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  1. Read the what's under "Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order", that's bold, underlined and larger then the other text.
  2. She somewhat does, though it's involves her and her mother.
  3. Well we all go at Dowolf's pace and we don't know his current progress. So don't expect it to be done by Christmas or before hand.
  4. If only Eushully would agree to do so, but instead they're complaining that it's too hard and a waste of time to port the game.
  5. Yeah, after i wrote the that i realized that I've already got that ending before. So i'm going to update that one later, however, I've been a bit to busy to work on it at the moment.
  6. No one has really updated the chat, so i can't comment on how far Dowolf or the others are at.
  7. Yeah, i know. However, i ended up having issues following theirs. I had to go back and change a few choices that they had down so i could move onto another route, because I ended up getting something else. It also seems that they are having issues as well, but the walkthrough i used had the parts that they didn't.
  8. Shiny Days (Not Completed) JASTUSA Summary When Sekai gets sick and asks Setsuna to take over for her at her part-time job at Cafe Radish, Setsuna takes the job even though she doesn't like the revealing uniforms and has no experience as a waitress. She only continues because she learns that Makoto lives nearby; it’s the chance for Setsuna has been secretly hoping for: a chance to start something special with Makoto. However, instead of seeing Makoto more often, she has an unfortunate accident during her first meeting with Inori, who ends up becoming her roommate. Ending Guideline /
  9. I'm pretty sure that's a corruption error... could be wrong.
  10. Well I'll see if my insert will cooperate with these scripts and make a patch if it hasn't already been done.
  11. They know, however, VNDB rules state that you can't do so, unless the group has already released a complete/partial patch previously or until they've released a patch.
  12. K-lite Codec is for the videos (it'll skip them if you don't have it.), the 100% save is for if you're lazy to complete it your-self, Admin mode won't harm anything since nothing is being written to a system file nor a system folder. All these have no outcome of the game crash. And since I'm not having a problem on her route at all it must be something on your end. The only thing i can think of is that there's something wrong with your game you've got.
  13. I guess I'll try and help. what game is it? If it's "Kimihane" that you mention in your previous post, then just check the link in my "sig" down below, if you want the text files.
  14. Are you looking for a packer? The official site discontinued that packer.
  15. Wow, I was just asked by someone last week to work on their project of this... But anyway good luck. (They kinda didn't want to do it any more.)
  16. Kimi Aru never had a ps3 release only ps2 and psp, however i'm guessing you miss read it and thought of Majikoi instead which does have a ps3 release.
  17. Why do you want those? Also another method to extract/repack is to use AE.
  18. I never said that they have no obligation to do so, the thing is they don't have to make an update or something if they don't want to do so. Example: I'm free to publicly announce that I'm doing something (eg: "Gore Screaming Show" which i've already announced) and then not to post any updates for months, or none at all until completed. The thing is, progress is being made whether or not i provide a status update of what going on.
  19. It's written by the same guy and produced by the same company, it's "canon".
  20. I wouldn't go that far, what they've done is pretty mild in the gaming and localization industry.
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