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  1. [PSP] Chao;s Head Noah English Translation

    Update 25/4 Sena Route 100% complete (*´з`)
  2. [PSP] Chao;s Head Noah English Translation

    Update official review CHNA (゚Д゚)ノ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=E94xEt4BPwE
  3. [PSP] Chao;s Head Noah English Translation

    Update 18/4 Sena Route: 65% complete
  4. [PSP] Chao;s Head Noah English Translation

    Update 16/4 Sena Route: 45% complete Also, removed MTL of I-VNPT.
  5. [PSP] Chao;s Head Noah English Translation

    New update: Rimi route complete, ayase route 40% complete. Current, im need a few people can support me About edit image, sub video, and translate, if anyone interest with this work, plz contact with me soon~ (*'▽')
  6. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    Awesome~ Kamukan-kun, hope you will still continue it~ (≧▽≦)b
  7. [PSP] Chao;s Head Noah English Translation

    Update Screenshot~~ (゚Д゚)ノ
  8. [PSP] Chao;s Head Noah English Translation

    If anyone interesting with Chao Head Noah and want help me translate all route of Noah left~ plz contact with me soon~~ thankyou (*´з`)b
  9. [PSP] Chao;s Head Noah English Translation

    Yahalooo mina-san, lol~ really I dont had more time to online~ demo... Yeah Patch Completed (Only Story of CH not Noah), i will soon complete it~ so plz wait if you interest with it 😁
  10. This Patch use CH [PC] translation of TLWiki as the source. And we don't use any MTL as many people are thinking. (*´з`) WANT SUPPORT ME: I am currently looking a few people can continue to support me in translating it. So if anyone feels interested, and confident with your skill, plz contact with me soon. Thanks. (◕‿◕) PROGRESS: Common Route: 99% (All 10 Chapters) Rimi Route: 100% Sena Route: 100% Nanami Route: 0% Yua Route: 0% Ayase Route: 100% Kozue Route: 0% TIPS: 90% System: 100% Textures: 100% Cutscene: 20% See more at here: http://hoaitrung97.blogspot.com/2019/02/psp-chaos-head-noah-english-patch.html Contact with me: Telegram: @HoaiTrung97 Or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raindecember.rain
  11. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    This is Save Game amd File Data im Working~ If you need check~ 😊 https://www.mediafire.com/file/up3tycahpegcemv/TA--XX.rar/file?fbclid=IwAR1ng4ipOL7o7E7BEd6S9voHS6VhGtSc2QyAZBA9zV-5t7qomeaz8kXBHe4
  12. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    Current, Im working with Tomoyo After [PSP], and I meet problem like in this thread: https://gbatemp.net/threads/kanon-english-patch-need-help.386549/ File alway limited size to edit, Example file original had 72kb, i only can edit up to ~72kb, if more game will freeze~~~ If you can resolve it, i will very happy if you can help me to continue with my work.~
  13. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    OMG, i dont believe~~ it really very great~~ Ganbatte kudasai ne~~ Oh, and it will work with PPSSPP?
  14. Data extraction thread

    Help, help, I need to help extract Stein Gate JAST's .npa file, I tried exnpa tool but failed, if anyone has free time, please help me extract it. Thank you so much!! link https://www.mediafire.com/file/hwbkfmppc4a90aq/NSS_SG_JAST.rar/file
  15. PSP Tomoyo After Translation Project

    Lol ~ Thanks for your compliments. I actually posted it in This Group, initially I wanted to make it in Vietnamese, but no one wanted to care about it. So, I decided to make an ENG and H-Scene version for it with some of my team members. If you have time, plz visit my Team. (*^▽^*)b hoaitrung97.blogspot.com/ Ps: Dân Việt không thích PSP, và trên hết vẫn kỳ keo chất lượng hơn số lượng, thật khó hoạt động khi không có ai cùng chí hướng với mình.