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  1. Fruitbat just hates 18+ content, they did the same with Eiyuu*Senki when licensed the console version, just to avoid ero. They are equal to Moenovel, just using different buzzwords, instead of French teenage grills target audience, we get the tale couldnt be licensed because ero scene voice overs so expensive, at this point nothing more than damage control.
  2. Trinoline Release

    Pretty dull and generic VN, dropped, I guess there is a reason that the developer is no more.
  3. Well at least they are creative, never heard about the practice of localization companies paying extra for the 18+ side of voice acting, though one can argue this is the good old "We wouldnt have it at all if it wasnt censored" or "They needed a lower age rating to make a profit" mantra. Hopefully this butchered version will be a failure.
  4. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    That always gets on my nerves, when the translation has nothing to do with what they are saying, makes me crazy. Waiting on further feedback before purchase in this case then.
  5. Seems like an excuse made by the company, I really dislike that they are taking westerners as a fool, selling "nerfed" censored products(reminds me of smartphone market, asian companies ripping of customers in EU, offering less RAM less storage and weaker processor for the same money).
  6. Sankaku Ren'ai Discussion

    Wait the protagonist is a perv? Damn thats a shame I hate the said trope in vns. The artstyle is to my liking so will give a try regardless
  7. Certainly seems to worth a try, so many positive review. Though I only care about Mitoko, dislike old grills in my VNs
  8. None that I care about, I so tired west always get the same boring stuff. Mangagamer should hurry up and release Maggot Baits already(its what 3 years wait already?), will buy instantly, I just want more dark guro extreme or NTR stuff coming into west, so have to say VNs nowadays hold very little interest for me, same boring stuff for West over and over again.
  9. HoshiOri Discussion

    This game is a snoozefest
  10. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai patch out

    Ero scenes pacing also quite bad, you only get them at the very end of the routes "here 3 scenes almost in a row, Enjoy!" "True routes" especially bad, since there is no romantic buildup, he goes from friendship to love after a particular scenes, which almost same for the all the girls.
  11. HoshiOri Discussion

    I dont know, didnt start this yet. Will only play Sora and Marika's route though , I dont like the rest of the girls design.
  12. HoshiOri Discussion

    29 HOUR??? WTF? Just kill me! How much filler was in there? Or worse drawn out melodrama...
  13. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai patch out

    Even by VN standards there is way too much unnecessary talking in this VN, which is weird because at first seemed so natural(the flows of conversations) but there is only so much talking(without anything happening) one can handle before getting annoyed. Extremely long winded, less could have been more .
  14. HoshiOri Discussion

    Ugh Hatsukoi 1/1 had the same issue...
  15. VNs that will make me cry for days

    Sorry, we translated only peasants cant have nice things, so that means there is no translated Utsuge.... Also still waiting for NTR titles to be translated