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  1. When I first started playing, I wasn't sure what to expect at first. The writing is very good and clever but the art is quite cartoony and simple though. I wish they'd done a bit more with it like added some animation or more sound effects but I appreciate this was just a fan game really. It starts off slowly But as an overaraching story it's really clever and made me think about life in general. The ending wasn't what I expected, that's for sure. Was it happy or sad?
  2. Hi! Sorry I haven't been here in some time. Has anyone played this, it's a strange and interesting English dating (?) VN made in Ren'Py. You play as an un named character who tries to go on a date with a girl called Felicia but she keeps dying..... I recommend this and it made me think, especially since I haven't played a VN in a while
  3. Sounds interesting, a remaster of 999 on Vita I'd buy in a heartbeat
  4. Just started playing Life is Strange According to the specs, it recommends some graphics card which my system is saying I dont have (I dont know anything about these) :s
  5. I've asked Aksys about this and if/when its coming. Hope they reply
  6. Wasnt there supposed to be an Android version of this VN? Aksys never released it, damnit
  7. Hey, I'm not sure how to say this but as this was the first VN I read in a while I found it comforting (if thats the right word), it made me happy and sad in a way thinking about when I was younger and all the relationships/friendships I might have had.
  8. Great review If "heroine routes" are coming next, does one/any of them amount to a "True Ending" I wonder? Can't wait for those.
  9. Thanks I was talking about the screen where you get an email from Yahiko? I'll try the solution you describe
  10. I wonder when we could see the next part of the game, maybe next year? In another post someone posted a picture of , how do I get those to appear?
  11. I dont mind that reviewers got their copies early, what is annoying is little/no communication from SP and how a release of "March" has turned into "sometime in April" which will probably turn into "May"
  12. Hey, I never had "texts" appear for me in the game like that, it was just little "icons" (not sure how to describe them) :s
  13. I enjoyed Lucid 9 a lot but The slice of life parts made me care and fall in love with the characters, the dialogue is sharp and often hilarious, and I liked the parts where you had to think/deduce to solve the mystery, almost in an Ace Attorney like way.
  14. I'm wondering what I try now I just finished Lucid 9 - maybe go back to Danganronpa?
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