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  1. A "superior" or global mod which you almost never see on the forums can't be that frightening uh? =o Thanks for the wishes!
  2. I've never been called a scorched ice giant before but I guess that's nice. Although I wonder how a planet can sustain ices at such elevated temperature & pressure. Also weird atmospheric composition!
  3. I'm not sure there's a canon answer (usually these kinds of lighter sequels, like F/HA, tend to stay vague, as if a mix of all routes had happened), but you could infer it's after arcueid's good end. But I'm not sure there are no inconsistencies with that (they probably are and it's not very important).
  4. No don't listen to them phd is actually a traaaazrngoenfognb *gets dragged away and put back to work*
  5. Not my research topic so I'm not an expert, but you're right. The negative mass we're talking about here is an "effective negative mass" which is a result of the numerous strange behaviours that exotic states of matter like Bose-Einstein condensates display. Transposing classical concepts like mass to these purely quantum states of matter where even the notion of a substantial, individual particle breaks down would be misleading, it's quite different from what's involved in the speculative "negative mass" in general relativity. But both are still cool. That's why we read sci-fi.
  6. Basically this: https://medium.com/@Daiz/crunchyrolls-reduced-video-quality-is-deliberate-cost-cutting-at-the-expense-of-paying-customers-c86c6899033b#.di7sr2ei6 Just in case some of you are subscribed to Crunchyroll...
  7. Please like this post if you enjoyed the title of this thread and don't forget to subscribe to my channel and click the bell butt(ry
  8. This should be mostly accurate. (I used it when I read it and I seemed to extrapolate the right reading times from my estimated reading speed) So it's actually longer than SubaHibi, not by that much but Subahibi had some repeated text (and weird ero that you might not have read entirely).
  9. where the hell is this thread going How about calming down for a few hours and then we'll re-open for more sensible discussions? edit: thread has been (somewhat) cleaned.
  10. Arguably Rumiko Takahashi was already doing harems in the 80s (Ranma 1/2 for example). And there's always the (fairly probable) possibility that some obscure manga author did it before. Oh, I forgot FMP! indeed. Fumoffu is funny as hell and Second Raid was awesome. The first series is far from being bad either.
  11. It's a super robot show with a late 90s feeling, quite different from Go Nagai stuff. The robots look like actual toys. It's a bit peculiar to get used to, but it's fun. And the end of the main series and the Finale OVAs rival Gurren Lagann in epicness without a doubt. They're pretty unbelievable.
  12. Hm. In no particular order I'd say: Evangelion Yamato 2199 Patlabor (everything) Gunbuster Harlock 78 Gurren Lagann GaoGaiGar Planetes Rahxephon Zeta Gundam And worth seeing movies include Macross DYRL, Waga seishun no Arcadia, the two Galaxy Express 999 movies, the three Gundam 0079 movies... I'm probably forgetting stuff. Of course you've seen some of those already, but well.
  13. It's... It's back! It works! My eyes no longer suffer as they go from a completely black theme to other, regular sites! The glorious, fabulous pink is back at last! Thank you, o glorious leader!
  14. Yes. Hi no Tori, Budda, Black Jack, Ayako, Metropolis among other things (I'm just listing things off the top of my head here) are pretty much timeless classics now. I have no idea what you like and what you have already read so I can't tell you that you're gonna like them but they're not cornerstones of the history of manga for no reason.
  15. But I can't say for sure I won't ban everyone who posted in this thread once I sober up tomorrow
  16. You succumbed to riajuu life, but you shall be remembered, comrade.
  17. Well, this is rather putting into the TOS and enforcing more something that existed already. Video makers have had videos de-monetized before because of their topics, such as the Israel-Palestine conflict or the genocides in Rwanda. That's the kind of content that gets booted out, not actually questionable content like people promoting sexual harassment or w/e. But that only follows the tacit rule of the media, which is to never displease the advertisers. Which IS concerning for video makers, of course. But that's just one of the consequences of having just two platforms viable for getting exposure when you're a professional video maker, both of which are run by huge privately owned companies. There's no easy solution. Making a video sharing platform involves fairly huge costs, after all, so something run by a non-profit or self-organized seems unlikely to come out in the near future (and I don't believe in the liberal bullshit that concurrency b/w private companies will make things better). The solution, which is already emerging anyway, is for video makers to find alternative ways of funding their work, such as patreon. Most people who don't make literally millions of hits on youtube make most of their money through crowdfunding already. And those who make millions of hits are already doing consensual content that pleases advertisers anyway.
  18. I wonder. I don't think Yotsuba fits KyoAni's regular brand of SoL that well (Nichijou being an exception, but quite different from Yotsuba too I think). Well, you lose the skills of a pro, adult seiyuu but on the other hand it'd be more genuine. Ghibli always has kids doing the kids roles in their films, and it works. I think it worked fairly well too for Naru in Barakamon (although it sounded odd at the beginning), and she's a rather similar kind of character. There's also Tsumugi in Amaama this season. Overall it tends to sound off to an anime fan because we're so used to pro seiyuu, but on the other hand for a child that young it's a reasonable choice.
  19. Dogakobo would be a really good choice. They have the staff and the experience to handle it. But really most studios would do as long as they could gather a staff of skilled character animators with a knack for visual humor and silly faces, which isn't the rarest currency in the industry. Another crucial point would be Yotsuba's seiyuu, but I'm not sure if there really is an inherent difficulty in the storytelling.
  20. Nobodyknows+ kinda mixes rap with other stuff. Other openings with rap music that I can think of are the following: The group is called Rhymester; The artist is Nujabes.
  21. Ah yes invading countries has always very well proved to be a good way to stabilize risky situations so far (no) (also why would a country whose regime collapsed be more of a nuclear threat than a stable country, that makes little sense to me)
  22. Fiddle is da man No strategy involved in his post/like ratio, he's just that good.
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