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  1. How did you change your background image?

    1. Dergonu


      Oh, that's a feature unlocked by either donating to the site or being a staff member as far as I remember. I've suggested adding it as a post based milestone like custom titles, but for now it's not something most users can access I'm afraid.

  2. How's Cafe・LittleWish sound to you? https://vndb.org/v2087 Too many things to list from Littlewitch & RUNE Soft. https://vndb.org/p97 https://vndb.org/p247 (If anyone can find a working download of Musume Shimai & Ricotte, please link. https://vndb.org/v426 https://vndb.org/v4464) Do 3D games from Teatime, Like LoveDeath, Maiden☆Breeder 2, & Yuki Hotaru, count? https://vndb.org/p342 https://vndb.org/v4793 https://vndb.org/v6069 https://vndb.org/v1737 Watashi ga Suki nara "Suki" tte Itte! has one https://vndb.org/v17376 This one might be a bit dark. Good luck finding a Hime Ichiya download link that functions. https://vndb.org/v5593 How about a Lump of Sugar game, Nursery Rhyme? https://vndb.org/p81 https://vndb.org/v310 Parody of Kodomo no Jikan. https://vndb.org/v875 Does a Yuki Nagato lookalike in a Haruhi Suzumiya H-clone count? https://vndb.org/v5330 Nanatsuiro★Drops (I couldn't figure out if the OP was called Koisuru Flow Light or Koisuru Fluorite. Turns out it's neither. It's Koisuru★Flight, according to this page.) https://vndb.org/v193 Yotsunoha & Osananajimi to no Kurashikata. https://vndb.org/v566 https://vndb.org/v1372 Wanko to Kurasou & Dote up a cat (a.k.a., Neko Kawaigari!) https://vndb.org/v812 https://vndb.org/v1320 ALcot games here. https://vndb.org/p129 Clover Day's, Clover Heart's, Triptych, & Fair Child. https://vndb.org/v13325 https://vndb.org/v176 https://vndb.org/v537 https://vndb.org/v325 Bishoujo & Shoujo Ramune. https://vndb.org/v2713 https://vndb.org/v16511 {BTW, how do I change my profile's background image?}
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