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  1. SkySpear is dead. Heize (as well as some others in that group) disappeared. And I shall help grant your wish, http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/9203-majikoi-s-translation-project/?p=314340
  2. Here's how: This information may not be correct. Now back on topic.
  3. If it was one of their newer games, i might have been able to extract the files.
  4. If you really want to, i could have a look at the engine and get the scripts for you. EDIT: Also you'll be in big legal issues if you do Android, IOS, Browser and Mac ports without minori's permission, also with rebuilding the game. So just doing a PC patch is the only option you have, anything else will lead you to court.
  5. No tools are required for it. Yes i do have the texts ripped and everything else ready.
  6. Not all translators can have a free schedule, take that into consideration. Also a lot hasn't been updated yet, so just wait a little longer. For the A-1 uncensored patch has not been decided yet, so it might not get one at all.
  7. Don't know about the other guy who was working on the translation as well, though I'm still very active.... though i'm just a hacker and image editor, not much for me to contribute to the project.
  8. Way back when i used to play xbox, I had (still do) a gamertag call "WeepingWest", after I made that a lot of my friends decided to change it up a bit... It became "CryingWestern", I ended up liking the name and now use it too much...
  9. You'll most likely have till otakon, or next years announcements. not enough time for you to finish this. either way you'll get something from them during that point in time to tell you to Stop what you are doing.
  10. I honestly don't see this lasting, but oh well.
  11. How can I extract CG from that game? It's a doujin game Thank you ! I'm able to extract the content, however, unable to extract the images to a decrypted format.
  12. I'll try... what game is it? Nevermind found it.
  13. Just send them back to me once done so i can reinsert the text, also unknown by a lot of people, a lot of engines allow you to just create a folder called **** (name it after the file that housed the text) and put the modified scripts into that folder and the game will play no sweat, so no need to worry about creating a .mpk file just yet.
  14. Here you go, http://www.mediafire.com/download/joxq43dz7gh8jsn/Scripts_02.rar
  15. I was saying you could open the .sig file in notepad, for the .xp3 file you'll have to open it with something else.
  16. .sig just means "signiture" nothing important to it, you can just open it in notepad.
  17. Here is the scripts, http://www.mediafire.com/download/n1bgkf91jyvnbfb/sukima_text.rar
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