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  1. Read it quite a while ago and loved it (What's it been, like 3 years now?). I re-play the summer vacation area a lot since I loved when the MC starts coming out of her shell. From that one screenshot, it looks like the translation's very good, too.
  2. 蜜壺 is a fairly commonly used innuendo in Japanese, and honestly, it doesn't read so bad in Japanese. When I hear "honey pot" I generally think of the computing kind.
  3. 無言の土下座 Orz

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  4. I am still here. Just... Give me a bit longer while I muster motivation for the last bit.

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  5. Shino from Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no. The story of a girl who has to break out of the shell she so cherished in order to protect it, only to realize maybe the world outside isn't all bad.
  6. I have no problem with Louise. If anything, it's Kaito I dislike. And it's not even that, since I tend to end up liking characters that frustrate me; the writing was just so terrible in the first volume, I have a hard time wanting to reach for the second.
  7. I have no idea, lol. I like coming up with gimmicks, but I don't always have a story to fill it with. Perhaps it would be easier for them to be able to remember everything that happened. Then it could be in kinetic novel form from the view point of the MC as he reminisces over the previous runs as he comes across the various challenges in his final run. Or perhaps he doesn't remember, but each run leaves behind a memento which he happens upon. He doesn't realize what it is, but the readers are shown in a flashback what the memento entails. Or, or, maybe it could be a back and forth between the MC on his last run, and his friends back in the real world, as they deal with the reality of having been gone. They spend time with each other, coming to terms with what they went through, and telling the stories regarding where the MC happens to be in the form of flashbacks, and praying for the MC's safe return. Maybe the MC will somehow get to see them in his last moments (assuming he fails), and his friends will shed tiers after instinctively? becoming aware of his loss. Bit cliche and overdramatized, perhaps, but this is probably the way to go.
  8. Started Seinen by Ishida Ira. I feel like there was something of a mysterious? mood to the beginning of Shounen, which I liked, but that isn't really there any more, perhaps due to Midou Shizuka no longer being a major player in the story (at least, not yet).
  9. Zero no Tsukaima, the series whose author is dead, right? I see they recently decided to continue the series with another author... I'm surprised anyone can get invested in that series. I hear a lot of good stuff about it, but vol 1 was terrible enough that I had trouble finishing it.
  10. Well, this trilogy is fairly abnormal among "light" novels. It's supposedly the series that became inspiration for Demonbane, etc.
  11. Yes, includes a lot of light novels, though I can't really think of anything with art that suggestive. Manga, on the other hand... I may decide to leave behind Koe de Oshigoto, if that's the case. >_>
  12. My problem here is that no one seems to ever go into detail regarding the retcon. It all ways seems to be "there was a retcon, thus it sucked", and never says where the retcon happened. I would read over the whole of Meikyuu and Rakuen again to check, but I don't have the games on me right now O_o
  13. Yeah, one of the things you always hear about when it comes to Michiru is that "premise so bad, they had to retcon her". Once again, I'll offer the other side of the argument that 1) I myself never saw any retcon and 2) no one discussing the game in Japanese seem to ever mention there being a retcon.
  14. I think you may be misinformed. Last time I did a quick search for Michiru in Japanese, I found 0 mention of any retcons, and 0 complaints about the "pseudoscience". These opinions, from what I've seen, seem to only come from people who only played the English version, and I myself remember no retconning in Meikyuu. I also dare say that Michiru is the most popular girl among the crowd in Japan, supported by the fact that she's the only character to have a spin-off title in her name. *In fact, in a popularity poll, she was 2nd behind (who else) Kazuki.
  15. Finished Gate side story 2. About done with Jinrui 5. Next up, either Jinrui 6, wherever I left off with Irregular at Magic High School, Hakomari 2, or something else entirely. My backlog on LNs only ever seem to grow, as I buy them at a faster rate than I read them >_>
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