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  1. I didn't really want to make it sound disastrous, as truly disastrous would have to be something written below a 4th grade level. At the very least, I see an honest effort behind yours and it's definitely not the worst thing I've ever seen by a mile. I believe Grisaia actually had an issue similar to this? They had to actually expand the textbox because the textbox couldn't contain translated Fujisaki text. If we were to actually consider a full Oretsuba release then you'd definitely want something like this, having full access to the engine would be a god send. This is pretty rand
  2. So my wishes for a quality product shouldn't be respected, but the wishes of people for batches of low quality vomit to be spewed up because it's 'better than nothing' should be? What sort of backwards nonsense is that? The problem with your liberal point of view here is that releasing a bad fan translation hurts the product forever. There is no "decision" to be made, because a second, better version won't ever be done. EOP's will simply have to put there head back and drink the sewege due to lack of options. That's the only reason why Ammy and Takajun were so well regarded, because they put
  3. To be totally honest, i'm not sure what you are talking about with the whole prologue thing. If anything, the very opening of asairo describing autumn in a forest is one of the prettiest openings i've seen, and most of the SoL in chapter 1 is of the same ilk as the stuff in chapter 2. Chapter 1 does sort of lack an emotional punch like 2 does, and is mostly just a downward spiral of despair for every araragi lover ever, but I never thought the first part lacked direction or anything of the sort. If anything, I think anything after chapter 2 is a bit worth less if anything because of the how lo
  4. Hi sanaht, its been awhile. I'm going to actually respond to this because it addresses a number of issues I've had with the english audience and why i've decided to disassociate with the english visual novel fanbase at large. I don't know where this originated from, but it's very incorrect to even assume that translating increases your Japanese proficiency. If anything, it only teaches you how to think of Japanese in english when you are at a lower ability of japanese, which does not help you graduate to any sort of higher echelon of understanding what you are reading. And if you ar
  5. There is alot more to Dies than prose, and alot of fans of Dies aren't going to walk in and expect a masterpiece of an adaptation. To alot of people I've talked to, they're just interested in both A: The idea of Masada being at the helm of an anime and B: Seeing some of the cooler scenes of the game animated. Thats it. Nobody i've talked to wants nor cares about a proper adaptation of dies because its too unreasonable. Thats what i mean: Fanservice. Just for people who have played the game, like how the Oretsuba anime is incomprehensible to anyone who hadn't played it (it's apparently filled w
  6. Okay, lets clarify some things. Masada is signed onto the anime if it does succeed. He'd be writing the whole thing. So is G-Yuusuke, the artist for all of his games. And the chief of Light would be working as producer, iirc. Thats alot of power in the hands of Light already. We don't know anything else beyond that. There's honestly no point of even speculating if it'd be good or bad at this point, we know almost nothing beyond that. Dies would be a really big challenge to adapt properly due to the length of the VN and how intricate masada's grandoise descriptions are to the feeling of the
  7. If you have time to read hours and hours of machine translation you probably have enough free time to learn japanese, don't ruin the experience for yourself. Japanese :is: hard and you'll be frustrated, but its worth it.
  8. As a massive fan of Dies and having the pleasure to the game in its original form (with massive amounts of headaches, questions to superiors, etc) I can't say I like the translation. Quite simply, the game reads like any other fan translation ever created. You have a few good lines here and there that sort of capture it, but overall its very stiff and simply lacks the power that masada's text has. Its just.. honestly boring, which is the exact opposite of what masada should be like. Just a few things I noticed early: It's not 'Makina', its Machina. As in Deus Ex Machina. 'giggle' is no
  9. More likely than not amaterasus next project after rewrite: harvest festa is going to be baldr, but this is me speculating. Also, Baldr is simply too long to be approached with a casual attitude. You're looking at about 4+mb of text, lots of image editing, and other troubles. Its not something most people have the dedication to do, especially by people you simply find. Not a good idea for a sudden project.
  10. People who say who can skip learning Kanji by using machine-assisted stuff like Jparser are utterly insane. Alot of Jparser entries have tons and tons of fluff that only adds to confusion when you're trying to figure out what a words means in the context of a sentence, and apart from the fact that you're learning the word as some arbitrary brief translation into english (which is bad itself), alot of entries in edict are badly explained and poorly worded. Of course, jparser (and edict itself) is pretty unavoidable when you start out, but the more you learn the more you quickly realize it
  11. Oh god just wait until chapter 6, you might faint. For the record, Akira > Ayumi > Rinko > Sera is the route order. Nothing else makes sense. Please do not go off this, lol.
  12. Subahibi is pretty special, I really like how it takes an otherwise unapproachable to the layman philosophy (Wittgeinsteins tract and the overall theme of "The limit of our perspective, is the limit of our world." ) and makes it a rather enjoyable story. My main gripes with the game sorta hamper my enjoyment of it alot, though, and that's mostly the pacing. Rabbit Hole 1 is a riot to read after you play the game up to TnS2, but it was pretty slow up until the end of it for the most part, and I can't say I was really fond of the (what I thought was) rather unfunny yuri slice of life. Rabbit H
  13. This is mostly simply because of how all ages/18+ is looked at in Japan. They are totally seperate products, so I guess Frontwing wants to make it absolutely clear as such. as Koestl said https://twitter.com/koestl/status/541856002950582272 here, 1 month release delays compared to all-ages, but who knows, it's all still pretty vague. Now, I don't really care that much since I was probably going to get the all-ages stuff anyways (as long as the stuff in Angelic Howl remained uncensored, anyway, because that's kind of important) but the western fanbase does have this obsession with porn. I i
  14. I will warn you that basically nothing Romeo has ever done has translated well into english. Even Ixrec admits that his own C+C translation is really bad, and the others are... just really unrepresentative of what he actually is. Especially KK. Also, I'm not sure why this whole thing started with Romeo writing YMK, but he didn't. He's in the credits but on several sites some other people are listed as the writers, it doesn't look like romeo wrote a single sentence of it. Jintai has some amazing voice acting for Watashi the protag, but apart from that I think the episodes are all really out
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