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  1. Upload the scenario.mpk file, i'll have ago at it.
  2. Here you are, http://www.mediafire.com/download/clfuybt0cdkxbcd/text.rar
  3. Upload the MES folder (archived of course) and i'll help you get the text.
  4. Upload the MES folder (archived of course) and i'll help you get the text. It's the same engine that DCPC uses.
  5. the uncensored images are just an add-ons, we'll be releasing the patch first, once the uncensored images are done we'll release a patch for them.
  6. Here are the scripts if you want them. http://www.mediafire.com/download/fl0dtip8gju397k/request_Arc_scripts.rar
  7. https://youtu.be/Dabq_Lp5PVY?t=22 Here's a tutorial (well not really one) i made awhile ago, Pretty much ROL(Rotate Left) it by 0x06 to get editable text, then ROR(Rotate Right) it by 0x06 to get it back to normal. EDIT: I'll have to make one for HexEdit, it's stuff will probably be located somewhere else. EDIT2: HexEdit doesn't have the ability to do that... damn
  8. Yeah, it's pretty much you either join them when you want to do the project or they just throw empty threats (more like they are just complaining) at you... Well they pretty much came after us once we started the project, they don't like no for an answer.
  9. What do you mean? Explain more. EDIT: If you're talking about the stuff in Kazuko's route, Momoyo's route, Yukie's route, Teacher's route, Chris's route, and the beginning of miyako's route. We didn't touch those, because we decided to leave yandere's patch alone.
  10. At the moment, I'm not interfering with anything, if they announce that they are working on this game before i release a full-patch, then i'll stop immediately. If anything the only current work that has been done is the translation nothing else, nothing has been added to the script files just the translation of the texts. So if anything, the only thing i can get stopped for is that small patch that i made... even that needs to be re-done. so pretty much, i've got nothing for them to attack me on... beside that small patch (too insignificant to do anything). And if anything i would prefer
  11. I won't do such a thing at the moment, i'm not against the idea or anything, it's more the case the translation won't be at their standards.
  12. Looks like we need to redo the entire thing, Sonitz vanished, and no one has had contact with lighteningOne (<--- both of which probably made a runnner), the two that has the translated work... No one else had a copy of them. So at the moment, i'm trying to start the project again with GLM and reaper, while looking for some more translators.
  13. Updated 21/10/2015 Progress Translation - 29% Translation Check - 0% Editing - 12% Image Editing - 11% Team Project Leader - CryingWestern Translator: - Jaefine(MIA) - Ruby(MIA) Editor - Eldritch TLC - N/A Hacking - CryingWestern Looking for translator/s Looking for TLC/s *At this current time, I'm unable to get in-contact with the translators. So whether they are too busy at the moment is unknown. I will probably know more later. This project has stopped until I can find more or and get in-contact with the others.* Q/A
  14. they are in the scripts are in the scn.xp3 file (well so i believe).... however i'm having no luck with anything, AE, Crass, xp3viewer, nothing.
  15. xp3viewer doesn't really help with repacking.
  16. Off topic but here are a few, http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/939-fan-translator-skills-registration/?p=201679, as for the eushully games, it's only large due to the extra stuff, like images, voices, sound effects and music, pretty standard for SRPG games, depending on how long it goes for. Also, there really isn't much of a difficulty with them.
  17. If that's the case then there's not much effort being put into your project then.
  18. If anything, before we are to use your translations, we would need are translators to check over them to see if they are good enough.
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