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    VN's of course, sports like basketball and football but when i moved school's i felt bad if i tried to join another team...it didn't feel right so i just stopped it completely (no regrets)
    Miss my old friends tho and was a bit troubled since i promised them I'll be coming back but never did (gang is practically 'dead' now)

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  1. But the music makes up for it like a lot. I shall wait the day when you come across (Lily's path or Hanako). Then you will be forced to join the dark side! mwahahahahahah...(breath)...mwahahahahahahaha!
  2. I don't necessarily think that they don't like us or anything like that. They just don't want to give out their content to "outsiders" (which is totally understandable and fine) but I will continue to download VN's from translators (Legal or not) if they would sell it to me then I'll buy it. If they want money from me then I'll buy it. But if there is someone else whose giving the same hamburger for free and I can't even buy the original...what can I say...I'm and evil man D:
  3. I think that Anime's hold their ground for being a worthy competitor of a VN. I've rarely seen an Anime win over a VN though I believe in the near future Anime would soon have to upper hand. If technology continues to speed up the way it is now going, the overall experience that an Anime can create will be limitless. So bottom line is that even though VN's currently have the advantage Anime's have the potential to pass them.
  4. You should read it when you have the kind of thought...once you decide, enjoy the adventure
  5. Well, to be honest, if they would notice us or not...I won't be a least worried. I'm happy that we got fan translators who push themselves to translate a VN so they could share the "feeling" we everyone else. As long as the people who translate for us notice...we shouldn't be worried
  6. Aha, I wish I could get me some beers. I used to drink casually but now that I moved to the US I found out it was illegal for my age D: I think if I reread Katawa shoujo while being drunk, I would break my computer, lol.
  7. This made me laugh, idk why tho...
  8. VN... without a doubt. Comparing a VN to an anime is like comparing a Novel to a movie, most likely you'll never feel the same message the author truly wanted you to understand. The people who believe that the Anime is way better than the VN feel more better watching it than reading it, vice versa. Clannad for example, many people found it confusing when it had reached it end, I've read the VN only once to understand what it meant. Though this is simply just my understanding of it.
  9. I know...it was just plain out beautiful...
  10. Ahh...memories, thanks for sharing, might even consider to redownload.
  11. Ehh?! I just stack on veggies when my body starts to feel fatigue. But even though I eat Rice crackers and Coffee all day long (just thinking about it makes me happy) Im still one of the top runners of my JROTC class. D: (just thinking about it makes me want to cry...they want me to go to events and stuff but my precious VN calls out to me.)
  12. Some people don't eat anything at all during reading a VN but I find it hard to unglue myself that I even end up skipping dinner or lunch. To satisfy my body I grab a small packet of Rice Crackers, every now and then, though I've been warn countless times from friends and family that I have to eat something more nutritious... Yea thats not going to fit in my schedule. I also drink some Ice Coffee during night to avoid sleep since I'm bothered too much in the morning for some other useless stuff. Well thats just me, feel free to share what snack you take to clear your munchies or drinks to quench your thirst. ENJOY
  13. I for one feel a sense of "loss" when I finish a VN (particularly, a good one) But its also mixed with satisfaction at the very least. I feel a disconnect button was pressed when I completed all routes and I delete the game. Forever lost as if the VN has never existed. Emptiness soon enveloped me and I currently think of my flaws, my friends (who also read VN's) are happy when they finish a VN and do not feel the same way as I do. So basically I feel like an empty shell...if that makes any sense at all....
  14. IF your eyes are still open and you haven't replied yet your failing (haha, close your eyes please
  15. NOTICE (READ HERE FIRST BEFORE SCROLLING DOWN): Disregard all the comments people make about their feelings towards a VN's ending on them and describe it on your own personal interest. (close your eyes and scroll down to reply if you can) After thats all done you can enjoy and compare your feelings with other members of the group. Feel free to discuss what you agree, forgot to add, or even disagree (not in a DESTRUCTIVE manner) =========
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