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  1. Hello. I've read on a few posts that relate to Fortissimo and found that you know how to extract the script and insert it. Could you tell me how you were able to extract the mes files for Fortissimo? I heard Crass and Extract Data works on it but didnt seem to have any luck. Some say use Python, so I'm currently working it. If you have time or happen to see this message, can you help me with this? Thank you. 

    1. CryingWestern


      I really don't remember if I've done this game. I'll give it a shot.

  2. Yeah, second line for the translations. Just send them back to me once they're done, then I can compile them into a patch. Then do editing (if you want to edit it through game-play), the Debug it.
  3. Here is the "Majikoi CD 1's" scripts.
  4. Overwatch Group

    Well I'm in the Americas... so all that's needed is the skype... you should be able to see it on my account page.
  5. Overwatch Group

    I'm gonna leave mine here. WeepingWest#1753
  6. Kono Oozora H-Scenes Porting Project

    This is a fan patch... So of course you have to pay.
  7. Changing system location? Why?

    That would be because it's saving them under different names eg: English Local save folder would look like this. eg: Japanese local save folder would look like this. (The english one i did in a text doc.)
  8. Data extraction thread

    m for "music"
  9. Data extraction thread

    Here's the scripts.
  10. Help regarding the patch.xp3

    The game doesn't use the standard kirikiri2 encryption, but uses a custom one and will not recognize your patch.
  11. Data extraction thread

    It only works when the people who worked on it don't find out. In this case, I found out.
  12. Data extraction thread

    If he were to use this to try and translate it into another language, then I'll Immediately hate him. Considering I'm apart of the MG Localization team for Tokyo Babel and he's using the English trial.
  13. Data extraction thread

    What's your reason behind wanting to unpack it?
  14. Data extraction thread

    Provide the file you are trying to extract.
  15. Shiny Days Walkthrough

    I'm guessing dead in the water? I've been too busy with things that I forgot about this.