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  1. Here, http://www.mediafire.com/download/oryyl97jp981z8g/WSC_Scripts.rar Yeah just contact me through Fuwa. NOTE: "%Cxx05I%CFFFF" and "%N" will pop up in the scripts. The "%N" is a breakline(or Next-line) code. If you delete it put it back otherwise you'll have to manually put the back. For "%Cxx05I%CFFFF" I have no Idea what it's for, since i haven't played the game. But the ones that did the patch put them in. Though I do know it's used around a capital " I ", like this "%Cxx05" " I " "%CFFFF".
  2. Here, http://www.mediafire.com/download/1drtg9e0dmlywjo/music.rar
  3. Yeah, but it'll take time. Since the only way people have been able to obtain the scripts from that engine is through a hook, and you need to go and play right through the entire game. (I'm guessing it's the rUGP Engine.) I'll have a look and see.
  4. Send me the .WSC files i'll see what i can do. As for the *.MSK files and *.WIP files, you can just use AE to convert them to PNGs.
  5. I'm pretty sure the writer doesn't want to work on Majikoi anymore. The story pretty much just dragged its self unreasonably out.
  6. So i'm guessing you're using the SP translation for this?
  7. There's no promises that we'll make it to A-5, we pretty much stop the moment Dowolf has had enough of the project.
  8. So for those who had no idea, One Piece: PW3, had a small glitch in the system earlier this morning... a price glitch... that would let you purchase it for $0.69 instead of $69.... Unfortunatly the glitch was found and it was patch. Though if you where lucky enough to spot it, you could have gotten yourself a game with over a 95% discount.... Who was lucky enough to get the game?
  9. After having a look at the files this is your problem, it's because the images don't have the alpha channel to begin with... The masks are seperate image files, which is why nothing would work. There's a way to merge them back together with PS, but it'll take some time. Guess you could try and find a merger.
  10. I would make up my own anyway, but this looks\looked pretty awesome.
  11. I guess i wouldn't mind trying out for coding, if you're looking for someone, if i'm not too busy of course.
  12. It was the extractors fault on that post, most extractors will do it with out a problem, it's just that bmp's seem to take advantage of the alpha channels in the images and makes the entire image seem colored, yet it isn't... it's hard to explain, i would make a video on it but I can't be bothered if no ones going to watch it.
  13. Just convert the image in AnimED from bmp to png. 1. Open AE, then open the Image Tool tab. Then change the whatever your format bar says to "png"(it usually says bmp) http://puu.sh/jOZ3h/e7dc85ade6.png 2. Click on Batch conversion, when the little window opens up, give it the directory of where your images are located. Then hit ok and you images will be converted to png. http://puu.sh/jOZ3r/f79fc31d5a.png PS: This also works in reverse and also for other types of images.
  14. Go to your games directory, there should be a folder called "Movie", then look for the file labled "OP.mpg".
  15. It's probably because they have a different encryption key.
  16. It might be something to do with the extractor?
  17. This type of page happens too often for all sorts of Fan Translations.
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