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  1. @Kelebek1 Thank you very much for looking into it for us! Someone PMed us with tools to get one of the games working so for now we will work on that project until we complete it. But if you ever come across a way to get the others to work, please let us know since we would most likely move onto that game after finishing our current project. Once again, we really appreciate you taking the time to look into it for us! @Erogamer We mostly prioritize otome games, yes. Not that we are against other genres, but it is mostly based on whatever games interest us at the time. Otome games tend to get
  2. Thank you, we're glad you enjoyed it! Under the Moon isn't under the lead translator of OGE and so isn't held to any kind of time constraints. I would have to say there is a high chance it won't be getting a full release, but still a small chance if the translator who wanted to pick it up and joined us decides to finish it. OGE is mostly acting as support to the translator of that project. Yes, all of the games we were deciding between were ones we have personally found to be very enjoyable on many different levels. Sanzen Sekai Yuugi is an 18+ otome game with a very strong bounty hunter
  3. Hello Everyone, UPDATE: Someone has swiftly helped us with our problem! So we have our next project and will begin working on it now. It will probably take a year or two before completion. We don't require anymore help at the moment now, but thank you so much to person who helped us and to those of you who considered! OGE is currently looking for a programmer/ Hacker that can help us move onto our next project. We are the group responsible for Starry Sky ~in Spring~, Princess Nightmare, and the Under the Moon trial translations. We typically don't seek help with our projects, but as we
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