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  1. The art in the screen shots didn't look half bad and that's saying something compared with most OELVN projects
  2. Alucard


    Welcome to the club. Like the others said older female characters to court are pretty much just a token character if included at all. The characters on something like Starless are much more mature looking although the content is very extreme from what I've heard and by looking at the game I wouldn't expect much plot either. Overall I probably wouldn't recommend it but it is a fairly recent release.
  3. I feel like those dlc should get translated too for uhh completeness
  4. Tag: Group Sex of One Male and Several Females is also a nice one But lots of crap games to avoid still
  5. More than seven heroines. Having lots of characters is a good thing. Will generally avoid games with 3 or fewer
  6. @NutakuDev Played Guardian Mistress over on dmm and found their video integration not half bad. I also found that the stamina system on that game hasn't been that restrictive yet though it seems like grinding will be required to 100% clear all the drops. You should consider bringing that one over. Gameplay isn't bad from first impression but will need more time with it to give a real eval on the true depth
  7. Hearthstone is a perfect example of how free to play can work without stamina. It earns 20 million dollars a month for blizzard. Nutaku games wouldn't pull nearly as much but even a fraction of that is a good chunk of change.
  8. Good to see another fan of the more mature body type and characters. You've pretty much got slim pickings when it comes to translated stuff. There might be a token route here and there but that is about it.
  9. A native English adult game development scene sure sounds like a lofty goal but I guess I have my own bias for Japanese things. The types of adult games that have come out in the west have been very sparse and utter shite. There were the Larry games which were not half bad but that's about where decent notable titles stop. I still think there is room for content like luv slot except it has to be a heck of a lot better. Luv slot just looks like a proof of concept project but it really needs to be refined to be a quality modern slots game. Take a look at the newer slots IGT puts out these da
  10. I too am impressed at the speed of the reply. While I still feel that most of the games lean too heavily on the freemium stamina model model I do appreciate the English port. I'm sure you guys and dmm are both are pulling in good money so lets hope bigger and better things to come Finally I feel that the luv slot/luv bingo idea of adding video as reward is a good idea but poorly implemented. By the looks of it they were done by some other developer than your other dmm ports. Here is my take on things. Porn is everywhere on the Internet and everywhere for free so there needs to be more co
  11. I'm actually supportive of removing the Loli content so maybe just play the English version
  12. Anyone play the online games on these sites? I tried out pero pero seduction and it was a little bit of a disappointment. I guess I got spoiled with awesome free games like hearthstone. The level up to reveal alternate costumes or poses for the girls wasn't bad but the game needs more substance.
  13. Easy answer is just wait for complete patch
  14. This game should go back up on the block for translation
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