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  1. [PSP] Chao;s Head Noah English Patch

    New update: Rimi route complete, ayase route 40% complete. Current, im need a few people can support me About edit image, sub video, and translate, if anyone interest with this work, plz contact with me soon~ (*'▽')
  2. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    Awesome~ Kamukan-kun, hope you will still continue it~ (≧▽≦)b
  3. [PSP] Chao;s Head Noah English Patch

    Update Screenshot~~ (゚Д゚)ノ
  4. [PSP] Chao;s Head Noah English Patch

    If anyone interesting with Chao Head Noah and want help me translate all route of Noah left~ plz contact with me soon~~ thankyou (*´з`)b
  5. [PSP] Chao;s Head Noah English Patch

    Yahalooo mina-san, lol~ really I dont had more time to online~ demo... Yeah Patch Completed (Only Story of CH not Noah), i will soon complete it~ so plz wait if you interest with it 😁
  6. Yeah, for many reasons that happened during progress made Tomoyo After, I will prioritize starting with CHNA (Chao; s Head Noah) first. And this is also one of my favorite visual novels. (*´▽`*) This Patch use CH [PC] translation of TLWiki as the source. Notification: Currently the translation is still incomplete, there are still a few Noah routes not yet translated, and still need a few people can support me Photoshop and Sub Video, if anyone is interested with this work, please contact with me. (゚Д゚)ノ Progress: All Story: 99% Rimi Route: 100% Sena Route: 10% Nanami Route: 42% Yua Route: 100% Ayase Route: 40% Kozue Route: 0% TIPS: 90% Screenshot More Infor: http://hoaitrung97.blogspot.com/2019/02/psp-chaos-head-noah-english-patch.html Contact with me: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raindecember.rain Telegram: @HoaiTrung97
  7. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    This is Save Game amd File Data im Working~ If you need check~ 😊 https://www.mediafire.com/file/up3tycahpegcemv/TA--XX.rar/file?fbclid=IwAR1ng4ipOL7o7E7BEd6S9voHS6VhGtSc2QyAZBA9zV-5t7qomeaz8kXBHe4
  8. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    Current, Im working with Tomoyo After [PSP], and I meet problem like in this thread: https://gbatemp.net/threads/kanon-english-patch-need-help.386549/ File alway limited size to edit, Example file original had 72kb, i only can edit up to ~72kb, if more game will freeze~~~ If you can resolve it, i will very happy if you can help me to continue with my work.~
  9. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    OMG, i dont believe~~ it really very great~~ Ganbatte kudasai ne~~ Oh, and it will work with PPSSPP?
  10. Data extraction thread

    Help, help, I need to help extract Stein Gate JAST's .npa file, I tried exnpa tool but failed, if anyone has free time, please help me extract it. Thank you so much!! link https://www.mediafire.com/file/hwbkfmppc4a90aq/NSS_SG_JAST.rar/file
  11. PSP Tomoyo After Translation Project

    Lol ~ Thanks for your compliments. I actually posted it in This Group, initially I wanted to make it in Vietnamese, but no one wanted to care about it. So, I decided to make an ENG and H-Scene version for it with some of my team members. If you have time, plz visit my Team. (*^▽^*)b hoaitrung97.blogspot.com/ Ps: Dân Việt không thích PSP, và trên hết vẫn kỳ keo chất lượng hơn số lượng, thật khó hoạt động khi không có ai cùng chí hướng với mình.
  12. PSP Tomoyo After Translation Project

    Sorry for reply late!! Yeah! I only example, and me will made a English Patch for it. But... Your Link... Why Viet Namese???? OMG ! You are also Vietnamese? (;゚Д゚)
  13. Data extraction thread

    Anyone can help me use RLDev extract this file SEEN? This is file SEEN of Kanon, I want use it for Kanon Psp, hope everyone will help me!!! Thank you!! https://www.mediafire.com/file/ginajo0tkkh4de5/seen.txt/filehttps://www.mediafire.com/file/ginajo0tkkh4de5/seen.txt/file
  14. Yeah! I really like the Visual Novel of Keys and PSP, and I want one day all their Visual Novel on PSP to be translated. That's why I'm here. Because the Game actually had Patch on PC, and I had all of its translations, but there are still a lot of untranslated text, because the PSP ver doesn't have H-Scene, and my Japanese very bad, much when I should to use Google Translation (OMG Really Terrible). So I'm looking for a few people who can help me translate the rest of its texts in Game. Hope everyone can help me and Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my thread. Example Pic
  15. Yeah! Seem Tlwiki has die~~ ( ̄▽ ̄)~~~ I dont enter it.