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  1. Not many image converters for psp/ps2 games.
  2. He's not working on another project, he's just busy with life stuff.
  3. Well one thing i can say is that, this won't have the 18+ version offically localised however as this guy ^^^ said, it has an all-ages version so if anything there's still a possibliy of being C&D'ed because of that... well there is always a possibility since the dev might find out and C&D you anyway. But any how i don't see MG and JAST picking up this project anytime soon, and definitly not the 18+ version...
  4. No not yet, not enough work done to start one, since the tranlsator is busy at the moment or so i think.
  5. there's no doubt sekai will license it, wouldn't be surprised if they're already in talking to the devs about it.
  6. Don't know what i was thinking but for some reason spearhead was in my mind.
  7. You should be able to just drag them into your games directory and it should load the scripts, along with the images
  8. What exactly is the whole point of this? Nevermind don't answer that, I don't care anyway..
  9. Yeah, If anything, while ones finishing off the remainder of Benkei's route, the other works on Asumi's Route.
  10. Well, Sora's been on recently, and so far none of his stat's have changed. But you never know.
  11. Just because we don't post something, doesn't mean it isn't being done. As for the UI, the challenge was done long ago, now it's just working some images here and there.
  12. If i was you, I would try starting off on another game that'll be easier. The only other game series that i've seen that uses this engine, is the MUV LUV series. So If you still want to continue on this game, I would contact the MUV LUV TL teams before anything else and ask them for the tools.
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