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  1. Good day everyone. Are there any english walkthrough for this game? I cant understand the japanese walkthrough. If there are any, please tell me about it. I really want to complete this game because I cant reach the true end. If there are possible clothing combinations in english then it would be awesome. Thanks!
  2. Thanks.. Well, if not for m partiality to Fate and me being a sucker to great animation, soundtrack of One Punch Man, then Shokugeki no Soma would have been in my top spot. I really liked the interactions and group dynamics in this. The show ended on a cliffhanger and I'm pretty bummed up by it. But it's a great show to watch
  3. the person himself or the show? Well as for the person himself, I think I most likely have some of his personality. But I can't say I'm a fan of his. The series is good but it's kinda slow paced for me. I really want him to get it on with the 2 girls at least.
  4. Well, I'm using the default theme. I think it's Fuwafabulous something. It's working fine by me. I've edited the text color so there should be no problem now :)
  5. I have watched those anime's and I really think they are good. Maybe it's a matter of preference which made mine a little different. I wanted to add others like Charlotte, DanMachi but they didn't make the cut. Also, I didn't include other reoccurring anime that's why. Nevertheless, it was a very fun and great year for us.
  6. Currently reading Last resort in Riho's route. 2 more routes to go. I'm also currently playing Love, elections and chocolate in which I'm still in the common route.
  7. This is based on my opinion on what I think is the best, so far, this year. I haven't been able to watch the others so.... yeah..5. Noragami 2nd season Although this anime is not yet done, I think it deserves this spot. For one, the cliffhangers are so good which makes you want to watch the next episode fast, but you can't since it will be airing the next week after. awesome and character development for Bishamon, Yukine and the other characters are fantastically done. 4. Ore no Monogatari (My Story) So far, this tops my best romance anime this year. The art style is superb and the story is just amazing. The story focuses on Gouda who is constantly rejected by anyone he confesses due to his looks but that changes when he met a girl who was about to be groped in a train. This story is very cute and the characters are all great which played a vital role in progressing Gouda's romance. 3. Shokugeki no Soma Ohh, every time I watched this anime, it always makes me hungry. If you're looking for a good cooking show with some shounen type action, then you better watch this one because you'll never regret it. The story revolves around Soma who is sent to a prestigious cooking school to develop his skills as a cook. The art style is great, the music was on point, and the tension on each scene is very well done. 2. One Punch Man Yes, it is number two. Well I really can't decide whether to place it on 1 or 2 because it is so good of an anime to miss out. This anime focuses on Saitama who became so broken that every time he encounters an enemy, he one punches them all the time. The music, art style, every thing is so good that I can't really comment on this one. Some people may have issues with this not having any substantial plot at the beginning but that is fine. Even without it, this is still one of the best in terms of it's animation, character development, and the values that you can get while watching it. If you are new to anime, then I recommend watching this one. 1. Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Finally, my number 1 of the year. Yes, it is Fate. What can I do? I love Fate series. But that's not all of it. This anime focuses on the second route on the visual novel in which Shirou decides to face his struggles. Like One punch man, this also has a very good animation and every thing a good anime must have. The only difference they have is that Unlimited Blade Works has an actual plot going around it. The character's development in this one is masterfully made in which I won't elaborate much. Action scenes are so great which made this anime dubbed as Unlimited Budget Works because of how beautiful they are. If you liked One Punch Man, then I'm sure that you'll like this one too. Just be reminded that this one has a much darker tone than One punch man. That concludes the round up of my top 5 this anime year. What are your top 5?
  8. Still waiting for this game to be translated as well as the other Eushully games. Give your best translation team!
  9. finally got Miyako's Birthday mode. It took forever TT. She really has a nice singing voice but I also like Momoyo's while Chris' is the cutest one I found so far. Now I only need one from the Skit Mode and it's complete
  10. Is Miyako ever gonna appear in the Birthday Mode? I can't find her XD. I would love to hear her voice singing if possible.
