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  1. Only ones that come to mind are these https://vndb.org/v195 https://vndb.org/v3861 https://vndb.org/v370
  2. Charage/Moege with Yankee protagonist?

    Tomoyo is the girl here, If one is unfamiliar with japanese, names that end in ya are typically boy names, and vice versa for yo.
  3. I wouldn't mind if it was Gakuto or Chousokabe 8]
  4. Dracu-Riot!

    None, nihihihihi
  5. Dracu-Riot!

    reading it right now you shouldn't worry about a virus *-*
  6. Hate to be the one to point out that Insem is Australian and thus follows dd/mm/yyyy I'm sure you can figure out the rest.