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  1. Well i've got the translations here for it that was done by Clephas and his team. Though, don't really have anyone to finish it off.
  2. A little late but, I'm trying to figure out that engine with the repacking and all but so far no luck, I think "Minato Carnival" games will be a no go... for now.
  3. Wouldn't go that far, though i will say he's not that far off from the messages we've gotten from nekohen.
  4. Though i believe giga would shut the Tl down, like it did to the one before.
  5. I will say I love the art of this game. http://puu.sh/hYJVJ/5ce58bd461.png
  6. Another thing is at the moment, they've been trying to get us (Rhapsody TL team) to work with them... and so far it's just been them complaining.
  7. Still don't like nekohen, specially zoltanar.
  8. Since we've merge the S and A team together, it's a possibility that it'll get an uncensored patch. However, that will most likely come out way after the A-1 translation is released since it takes awhile to edit the image, and also since there is so many of them.
  9. heads up, we most of us don't like downloading the games to figure out the problem, just upload the file so anyone of us can try it out. EDIT: Also not many people can do PSP games, so don't count on much help.
  10. If anything, my question is, why do keep asking for script extractions, if you don't do anything with them?
  11. Now that i'm home and i can see the file, I'll say that it is the file you are looking for, and it isn't encrypted, however, I don't think i can do more then that, so you can work off the archive directly if you want.
  12. Haven't used that type before, so someone else might be able to help you.
  13. .......... the one that says, script.sdat
  14. http://www.mediafire.com/download/7y1x3pd2ytgv17d/RIO(2).rar Here are the scripts, decrypted.
  15. You need to "rol it by 0x06". Also archive your them before putting them up, not all of us(me) can download the files all at once, because we need an upgraded membership.
  16. We've been going through routes quickly only because they're not that long, we've still got a lot more routes to do. Koyuki's being the longest.
  17. It's a stronger possibility that A-1 will be finished before S.
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