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  1. I believe Asmodean only cared about extracting not repacking, hense there is bearly any repackers on his site.
  2. Not that i know of, try xp3viewer instead.
  3. To be honest, i found out about visual novels by anime... I never new of Jast and MG until months later.
  4. There is no update at this time since it's not that important, I would help out with it my self to speed up the process, but I don't think you want the images to look like this. NSFW: http://puu.sh/jdh09/4b879ed313.png
  5. This is only valid for the English Market, for the Japanese market, it's completely different.
  6. I would have to talk with MG about an offical release, though no promises, nor information on it if we don't or do.
  7. Not SP, Denpasoft maybe, but that game would make them lose money due to the fact that countries would deem that child porn.
  8. It's not expected that ever voice actor will sound the same in every game sequel they participate in, for a voice actor, to try and put on the same voice after working on mulitlpe projects is pretty hard.
  9. SP expects the community to pay for their wants, hence the reason why they set up a shit-load of Kickstarters.
  10. Also only a few clips are in the Update4.pac file, whatever is causing issues on the videos we never touched is something on your end.
  11. It's fun to know something that others don't and to watch them speculate about what it could be.
  12. It's not the only game that requires the changing of region to japan.
  13. If you are talking about these "「 」", this is what wairu used, we did the same to keep it similar to their patch. Also these "「 」" are the Japanese quotation marks really different to the english ones "
  14. Is anyone else having this issue? Just me? Trying to fix it now. EDIT: (this is for the video errors)For a Fix for the sub videos, one thing was brought to my attention awhile, you need to have this installed... though not sure if that's the case or not, but try it anyway.
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