullying can have on the victim(s). Before I read Yume Miru Kusuri when the topic of bullying arose I would think something along the lines of, "yeah that sucks and all, but I'm not a bully so what do you expect me to do about it?" Then after I read Yume Miru Kusuri I socialized with the kids who got made fun kids more. I never went to a school that had a huge bullying problem, it was usually just malicious comments, but I still tried to make kids who felt outcasted feel more at home.

    As for anime the three that I would say changed me perspectives the most were Kanon 2006, Kaiji, and Berserk. Kanon was the first anime that got me to realize that anime was more than just mere entertainment, but that it could tell very strong, and excellent stories. If it weren't for Kanon I kind of doubt I would be the otaku I am now...
    As for Kaiji and Berserk, they forever changed me views about capitalism and ambition. I think Kaiji is the reason I sympathize with socialist ideals so much, and why I disdain capitalism as much as I do. (Don't get me wrong, as nice as Marxist ideals are, their unrealistic and capitalism is the only system that satisfies the greed in us all. But just because capitalism accommodates human nature, it doesn't mean I have to like it!) Berserk pretty much reinforces the beliefs I've cultivated from Kaiji. Basically that ambition and greed will lead to your own ruin.
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    Zalor got a reaction from Sieg in Are Yanderes, Tsunderes, and other dere types in anime/manga a "fad"?   
    Fuck that, recently I've been trying limit the amount of time I spend on the internet so I can focus more of my time on writing and reading. Limiting the amount of time I spend on YouTube alone is a challenge for me, I couldn't imagine how difficult it would be if I had a FaceBook as well.

    On Topic: It's been a while since I watched a harem anime, but the only VN/anime I can remember with a Yandere in it was Shuffle and Higurashi. Hmm... oh and I think Mirai Nikki is known for its Yandere meme. But that's really all I could think of. Honestly in my opinion there are FAR more Tsunderes. I come across a Tsunderes far more in VNs and anime than I do Yanderes. Although, now I'm really curious. Other than Shuffle, Higurashi, and Mirai Nikki, what other animes and/or VNs have Yanderes in them?
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    Zalor got a reaction from Ryoji in Forums - Project! Need Volunteers   
    I posted some links for Visual Novel Talk, but Down beat me to it and included all of the ones I had. So I just edited my post and got rid of the links.
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