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  1. The manga gets really hilarious at some point. I'm reading Ubel Blatt at the moment.
  2. Playing Don't Starve Together, Castle Crashers and some other games. Replayed Dishonored too since I got excited about the second one :<
  3. That Legolas is me, wanting DS2 so badly x'D
  4. Pretty nice giveaway :') I don't feel confident enough that I can guess all of them, so I'll just cheer for the other participants (although I think I do know the 2, 4 and 5!) PD: Kyou <3
  5. Whoa Fuwa what happened to you, you look classy

  6. Got into Hearthstone, I don't think I can get out of there now. Still playing TESO and enjoying it even more now that I'm higher lvl. And got myself Chivalry yesterday, but haven't played it yet.
  7. Praise the 3000 posters \o/
  8. Began reading Berserker and Vagabond, both very good, but the first one is so obscure that I have to take some breaks from time to time.
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