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  1. I am dead (account). Zombie on twitter.


  2. Yeah, second line for the translations. Just send them back to me once they're done, then I can compile them into a patch. Then do editing (if you want to edit it through game-play), the Debug it.
  3. Well I'm in the Americas... so all that's needed is the skype... you should be able to see it on my account page.
  4. I'm gonna leave mine here. WeepingWest#1753
  5. That would be because it's saving them under different names eg: English Local save folder would look like this. eg: Japanese local save folder would look like this. (The english one i did in a text doc.)
  6. The game doesn't use the standard kirikiri2 encryption, but uses a custom one and will not recognize your patch.
  7. It only works when the people who worked on it don't find out. In this case, I found out.
  8. If he were to use this to try and translate it into another language, then I'll Immediately hate him. Considering I'm apart of the MG Localization team for Tokyo Babel and he's using the English trial.
  9. What's your reason behind wanting to unpack it?
  10. Provide the file you are trying to extract.
  11. I'm guessing dead in the water? I've been too busy with things that I forgot about this.
  12. The files have a unique encoding, Crass and the BGI tool can't extract it. AE can extract the files but can't decrypt them. Sprite usually puts their own custom encryptions on their stuff.
  13. Well, the A-series translation wasn't going to be a thing, because Dowolf had enough of translating the H-scenes in S. Other then that, I think we would have either broken up, or gone for a game that has little-to-no H-scenes. If he didn't decide to start on A.
  14. 1. We don't have a time frame, we work on it when we want to work on it and can release it whenever we want to (6 years from now). 2. Storyteller has finally gotten back in-contact with us, but very recently.
  15. You know I'm part of the team, that's why I was answering. If he had handed anything to us by now, I would have confirmed that he has indeed given us the stuff. But at this current time, he hasn't given us anything, nor has he contacted us directly through our chat or skype group.
  16. It's not know if it is Storyteller, he has not handed in anything at all and he has not messaged anyone on skype and in our chat.
  17. Can you tell us the game? I'm getting somewhat annoyed with people not saying anything about the name of the game.
  18. Because it's not something that you can just "include" with the files. Powershell use to be pre-installed in windows, up until windows 10, but even then to run the files you want you would need something else (I can't remember).
  19. You need to download a program called Powershell, then you need to do various amounts of other things to use those. (Anyhow those tools are Doddlers, looks like wairu took them, added an extra file or two and claimed them for his own?) Anyway, to save you the trouble, here. This is the dialogue extracted from the scripts.
  20. By the looks of things over the past few project, It seems a whole lot of people don't read the bloody updates anyway and ask that damn question.
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