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  1. HoshiOri Discussion

    This game is a snoozefest
  2. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai patch out

    Ero scenes pacing also quite bad, you only get them at the very end of the routes "here 3 scenes almost in a row, Enjoy!" "True routes" especially bad, since there is no romantic buildup, he goes from friendship to love after a particular scenes, which almost same for the all the girls.
  3. HoshiOri Discussion

    I dont know, didnt start this yet. Will only play Sora and Marika's route though , I dont like the rest of the girls design.
  4. HoshiOri Discussion

    29 HOUR??? WTF? Just kill me! How much filler was in there? Or worse drawn out melodrama...
  5. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai patch out

    Even by VN standards there is way too much unnecessary talking in this VN, which is weird because at first seemed so natural(the flows of conversations) but there is only so much talking(without anything happening) one can handle before getting annoyed. Extremely long winded, less could have been more .
  6. HoshiOri Discussion

    Ugh Hatsukoi 1/1 had the same issue...
  7. VNs that will make me cry for days

    Sorry, we translated only peasants cant have nice things, so that means there is no translated Utsuge.... Also still waiting for NTR titles to be translated
  8. Thoughts on Route length?

    Let individual routes be as long as they need to be if one route needs 5 of them for "story purposes" just go ahead and leave the others at 1 or 2...
  9. Hello Good Bye English Release (January 25th)

    I dont like the concept of true heroines, feels like other routes waste of time and have to treat them like "what if?" and of course one cant help but disappointed if not fav girl got that status
  10. No offense taken, I am not easily offended. First I dislike your example, as it could be applied to anything, like suddenly action games you couldnt kill people then I could say "you can still shoot people and its not like you dont get graphics and plot"... Now the important part is that I want to get the same product like Japanese did, if Its really not big deal why they cut the game? There is nothing more triggering for me than censorship, as an adult I should have the right to enjoy the same experience like Japanese did, and not a watered down edition version because of cultural imperialism from West. @iamnoob You misunderstood me, I dont care about mosaics, I care about the eroge part left intact, but thanks for the link will ask.
  11. I cant back this, the biggest reason is that there are no guarantee for an uncensored physical release, a disc with Steam on it wont it cut, especially if needed to download external patches just to have my game restored to normal.
  12. Hello Good Bye English Release (January 25th)

    Is this one of the VNs which is so bad that is supposed to be good? Absolutely horrible, so boring and stupid I couldnt care about less this VN. MC revealing himself to the first girl like a retard, hit me pretty hard, wasnt funny but downright insulting to reader intelligence.
  13. I simply refuse to play an all ages game, I would rather watch a very generic slice of life anime or any anime really than read an all ages VN.
  14. OMG, this might be the worst news I've heard in recent years. Supposedly such a great vn is going to be permanently ruined by an ALL AGES Machine translation!!!
  15. School Days HQ installation trouble

    In my experience installing that game on Win 10 is trouble waiting to happen, never works.