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  1. Protagonist: Always say Rance. Antagonist: Probably Maou, from G-Senjou.
  2. @kafunanapa3 I shooted Meiya @Bolverk and that's all? :/ I'll try to search more info...
  3. Well, yesterday night I finished what is supposed to be MuvLuv Alternative. Someone told me about a "point of no return" but I don't know if I got that. The point is, that, after all, I was expecting an OMFGGGGSOEEEEPIIIIIICEVERYBODYDIESWHYAGEWHY but it turned out that Takeru ends in another world where everybody (yes, everybody, Yuuhi and Kasumi too) live and enjoy a funny, peaceful school life. Now, what is bugging me: There is no EXTRAS menu. So it means I still have to do something. I thought the choices you get didn't matter as long as you get to destroy de main hive. And, well, I'm n
  4. So I was playing as usual when this happened: It was black but I changed the color in Settings menu. But I don't know what to do about the spaces and size. halp pls Super edit: I click "Reset" and everything is ok now.
  5. Tay

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Long time no see guys! For your info, we just got the tools from Yandere TL team. Now we are trying to know how they work and we will start translating as soon as we can! Since there is controversy inside our TL team because some are from Spain and the others from Mexico and Urugay, we will release two versions with both spanish dialects to make everybody happy. Translators included. Ah, and apau will be working in the japanese stuff, so we may see Miyako route in spanish before english xD
  7. who is the girl from bottom right?
  8. Ok, nevermind, I thought every Chim has to eat 9 cakes, but I was wrong. It was a 35 cakes eaten
  9. Hey guys, I am playing Atelier Totori (3rd run, year 6 right now) and I will be able to get the true end. But I'm interested about the other endings, but... there is a problem with the Chims. They are supposed to eat 9 (big) cakes each one. But you only have 2 years to fill the last chim. Do they eat more cakes if the job is difficult? Or do they eat cakes only at the begin of the job? Oh, and the 12 totoris (80 license points) is fucking hard to get -_-/> Only need 200 points for galaxy >.<
  10. Mostly torrents via nyaa or bakabt, and DL/torrents when looking for spanish fansubs. But, if the shows I like are licensed, I buy them. I'm still waiting for my Madoka vol. 2. And I will have Summer Wars, The girl who leapt through time and Wolf children Ame and Yuki soon ^^
  11. Where are you from, delapropia? Anyways, I'm trying to contact with the yandere tl staff to get the tools, since I don't like so much how VNR does work. I will contact you guys when the time comes :3
  12. Boku no Pico. I'd say Shinsekai Yori, Ookami kodomo no ame to yuki (it's a film tho), Redline (another film lol), Hotarubi no mori e, 5cm per second and Kotonoha no niwa. Ok Shinsekai is the only one that is not a film, but they are very enjoyable. Macross Frontier is awesome too. Comedy: Hen Semi mah nigga
  13. I had once very important problems with battles, and it was because I didn't have the K-lite codec pack installed and had the CCCP one instead. Man it's just the opposite of #5 xD
  14. http://annot.me doesn't work Does anyone know where can I download it from?
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