  11. Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! S https://vndb.org/v6245 Introduction Good day everyone. This is the Maji de watashi ni koishinasai! S Walkthrough for the currently patched fully translated game. I made this first to fully explore the content of the game but since I’ve made a good progress with writing my own walkthrough, might as well share it with everyone. This is the sequel for the first Majikoi game which shows the future for the five main heroines while adding five more additional heroines to conquer. It’s great right? Since this is rated 18+, please be noted that there are a number of scenes that are for mature audiences. Falling under the said age is not advisable to play this game. With that said, have fun playing the game. GAME START! Description Majikoi is back and better than ever in this sequel to hit 2009 visual novel. Majikoi S takes place after the events of Majikoi and lets you choose which of Majikoi’s many endings to proceed from. Choose your favorite heroine and enjoy new romantic events with her, or choose to start with no commitment and romance one of 5 new heroines. - J-List Things to be noted before starting the game When starting the game for the first time, you are required to fill in your birth date. I recommend having a date closer to the actual date. This will give you an easy access to the Birthday Mode in the Extras rather than waiting for your actual birthday to view this mode. Well, you would be lucky if your actual birthday is near that you don’t have to adjust the date just to view this early. There is a random glitch where the game gives a completely different scenario when choosing from the dialogue box. It’s easy to notice based on what choice you pick and what the dialogue/ text comes after. When this happens, just reload to the previous choices and pick again. Tatsuko’s route needs to be played twice for the Clear mark to appear in the Future Selection screen. Childhood unlocks after completion of all 10 routes. (Momoyo, Kazuko, Miyako, Yukie, Chris, Tsubame, Monshiro, Margit, Kokoro, Tatsuko). Future where you are an acquaintance of Takae unlocks after all routes are completed. After completion, an ALL CLEAR!! text should appear on the top right of the Future Selection screen. By the end of this walkthrough, The CG, Music, Replay, Event and Movie Collection are completed. Try to go for choices that you haven’t pick to see a different scene. Choices with [sAVE] and [LOAD SAVE] are choices needed to proceed to the end of each chosen routes while then you are free to choose any choice for the ones not marked. Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order The suggested playing order is listed below for those who wanted to play the game efficiently. You can also play this by following this order: Kosugi > Common Route > Tsubame > Monshiro > Margit > Kokoro > Agave After > Tatsuko > Future with Momoyo/Kazuko/Miyako/Yukie/Chris > Childhood Route Guideline Kosugi Route Future with Kosugi Continued Common Route 2nd year 1st semester (Clear) Future without a relationship Future with Momoyo S After Future with Kazuko S After Future with Miyako S After Future with Yukie S After Future with Chris After +S After Tsubame Route Future Where Tsubame Takes the Lead Future Where Yamato Takes the Lead Monshiro Route Monshiro Route Continued Margit Route Margit Route Continued Kokoro Route Future with Hermit Crabs S After Agave After Tatsuko Route Childhood Koyuki Route [LOAD SAVE 12] Fuck her hard. CG 123 [12/12]; CG 124 [4/4] Future with Chousokabe Iyo Route Future with Shima Future with the Maids Yumiko Route Another Future with Miyako Another Future with Miyako-1 Another Future with Miyako-2 Another Future with Miyako-3 Future Where You're An Acquaintance of Takae Attribution This walkthrough is based on the walkthrough from seiya-saiga.com which I adjusted based on the fully translated patch provided by our translators. Please check this walkthrough if there is something amiss Admin/Moderator-san. Thanks
  12. While I was playing this, I noticed a line that read "My b." I think that's supposed to be "My bad." if I'm not mistaken. Is that a mistranslated or not? I encountered the line in Kazuko's route and Momoyo/Kosugi's.
  13. Finally got this working. Thanks for the help and thanks for the patch!
  14. I can't find the crack. Is there any way to solve this? I tried using AlphaRom but it doesn't work
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