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  1. Hey Steve it has been a looooong time. I hope you're doing well and that you'll visit us here again :D

  2. I hope everything's going well for you Steve.


  4. More like I didn't care about there enough to add the entry there. More exposure isn't really needed at this point, if there were any good translators interested in this, they could have easily found this topic and so they did - now there is one left and really busy with everything so its just slow. While it is nice getting messages from people sending best wishes and wanting to help, the hard reality is that without really good Japanese and English (not just Japanese to be able to read but to actually translate) there is no real use for those as "base" translation is already done. The problem is that although this is just a fandisc to a semi-moe game, it does actually have some serious stuff with quite difficult language, so less skilled translator won't be able to do those part properly and the really good translators won't join for a half moeblob game unless they are fans of the series - which Shin (the current TL) is. So just remain patient or learn some basic Japanese and read it, just understanding the game is not that difficult. Not only I mean the lines that are difficult to put into English but easy to understand, there is few of those in Favo games but well there is some translation workaround usually. What I mostly mean though is that when you read, you can afford to misunderstand lot of the lines such as descriptions and other expository stuff, it doesn't matter if you understand it as "The moon casts its light through the leafless trees" or "The leafless trees allow the moonlight to pass through" or something like that (misreading Japanese particles is probably the most common mistake that can change sentence drastically, swap subjects etc) since those lines are there only for the atmosphere and as a filler. But during translation you can't afford to make those mistakes, making it infinitely harder to translate than to just read (because well, when reading you decide what is and isn't important for you but translation is for everyone so someone who finds fun in small details like deep descriptions would have a bad experience if all those lines were mistranslated).
  5. Oh well I guess for people who are lazy to turn back a page I will repeat the status on this page too Yes most of the stuff is translated but since we were not satisfied with the quality, everything is being remade pretty much from scratch (well not really but it will take about as much time as if it was). And even though lot of the ichalove parts are fine as they are, it still requires someone to check them and currently all the people in the project with very good Japanese are busy with school and work so its not really moving much. On the positive side - hacking is figured out (in multiple variants actually) and there is even a fully working version of Mare route patched in, but it is not public as Mare deserves better~ So yeah, if you start today, you can probably learn enough Japanese to read the game with some tool assistance before the project is finished
  6. Happy birthday to our beloved Mare! Make her feel really good tonight
  7. Mare route: TL: 100% TLC/reTL: 0% Not sure how that helps but there you go~ Oh and all technicalities are already solved.
  8. would you say the posters should Cease & Desist any inflammatory posting activity or face the almighty Ban Hammer? (c&d brings back sad memories) Btw Kenin, you missed luch's birthday http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/896-birthday-thread/page-51#entry305162 Hop on TS to rectify your mistake.
  9. But that's not what this is at all, games depicting racism are exactly that, they are just depicting racism not encouraging it nor fighting against it, they just depict it just like it happens in the world. Same way games can depict wars just like they happen, people murdering each other just like it happens. It doesn't mean you do those things. Besides comparing a hate towards a specific race or group of people to a consensual love that usually happens in the regular moege is not a good thing. Sure encouragement of rape and such is banned but that already is banned as well even while I was around. But this really is comparing hate with love.
  10. Yeah yeah, but I don't think laws in the US forbids the discussion. Images sure but as I said those were banned ages ago right after I left and there was nobody to defend the ban. But for text, there are still books about real child sex sold in the US so it must be fine. 2d girls are kinda like different species so its even more distant but I guess when having the discussions like we did about which H scene was good from oniichan sharing, it can come out sounding like its a 3d girl if someone reads it out of context... which is still not banned in the US as far as I know.
  11. Maybe its not problem with me nor you, but the country you live in, the article in my first post is a prime example. But lets not get into politics There are none but hey, our galleries are filled with much more 3d looking naked children and its fine xD So I guess people here understand that art is art, videogames are videogames and can be part of art and freedom of speech is kinda important (after we didn't have it for like half a century). So I guess its not as terrible country as I think it is, but still Luchland seems much better xD
  12. No, that has been banned like a week after l left my admin post, I even got all of my images deleted xD What is now being banned is the DISCUSSION. But hey, freedom of speech is for losers!
  13. Btw the definition of loli from dictionary is: Loli noun 1. A girl Steve considers to be a loli. We've had lot of discussion about this since some people call girls that are not lolis a loli, I wonder if there will be some judge on fuwa who will always have to contact me to ask if the girl in question is or isn't a loli Well anyways, I've shared my opinion so people who wanted it can read it and GL to members of fuwa on not getting your posts deleted. But yeah, Aaeru would be so happy to see that even text form of speech is being censored now
  14. Happy birthday to luch, the best former moderator on fuwanovel!
  15. Actually if you can hop on TS I can tell you more about it, its actually coming pretty well despite me only being able to focus on it so little (goal only few % reached). I reworked lot of the base script too as I got better at everything. Look forward to it but probably like 2016.
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