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  1. Just want to add that Aristotle's Organon actually ALSO gives +1 ALL stats (for the whole battle not just 1 turn like merlin's) on top of double damage buff and negative effect debuff, truly the best support skill ever.
  2. I'm having a little problem with some of the texts getting cut off in the end because I think there's too many text on the screen or something? Is it because i'm playing with 1280x720 resolution in windowed mode? It isn't much of a problem though because I can just go back and look at the backlog after the dialogues that got cut off but i'm just wondering if this is a known bug(?) and if there's anything that can be done about it.
  3. I believe there's one A series where Yukie's VA change (I think it's A-2), I heard that the VA was sick for only that A series or something like that.
  4. Or people could just check the first post in the first page because the FAQ has been updated with information regarding where Sonitz has gone
  5. ooooh so nice to see you guys are revived! Good luck with the project guys, can't wait to play another Eushully game sometime in the future!
  6. Is there anyway to check the birthday you inputted when you first started the game? I didn't know anything about the birthday skits so I just inputed a random date and I can't seem to remember it.
  7. I just noticed while replaying Monshiro's route that she named one of her dolls 'Heracles', I wonder if it's a reference to Illya in FSN because they have the same VA... Anybody else noticed this too?
  8. Yeah, I remembered there was a team that picked this up but I think they only managed to do a prologue patch... I think? After that they never updated their website for a long time and even now VNDB doesn't list them anymore, so yeah... I think you can safely assume the old translation team is dead.
  9. Oh god what a misleading title I thought that a new translation team will going to pick this up... but oh well. The synopsis and the art is what caught my attention though, not to mention little sister route?! Anyways, any thoughts on the VN? Is it good, is it bad or is it just your normal sorta SoL moege?
  10. For some reason, I did not encounter any bug, especially the bug that needed the 100% save. I don't know if it's because I already played half of the game with Wairu's patch and then patch it with the current one but I guess it's a good thing for me though Bugs aside, I really like how Margit addresses Chris with this translation though, Frau Chris seems sooo appropriate and natural, gj guys!
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