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  1. This for the PC version or the PS2 or dreamcast.
  2. upload the scripts, if you want people to do anything.
  3. according to them, they haven't done a machine tls for the dialog... yet.
  4. At the moment we're doing the translation, http://forums.fuwanovel.net/index.php?/topic/9828-kami-no-rhapsody-translation-project-update-7-20150514/?hl=kami
  5. I would say, give up on the remake and work on the older one. There is no difference between them besides art.
  6. I have a strong feeling that we've given up on the idea of translating this for some reason, but don't go by what i say.
  7. Upload the file that contains the scripts, in a rar archive. I'll have a crack at the scripts, though I doubt i'll be able to do it... if i do, repacking i most definitly can't do.
  8. He came to me about it, so i would say that i'm helping him out...
  9. Well if someone has the game and can post it's data01000 file, i can extract the scripts.
  10. lol, and just to mention, extract the files, doesn't mean repacking will work. if it's an encrypted version, it'll have it's own repacking code.
  11. predict the release, and we'll release it at the end of next year.
  12. Don't make it seem like he isn't doing his job, he's too busy with life problems.
  13. meh, the real problem with it's is the fact that it only reads 2-bit characters, and doesn't read 1-bit since it's one of the older models of scripts.
  14. Very little people can do it. that's all i will say because asmodean doesn't seem to like repacking.
  15. Lol, well if we ever decide to do it i've got the scripts ready for it... though no promises. xD
  16. http://asmodean.reverse.net/pages/exchpac.html Just drag and drop the .pac file onto the application file.
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